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At TopFestivals we never stop bringing you the most outstanding music; that's why today you will know which are the 10 best Colombian salsa singers. Although some are no longer in this world we could not leave them out, as they are still very popular in Colombia and other Latin American countries.

Top 10 Best Colombian Salsa Singers

Get ready because you won't be able to resist your urge to dance to the most popular songs of the 10 best Colombian salsa singers. At the end of the reviews we have left the links to their official websites so you can be aware of their upcoming performances.

  • Jairo Varela

  • Joe Arroyo

  • Mauro Castillo

  • Javier Vasquez

  • Hansel Camacho

  • Carolina La O

  • Yuri Buenaventura

  • Juan Carlos Coronel

  • Wilson Saoko

  • Piper Pimienta

Jairo Varela

Jairo Varela was one of the most representative figures In addition to being the lead singer of the successful group Niche, he was also the founder and director. In fact, he recorded more than 15 albums with the group.

Among their most acclaimed songs are: "Te enseñaré a olvidar", "Ana Mile" and "Ese día". Currently, the singers of the group Niche are: Luis Araque, Fito Echeverria and Alejandro Iñigo.. If you want to listen live to the successful Grupo Niche, check their concert schedule at the following link.

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Joe Arroyo

Álvaro José Arroyo González, better known as Joe Arroyo was a salsa and tropical music singer from Barranquilla, Colombia. Many still consider him as one of the most important most important music artists in Colombia and Latin America. and all of Latin America.

Also, you should know that Joe Arroyo received more than 10 Gold Congos at the famous Festival de Orquestas del Carnaval de Barranquilla and 1 Latin Grammy in 2011 in the category. "Award for Musical Excellence"..

Mauro Castillo

Mauricio Castillo Rivas is not only a salsa singer, but also an excellent trombonist, composer, music producer and actor. This caleño released his first album in 2012, titled "Baila Salsa", which is one of the best-selling albums of salsa in Colombia.

Some of his singles are: "Viene y se Va", "No lo Manda Nadie", "Qué se Siente", and "Si te Vieras con mis Ojos.".

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Javier Vasquez

Javier Vásquez became known in the music industry after being part of professional salsa bands such as "Son De Cali" and "Grupo Niche".. We also mention that with these orchestras he received several awards, among them, Premio Lo Nuestro, Latin Grammy and Congo de Oro.

In the same sense, you should know that he received in the year 2021 the decoration of "Ambassador of Colombian Salsa". "Ambassador of Colombian Salsa"..

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Hansel Camacho

The biggest hit of this salsa singer is his song "Verdades" (Truths)which was a boom both in Colombia and abroad. Other of his hits are: "Me Coquetea", "Fidelidad", "Cuando Estoy Junto a Ti", "Gracias Amor Por Los Bellos Momentos" and "A Pesar de la Distancia".

You should also know that he also has also has a facet as an actorHe has worked in Colombian series and soap operas such as "Perro amor", "La hija del mariachi", "Azúcar" and "Amar y Vivir".

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Carolina La O

One of the female artists of this musical genre is Carolina La O, who became known in 1996 as the lead singer of the group "Baila Salsa". Alquimia, The Sound of the XXI Century. With this group she lasted 4 years and then decided to launch her solo career.

She has received several nominations to important awards such as Billboard Latin Music Awards, Premio Lo Nuestro and Latin Grammy. Also, we inform you that Carolina La O released on DVD and CD format "Clásicos que Enamoran"a compilation of the 20 most successful tropical music songs of the 90s.

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Yuri Buenaventura

Since he was a child, Yuri Buenaventura had contact with salsa, as his father, who was a music teacher, used to play him the songs of salsa. "Fania All-Stars".. When he grew up and after his military service, he went to study in Paris, where he played in the subway and participated in the so-called "Latin Fever" of the 1990s.

Later, he decided to return to his native country to record his first album, but he did not get the support he needed and returned to Paris. There a music producer signed him and in 1996 he released his album "Herencia Africana".

Juan Carlos Coronel

Juan Carlos Coronel, is another of the best Colombian salsa singers, who participated in several singing contests since he was a child. In 1976 he formed part of the group "Casanova" and at the age of 14 years old recorded his first album.

He also recorded with "Fruko y sus Tesos" (Fruko and his Tesos) y "The Latin Brothers".. In addition, he was part of the group "El Nene y sus Traviesos", with which he recorded several albums and reaped several musical successes.

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Wilson Saoko

Something that has characterized this singer is the "forcefulness of his voice". "forcefulness of his voice" and his versatility and his versatility to sing different melodies. Wilson Saoko was part of the group "Sonora Juventud y the orchestra "Fruko Y Sus Tesos"..

With the latter group he recorded several songs, among them, "Lamento Cubano", "Rumbero Soy", "Sabré Olvidarte", "Llueve que Llueve" and his greatest musical success, "El Preso"which I'm sure you've heard before.

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Piper Pimienta

Although Piper Pimienta is no longer with us, he was a Colombian salsa singer and composer who was part of important salsa groups such as: "Sonora del Pacifico", "Los Supremos", "Fruko y sus Tesos" and "The Latin Brothers.".

One of his greatest musical hits is the song "Las caleñas son como las flores" (Caleñas are like flowers).which is still popular in Colombia and other Hispanic countries.

Finally, we hope that the list has been to your liking and, above all, that you go to one of the concerts. Enjoying salsa live is something else, because this way you perceive all the energy and feeling of the musicians, the brass, the voices of the artists and the rhythm of the minor percussion to move your body.

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