Best current flamenco singers

Do you like flamenco? Today in Topfestivales we bring you a selection of the best current flamenco singers so that you are up to date in this beautiful musical genre.

Flamenco singers you can't miss in your playlist

If you like listening to flamenco, take out a notebook and write down what we are going to tell you in Topfestivales, these current flamenco sing ers that we are going to present you cannot miss in your playlist!

  • Estrella Morente
  • Miguel Poveda
  • Vicente Amigo
  • Marina Heredia
  • El Pele
  • Carmen Linares
  • Tomatito
  • Noa Drezner
  • Nicol√°s Reyes
  • Jos√© Merc√©
  • Ni√Īa Pastori
  • Rosalia
  • La Shica

Estrella Morente

Estrella Morente, is a flamenco singer from Granada, born in Las Gabias. Some curiosity about this artist is that she is the daughter of the singer Enrique Morente and the dancer Aurora Carbonell, so she has grown up among artists, absorbing the essence of flamenco from a very young age.

In 2001 she presented her first work "Mi cante y un poema", the same year she released her second album. She has also been awarded numerous prizes that have recognized her great professional career.

"Tangos de Pepico", "El Emigrante" or "En lo alto del cerro" are some of Estrella Morente's most listened songs on Spotify.

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Miguel Poveda

Miguel Poveda, born in Barcelona, is a great flamenco singer. He is a versatile artist, and in addition to flamenco he also has a musical career in copla and other genres of popular music.

His album "Suena Flamenco" was nominated for Best Flamenco Album at the Grammy Awards in 2000, as well as his work "Tierra de Calma", but this time in 2007.

Songs like "Primavera En El Pelo", "Alfileres de Colores", "Triana, Puente y Aparte" or "¡Qué Felicidad La Mía" are some of the most listened to songs of this artist.

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Vicente Amigo

Vicente Amigo from Guadalcanal, Seville, is another of the best flamenco singers of today. He is one of the most important figures of the flamenco genre. Vicente Amigo is a flamenco guitarist and also one of the most recognized "tocaores" of his generation.

When he was only 8 years old he was given his first guitar, and since then this has been his great passion, getting to play with artists such as Camarón, Merengue de Córdoba or Paco de Lucía.

Songs like "Llamale Amor", "Para No Olvidar", "Tres Notas Para Decir Te Quiero" or "Y Ser√° Verdad".

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Marina Heredia

Marina Heredia is a flamenco singer from Granada and daughter of the singer Jaime Heredia, nicknamed "El Parrón".

She started dancing in a school, but finally took the path of singing and with only 12 years old she debuted with her great voice in the Palacio de Congresos de Granada.

"A Luis De La Pica", "Me Duele, Me Duele", "El Triste" or "No Me Lo Creo", are some of the most listened songs of this great flamenco singer.

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El Pele

Manuel Moreno Maya, artistically known as El Pele, is a flamenco singer born in the neighborhood of San Pedro, in Cordoba.

He has walked the streets of Cordoba and a thousand tablaos and fairs singing, he came to share the stage with Camaron de la Isla. He stands out in soleás, bulerías and fandangos, as well as in alegrías and tangos.

His voice is exceptional and identifiable from the first note, and he has left us songs such as "Vengo Del Moro", "Canto", "Iré Con El Viento" or "Llámale Amor".

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Carmen Linares

Carmen Pacheco, artistically known as Carmen Linares, is one of the most acclaimed flamenco singers. female flamenco singers considered one of the most complete flamenco singers and with greater knowledge of flamenco styles.

She projected flamenco at an international level, performing on some stages in the cities of New York, London and Paris.

"Toma este Pu√Īal Dorao", "Banderas Republicanas" or "Vareando Aceitunas", are some of the most listened songs of this singer.

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We continue to meet the best current flamenco singers to talk about Jose Fernandez Torres, artistically known by the nickname of Tomatito, is a legendary flamenco guitarist and guitarist.

He accompanied Camarón de la Isla during the last 18 years of his life. Another important moment in his professional career was when he played with Paco de Lucia in "Como El Agua".

"Jerez", "Soy Flamenco", "Soy Gitano" or "Cinema Paraíso" are some of his most listened tracks on platforms like Spotify.

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Noa Drezner

Noa Drezner is a flamenco guitarist, composer and producer, currently regarded as one of the most prominent female figures in the flamenco world.

Her debut album "Hilo Rojo", released in 2019, represents the example of her music for the global influence of flamenco.

In one of her interviews she told how she started playing the guitar, and it was from a trip she took to Granada at the age of 24, where she saw a flamenco guitar concert and it made an impact on her.

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Nicol√°s Reyes

Nicol√°s Reyes is an excellent singer and guitarist of Spanish-Gypsy origin, leader and vocalist of the group "Gipsy Kings".. He is characterized by his husky and passionate voice, being one of the most famous flamenco singers. The most famous songs are: "Hotel California" (version of the original Eagles song) and "Bamboleo" (version of the original Eagles song) and "Bamboleo", these songs have occupied the first place in several lists of the genre.

Their music is a mixture of flamenco and Catalan rumba and pop. Nicol√°s has recorded more than 15 albums with the group throughout his musical career. In addition, the album that has been most successful internationally is the one that bears the name of the group, "Gipsy Kings". They made a collaboration with C Tangana in the theme of the album "Ingobernable" of the album "El Madrile√Īo en el Madrile√Īo en el 2021".

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José Mercé

José Soto Soto, better known in the music world as José Mercé, is one of the best current flamenco singers. He has a long musical career, the beginnings of which date back to his first album. back to the year 1968 (when he recorded his first album).

His consolidation as a flamenco artist came about thanks to his album "Verde Junco" in collaboration with great performers such as Rafael Riqueni, Tomatito and Enrique de Melchor. Mercé was several years away from the stage due to the death of one of his sons, but decides to return again with the album Del amanecer produced by guitarist Vicentico Amigo. Also, one of the reasons why he proves that he is a complete artist is his performance in the real theater.

Also, given the success of this presentation José decided to venture into other to venture into other musical genres such as blues and to and to make collaborations with artists such as Alejandro Sanz.

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Ni√Īa Pastori

María Rosa García García is the real name of this flamenco singer, whose musical career is already 25 years old and has sold more than 2 million copies and has sold more than 2 million copies.. Since her beginnings and until today she is part of the Sonic Music label with which she saw her career consolidate.

Ni√Īa's first 2 albums were: "Entre dos puertos" and "Eres luz".. Likewise, her first single was "Cartita de amor" which was very successful. Years later, in 2000, she released her album "Ca√Īailla", which included one of her biggest hits, "Cai", a song she sang with the artist Alejandro Sanz.

It is worth mentioning that throughout his career he has received several recognitions and awards, some of which are: 4 Latin Grammys, 4 Amigo Awards and 3 Dial Awards. In this same sense, he received the Medal of Andalusia and also in this event he sang the anthem of Andalusia.

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Rosalía is not only a flamenco singer, but she has also ventured into other musical genres such as pop, reggaeton, R&B, experimental music and electronics. Also, you should know that she is producer, actress and composer. She began her career in 2013 and in 2018 she released her first solo album titled , "El mal querer", which contained the first single, "Malamente", which received 5 Grammy nominations and of which she won 2.

Rosalía has made collaborations with artists such as: Ozuna, J Balvin, Travis Scott, Arca, Billie Eilish and Tokischa.. Also, she has toured different countries, for example, at the time of writing this review she is doing the "Motomami World Tour", so if you feel like listening to good music, do not miss at least one of her concerts of the tour.

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La Shica

Elsa Rovayo is another of the best current flamenco singers that we could not fail to include in this top. Although her roots are in this musical genre, shehasalso ventured into other genres such as pop. In addition, throughout her career in music she has shared stages with several artists, among them, Manuel Carrasco, Jorge Drexler, Bebe, Martirio, Pau Donés y Rosendo.

In 2008 he released his first album called "Trabajito de chinos".. Several singers such as Miguel Poveda and Miguel Campello participated in this album. It is also worth mentioning that La Shica has been awarded with 2 Music Awards. Likewise, she has collaborated with other artists and groups such as Martín Buscaglia, Eliseo Parra, Javier Limón, Patricia Sosa. As if that were not enough, we inform you that Elsa Rovayo has toured internationally in the United States, Europe, India, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria.

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And with this we finish our review of the best current flamenco singers. Have we left out any of them? Let us know! ;)

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