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Are you a folk music lover? This musical genre was born in the early twentieth century in the United States and United Kingdom, and since then its songs and sounds have passed from generation to generation to reach other countries and continents. This genre has gained an important popularity, that's why from Topfestivales, we are going to make a tour of the best folk music festivals in Spain. Do you want to discover them?

Top folk festivals in Spain

The folk genre or folklore culture, is a musical style increasingly widespread in different continents and countries. This type of music has a characteristic sound that gives it an originality with instruments such as the harmonica, the banjo or the accordion, among others. Its popularity is becoming more and more widespread, partly thanks to groups and artists like Mumford and Sons or The Lumineers. That's why, today from Topfestivales, we bring you a selection of the best folk music festivals in Spain. Do you want to find out what they are? Let's start!

Iboga Summer Festival

Iboga Summer Festival is a music festival where in addition to folk you can enjoy other unusual styles in events of this type such as Balkan, Gypsy, Swing, Ska, Electro-Swing, Ska - Jazz, Gypsy Punk, among others.

This festival held its first edition in 2013, and has its main venue in the town of Tavernes de la Valldigna, Valencia. Specifically, its shows are held on the beach of Tavernes. In addition to concerts, you can also enjoy activities, workshops or camping area, among other types of activities.

Goran Bregovic, Nneka, Talco, La Yegros, Eskorzo, La P'tite Fumée, Sara Hebe, Vandal, Billx, Äl Jawala, Orishas, La Pegatina, Natty Bo from Ska Cubano and Soweto, Femi Kuti & The Positive Force or Fanfare Ciocarlia, among many others, are some of the artists who were present in past editions of the festival.

Are you convinced by this option? From Topfestivales we assure you that, without a doubt, it is one of the best folk music festivals in Spain.

Festival of Light

The Festival de la Luz, as its name suggests, is a music festival held annually, since 2012, in the municipality of Boimorto, in La Coruña. It should be noted that this festival has a solidarity and charitable function, and is held in this municipality for being Luz Casal's hometown.

In this event, besides enjoying the sounds of folk, you can admire its great diversity of musical styles, making it a very complete festival for all music lovers. In addition, in some of its editions, the festival has a camping area for its attendees.

Def con Dos Tenores, Obús, Soleá Morente, Alice Wonder, Rodrigo Cuevas, Di Brain, Los Jinetes del Trópico, Santiaguiños de Boimorto, Nil Moliner, Monoulious Dop, Broken Peach, Irenegarry or Moura, are some of the artists who have been present in the last edition of the festival, held in 2021.

The event is usually held around the month of September, and lasts approximately 3 days.

So, do you want to live the experience of attending one of the best folk music festivals in Spain?

Aitzina Folk

Aitzina Folk is a solidarity festival held annually since 2012 in Vitoria-Gasteiz, specifically in the Montehermoso Cultural Center of the town itself.

This festival aims to give visibility and dissemination to traditional and folk music and culture. In addition, it should be noted that it is a charity event, as it is organized by volunteers who take advantage of their passion for folk to achieve an altruistic purpose, with all proceeds going to research on those affected by ataxia telangiectasia.

Taracea, Ander García Trío, Josep María Ribelles Band, NoReM, and Silberius de Ura (Neonymus), El Naán, Carlos Núñez or Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas, among many others, are some of the artists who have already performed at Aitzina Folk in past editions.

Arenal Folk

Arenal Folk is a folk music festival , held annually in Arenal de Penagos, in Cantabria. This festival celebrated its 15th anniversary in 2018 and brings together artists from both the national and international scene.

The festival usually lasts one day and in it, in addition to music and live concerts, you can also enjoy its famous artisan market, which is installed in each of its editions.

To give you an idea, artists such as Highlanders, Brez or Cristalmoors, among others, are some of those who have already played on the stages of Arenal Folk.

Do you think this festival deserves to be among the best folk festivals in Spain?

Vigo International Folk Festival

The International Folklore Festival of Vigo, as its name suggests, is a folk music festival that was born in 1994, mainly aimed at lovers of folklore.

This festival offers numerous live concerts. Groups from different continents have already passed through it, as well as groups from different cities of the national territory. The Interfolc Cultural Association of Vigo is currently in charge of its organization.

Asociación Folclórica Coriso, Lembranzas Galegas, Ciudad de México, Karagöz or Telón Abierto, are some of the groups that have performed on the stages of the festival in its 2017 edition.

Do you dare to be part of the audience one of the best folk music festivals in Spain?

Son de Aquí Festival

The Festival Son de Aquí, is a music festival held annually in the town of Laguna de Duero, Valladolid. This festival is usually held around the month of June and specifically, their shows take place along the Entorno del Lago.

In this festival you can enjoy a day of folk music in a festival atmosphere, as this event aims to maintain the national folk culture. To do this, brings together the most prominent artists of the genre scene in the national scene.

Levid Cuarteto Folk, El Pelujancanu, Veteranos de las Galias, Banda Malvariche, Asociación Música Folk Aljibe, Vallarna, Rubén Alba, Free Folk or La Base Dúo, are some of the groups that have stepped on the stages of the festival in past editions.

So what, do you want to enjoy one of the best folk music festivals in Spain?

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