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Do you know the kpop genre? Kpop is a popular music style from South Korea that since the 1990s has been a great success and has attracted people from all over the world. This genre has reached numerous festivals and that's why, from Topfestivals, we bring you a selection of the best kpop festivals in the world.

TOP kpop festivals in the world

Nowadays kpop, a musical genre that includes styles such as pop, rap, EDM, rock or R&B, despite being popular music from South Korea, is heard all over the world. That's why, nowadays, we can find kpop festivals that take place in different parts of the world. Do you want to know which ones? From Topfestivales we tell you about them

Kpop Cover Dance Festival

The K-pop Cover Dance Festival, more than a festival, is a dance competition organized by the South Korean TV channel MBC. This musical event tries to connect the world through Korean pop.

The contestants of the event imitate choreographies performed by famous artists of the kpop scene in their respective countries and if they pass to the final round they must travel to Korea, specifically to Seoul, where this last phase of the contest takes place.

It should be noted that in each of its editions, which has been held since 2011, more than 1,700 dancers from 64 countries participate. In addition, youcanalsoenjoy established artists such as JBJ95, THE BOYZ or Dream Catcher.

Do you want to get to know one of the best kpop festivals in the world?

Seoul Music Festival

The Seoul Music Festival is another of the best kpop festivals in the world. In fact, it is considered the number one festival of the kpop genre as its lineup, in each of its editions, brings together artists from all musical styles of Korean music.

In addition to shows such as concerts, this festival also offers other activities such as dance covers, shops, and virtual reality experiences.

To give you an idea, artists such as Astro, CLC, LOONA, Druken Tiger, Yang DaIl, RGP, Michael Lee or Hoppipolla have performed on the stages of this festival in past editions.

Did you already know any of them? What better opportunity to do it in one of the best kpop festivals in the world, right?

K-Music Festival

The K-music festival is one of the Korean music festivals held in the United Kingdom, specifically in London. The event, usually held around the month of October, tries to build a bridge between the promotion and exchange of Korean popular music.

This festival has been held for eight consecutive years, and its performances are spread over five stages that are located in different areas of the cities of London and Norwich.

In addition, this event tries to mix traditional Korean music with contemporary jazz. To give you an idea, K-Music Festival brings together artists like ADG7with Kyungso Park, Soona Park and Angharad Jenkins, Dongyang Gozupa + Sinnoi, Cuerda negra and Nguy锚n L锚, Suh Coloris Trio and Camilla George.

Veranos de la Villa Festival

This festival, which is held in the city of Madrid, usually takes place between July and August and hosts all kinds of activities, from concerts, dance and theatre to cinema, fashion, art and gastronomy. A very complete option, isn't it?

And why are we talking about the Veranos de la Villa Festival in this article? Well, because this festival, in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of South Korea, celebrates within theframework of the event the K-Pop Contest in Spain.

The contest consists of a cover or dance of a song exclusively from the K-pop genre, and the winners will be able to participate in the K-pop World Festival in Changwon.

Do you want to know the talent of the K-Pop fans of our country, in one of the best K-Pop music festivals in the world?

K-Pop World Festival

Of course, in this article of the best kpop festivals in the world could not miss the Kpop World Festival , which is somehow connected to the previous festival. This event is a festival that brings together as a competition the winners of the preliminary stages held in each of the 100 participating countries.

In total, 10 finalists will take the stage at the K-Pop World Festival in the South Korean city of Changwon.

This event is organized by the Korean Embassy and aims to promote Korean culture through kpop music since 2011. Also, if you can't travel there, you can follow it minute by minute from the official KBS World TV channel on youtube.

Do you dare to compete doing a kpop cover at this festival?

Gangnam Festival

Gangnam Festival is a music festival that has been held since 2017 in October in one of the most popular districts of Seoul, which gives its name to the festival: Gangnam. In this event you can enjoy the most outstanding artists of Korean popular music, as it offers numerous concerts of the best singers in the world of kpop.

In addition, in this event you can also enjoy gastronomic experiences, beer and fashion exhibitions, open-air cinema and many other activities! Undoubtedly a very complete festival for all audiences.

Did you already know it? From Topfestivales we highly recommend this option, it is one of the best k-pop festivals in the world!

Top artists of the K-Pop scene

Now that you know the best kpop festivals in the world, let's delve into this musical genre. If you want to know a little bit more about this music genre that's really hot all over the world, here are some of the most popular K-Pop singers.

What are you waiting for to add them to your playlist?


BTS is a South Korean music group that was formed in Seoul in 2010. This group today is one of the favorite and most listened to groups in the K-Popworld.

It is composed of seven members: Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook, who in addition to k-pop, has come to incorporate a wide variety of genres into their musical repertoire.

Their success came in 2013, with the albumdebut2Cool 4 Skool, and from that moment on they have done nothing but become one of the favorites of the international scene of this genre.

Dynamite, Butter, Permission To Dance, Life Goes On, IDOL, DNA, or Home, are some of the most famous songs of these most popular k-pop singers.


Blackpink is a South Korean female music group consisting of Jisoo, Jennie, Ros茅 and Lisa. This quartet got their debut in 2016 after the release of their album Square One, which managed to position the track Whistle at the number one spot in SouthKorea.

Since then, they began to achieve great success both internationally and commercially, and are currently the second most listened to K-Pop group of the moment.

In their first year of activity, they won the New Artist of the Year award at the Golden Disc Awards and Seoul Music Awards. They are also the first female K-pop group to enter and top Billboard's emerging artist charts.

How You Like That, Kill This Love, Light Up The Sky, Ice Cream, Pretty Savage or Boombayah are some of their most listened songs. Did you already know any of them?

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