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    Best Latin rap singers

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    Are you a rap lover? This musical genre began to be known around the world from the 2010s, and Latin America has seen the birth of many of the rappers who, with this style, achieved great international fame.

    Today, in Topfestivales, we tell you who are some of the best latin rap singers, do you want to discover who they are?

    8 best latin rap singers

    If you are a lover of the rap genre, prepare your ears and buckle up, because today we travel to Latin America. This country saw the international growth of this genre in the 2010s and with it the birth of many new Latin artists.

    That's why, today from Topfestivales, we want to tell you who are some of these best Latin rap singers. Do you dare to find out? Because it's starting now!

    Ana Tijoux

    Ana Tijoux is a singer and songwriter, Chilean nationality rap music although his music also speaks to the sound of hip hop fusion. This artist uses her lyrics to denounce social and cultural issues, and at the same time she takes a stand for women's rights.

    She has worked in various countries such as Latin America, Europe and the United States, and has been recognized by several media as the best and most popular rapper in Spanish. She has also been nominated several times for Grammy Awards, and her best known work is the album she released in 2014, Vengo la canción, specifically the single"Antipatriarca".

    Some of the best known songs of this Latin rap singer are 1977, Mi Verdad, Sacar la Voz, Shock, Mal, Doo Wop- That Thing or Antipatriarca, among others.

    Arianna Puello

    Ariana Puello is a composer and actress of Dominican origin, who came to Spain at the age of eight, so you can say that she is a Spanish artist. In addition, it should be noted that this artist was one of the first women to make her mark on the Spanish hip hop and rap recording scene.

    The album"Gancho Perfecto", is the one that takes her to the head of the female representation of Spanish hip hop, consisting of 17 tracks with collaborations with artists such as: Mr. Tcee, El Meswy, Fout, Esmit, Nomah and Frank T.

    She has also made sporadic collaborations as an actress participating in two feature films and two short films. But the most important role of those who has starred was in the film "Mi Dulce", in 2007.

    Oye lo que traigo, Por Qué Será, Juana Kalamidad, Arriba los buscavidas or Rap Pa Mi - Pa Ti, are some of the most listened songs of this rapper in platforms like Spotify.


    Valentin Oliva, popularly and artistically known as WOS, is another one of the best Latin rap singers. An Argentine rapper and freestyler, specifically from Buenos Aires. This singer started his career in rap battles among freestylers, and was champion several times in the famous Argentinean competition El Quinto Escalón.

    In addition, he was also champion of the FMS Argentina 2018 and the Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos 2018 international tournament.

    But he really starts his musical career in 2018, with the release of the single Púrpura, in which you can highlight a more aggressive rap, and in 2019 he releases his first studio album, Caravana. He has also been nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards for Best New Artist.

    Some of the most listened songs of this great Latin rap singer are Melón Vino, Mira Mamá, Alma Dinamita or Sangría, among others.


    Mauricio Hernandez Gonzalez, known artistically as Mau or Azino, is a Mexican rapper and freestyler and one of the best known and most influential rap artists today.

    He began his career in 2007 participating in rap freestyle battles, specifically in the 2v2 Street Freestyle tournament where he performed under the pseudonym Asesino Serial. In early 2013 he released the album "Psicofonía" and also has a role as a judge in the National Final of Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos Mexico.

    The following years he participates in numerous more freestyle battles and takes first place in some, until 2020, which was pronounced as retired from freestyle rap competitions.

    Eternamente, Traviesa, Bzrp Freestyle Sessions, Aczino VS Wos - final or 911, are some of the most listened songs of this latin rap singer artist on platforms like Spotify.

    Tego Calderon

    Tego Calderón is another one of the best known Latin rap singers. He is a Puerto Rican singer and songwriter. Although he is considered one of the pillars of reggaeton, for his social lyrics and his classics in the 2000s, in his songs we also highlight features of other styles such as rap, reggae or rumba.

    This artist has also received numerous awards such as a Source award for Best International Artist of the Year and has also won the Latin Grammy Award in 2015 in the category of best urban music album for the album El que sabe, sabe.

    Songs like Pa' Que Retozen, Punto y Aparte, Al Natural, Dominicana, Es Un Secreto or Jangeo, are some of the most listened songs of this Puerto Rican rapper. Is this one of your favorites?

    Vico C

    Luis Armando Lozada, popularly known by his stage name Vico C, is an American rap singer and songwriter, although of Puerto Rican origin. It is true that in some of his songs you can also appreciate features of other styles such as rap, reggae or reggae. reggaeton or reggae.

    This artist is also considered one of the pioneers of Spanish rap for songs like Bomba para afincar, as well as an icon of Hispanic music. Many others also consider him to be one of the founding fathers of reggaeton.

    During his career he has released numerous studio albums, and some of his most listened to songs include Lo Grande Que Es Perdonar, Me Acuerdo, 5 de Septiembre, Quieren or Desahogo, among others. Is he one of the best Latin rap singers? Let us know what you think in the comments!


    Known by his stage name, Residente, is a singer, songwriter and producer of urban music, specifically in the genres of rap and reggaeton. In addition, he was a member and vocalist of the famous group Calle 13, from 2004 to 2014, where he began his solo career.

    In the lyrics of the songs of this rapper we can highlight its social and political content, and the combination he makes of world music with alternative rap. In addition, in his solo career he has managed to win up to 5 Grammys, not counting more than 20 Latin Grammys he won during his work as a vocalist in Calle 13.

    Flow HP, Bellacoso, René, Desencuentro, Pecador or Antes Que el Mundo Se Acabe, are some of the most listened songs of this great rapper on platforms like Spotify.

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