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TopFestivals will make you dance and sing to the rhythm of the music of the best best romantic salsa singers. You will meet the legends of this musical genre and, although some of them are no longer with us, it is worth your while to get to know them.

The 9 Best Salsa Romantica Singers

Surely you have heard the song "Qué hay de malo en querer" (What's wrong with wanting) by Jerry Rivera or "Pequeñas Cosas" (Little Things) by Willie Gonzalez, because these artists and others are the best romantic salsa singers. On this occasion, we will recommend you 9 best romantic salsa singers.

  • Victor Manuelle

  • Jerry Rivera

  • Frankie Ruiz

  • Eddie Santiago

  • Paquito Guzman

  • Rey Ruiz

  • Willie Gonzalez

  • Maelo Ruiz

  • José Alberto "El Canario

Víctor Manuelle

Victor Manuelle is one of the best romantic salsa singers and, without a doubt, he has earned a place among the most outstanding artists in the world thanks to his powerful voice and style. genre his powerful voice and style. One of his most popular songs is "Tengo Ganas", which has more than 172 million views on YouTube.

This artist has toured around the world. Europe, United States and Latin America. In addition, he has an extensive discography that includes more than 10 studio albums, 3 live albums and 3 DVDs.

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Jerry Rivera

This singer comes from a family of musiciansIn fact, it was his parents who motivated him to become a musician. Since he was a child, he accompanied his parents to their performances, but it was at the age of 16 years old when he began his career as a singer.

His song "Qué hay de malo en querer" reached the position #4 on the "Hot Latin Songs'' of the prestigious Billboard chart.

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Frankie Ruiz

He was one of the main exponents of salsa romántica and consolidated a successful career during the 70's, 80's and 90's 70, 80 y 90. Some of his most successful songs are: "Para darte fuego", "Voy pa' encima", "Mi libertad", "La cura" and "Mirándote".

Also, we mention that before becoming a soloist he participated as a singer in the following orchestras: "Orquesta de Charlie López", "La Solución de Roberto Rivera" and the "Orquesta de Tommy Olivencia"..

Eddie Santiago

His beginnings in music date back to 1986 and he achieved great popularity in the 90s. Also, you should know that he is known as "The king of romantic salsa". and that he has recorded several albums. Some of his most successful songs are: "Tú Me Quemas", "Lluvia", "Tú Me Haces Falta", "Hasta Aquí Te Fui Fiel" and "¡Qué Locura Enamorarme de Ti!"

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Paquito Guzman

He was one of the of the greatest exponents of salsa romántica worldwide. Throughout his career he recorded more than 20 albums, which allowed him to have great popularity in South America and around the world.

"Sin compromiso", "25 rosas", "ser amantes", "Y es que llegaste tú" and "cinco noches" are some of his most successful songs. are some of the most successful songs of Paquito, who is one of the best romantic salsa singers that we could not fail to include in this top.

Rey Ruiz

"El bombón de la salsa"as Rey Ruiz is known. This is a singer who started his career at the age of 22 years old. After recording a 1st CD he won the Premio Lo Nuestro and 1 Grammy. Some of his albums have gone gold and platinum.

His song "Creo en el amor" was covered in both salsa as a pop ballad. Currently, Rey Ruiz continues to delight us with his music; if you want to know when his next presentation will be, here below is his official website.

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Willie González

He started in music when he was 15 years old and played trombone in the "Chamaco Rivera Orchestra". "Chamaco Rivera Orchestra. He also participated in the "Orquesta Saragüey" and "Conjunto Chaney" until 1988 when he launched his solo career. His first album was entitled "El Original y Único".

Willie has performed in Europe and different Latin American countries, among them, stand out: Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, Peru, Dominican Republic. He has even sung in the United States and Mexico.

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Maelo Ruiz

This American singer of Puerto Rican descent has delighted us with his voice and the feeling he transmits in his interpretations. For 7 years he was part of "Pedro Conga y su Orquesta Internacional", a group with which he recorded for 7 years.with whom he recorded 4 albums.

We invite you to watch the video that we have left at the beginning of this review, so that you can enjoy his performance. good music of this singer.

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José Alberto "El Canario

Since he began his career he has had great acceptance from the public, even at an international level for his work. improvisations and his unique voice. He has collaborated with artists such as: Celia Cruz salsa such as: Celia Cruz and Oscar D'León.

"El Canario" is one of the best romantic salsa singers with an artistic career of no less than 30 years. artistic career of no less than 30 years. His recordings have achieved platinum and gold discs due to the number of sales.

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If you are a lover of romantic salsa, do not miss the concert of some of the singers of this top, you will surely have an incredible time enjoying live Latin music with brass orchestra and minor percussion.

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