Best Spanish techno DJs

Best Spanish techno DJsTopFestivales could not leave aside the techno of our country, so today we bring you a list of the best Spanish techno DJs. best Spanish techno DJs. These DJs are also very popular abroad, so it is worth knowing them if you like this genre of electronica.

The 10 best Spanish techno DJs

The drum machine has never been so well used as with techno, especially if we take into account producers such as DJ Pepo, Fatima Hajji or Andres Campo. These are just some of the artists that make up our top of the list. top 10 best spanish techno DJs.

Paco Osuna

This producer is one of the best Spanish techno DJs. In fact, he has founded two labels, Shake Records and Mind Shake, he has founded two record labels, Shake Records and Mind Shake.. His music has a lot of rhythm and experimental sound effects.

In 2022 he released the remix Samba Dronean original track by Rony Seikaly. Also, it is noteworthy that he was debuting at the Music On Festival On Festival in 2022, being one of the most active Spanish DJs today.

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Fatima Hajji

She is a very well known international DJ and has performed on very important stages, including, those of Monegros Festival (Spain) and Verknipt Festival (Netherlands). Since 1999 Fatima Hajji has debuted as a DJ, so she is one of the most experienced Spanish female producers.

In addition, Fatima Hajji makes a hard techno, which you can notice in the sessions she has performed in important electronic stages, for example, Florida 135 (Fraga)Aquasella (Asturias), Womad Festival (C√°ceres) and Electrodo Festival (Galicia).

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DJ Pepo

Dj Pepo is one of the most famous electronic music artists in Spain, with a cmusical career of 30 years. He was influenced by Front 242 and Orbital in his beginnings, in fact, he has shared stages with them on several occasions.

She knows how to fuse the techno with houseShe knows how to fuse, giving an eye-catching touch to her presentations. And, of course, he has also been inspired by funky and jazz to make his music. Do you want to see him live? Follow the link below to see his upcoming performances.

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√ďscar Mulero

The old discotheque New World (Plaza de los Cubos, Madrid) was one of the places that had the honor of having √ďscar Mulero when he was just starting as a DJ. His first contact with a recording studio was to collaborate in the album Nuclear Zonewhich was from the aforementioned discotheque.

Recently, he has performed in important stages for techno like the Reaktor Festival in AmsterdamHe has even recorded videos with Boiler Room in various places around the world.

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Andres Campo

Andrés Campo trained as a sound technician and studied harmony, two strong points in music in general. Today he is an excellent producer who has recorded with Cristian Varela, Ben Sims, Aitor Ronda, among other famous artists.

Due to his talent he was nominated as "Best DJ revelation of 2010" in DJ1 magazine. Likewise, we mention that he won first place in the 2013 Aragonese Music event.

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Víctor Fernández

Undoubtedly, he is one of the best Spanish techno DJs, being one of the youngest one of the youngest DJs in the country playing this subgenre of electronica. Victor has performed at venues such as INPUT, Nitsa, Family Club, Fabrik and Wake Up! You've surely seen him live if you frequent these clubs in Spain.

In the same way, he has played many times in one of the most emblematic techno clubs in the country, Florida 135. In the video above you can even enjoy a session that DJ Victor Fernandez gave at Reset Club (Zaragoza).Victor is one of the most important electronic clubs in the city..

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Edu Imbernon

If we talk about Spanish DJs who have transcended frontierswe cannot fail to mention Edu Imbernon, who has played at no less than in Tomorrowland. He is characterized by including unpublished voices and musical instruments in his sessions.

Today he has his own label, Fayer, in addition, he is a promoter of events, although he is one of the youngest on this list. If you want to listen to good techno and see incredible images at the same time, watch the video above. It is unparalleled, as it is Edu Imbernon playing at Delirium Festival (Sant Feliu Bridge) with breathtaking aerial shots.

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Reeko is a producer and DJ from Oviedo (Asturias). Within the European techno is one of the most popular, some countries have invited him to do sessions. In addition, you should know that since he was 17 years old he played in clubs in Asturias.

Lately, this DJ has performed in important events at national and international level, for example, he has played in the Medusa Festival and The Bass Valley studio (which is also a training academy for producers).

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David Tort

David Tort is a respectable producer and DJ in Spain, especially in techno. He has played in several venues such as L'Atlàntida (Sitges), Avalon and Dragon (Los Angeles USA), Pacha or Amnesia and Space (Ibiza).

In the video video you can enjoy David Tort playing in one of the most beautiful locations in the country, L'Atlantida Sitges. If you haven't heard him live yet, check out the future presentations of this Spanish DJ at the following link.

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Techno with Dance, Dubstep, House and Electro is what Pelacha provides to electronic music lovers. He has a long history in the international electronic music scene and has played on various stages such as Awakenings Festival (Holland), Hradhouse (Czech Republic) and Boomerang Festival (Slovakia).

The best of all is that she owns her own label Redsonja Records and is the promoter of the event Techno Cracks!event, which is based exclusively on this genre. Have you heard her before? If not, visit her official website and check out where she will be performing next.

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