Colombian popular music singers

Colombian popular music singers

We're sorry, but today TopFestivales will make you cry a little bit with the songs of spite of the Colombian popular music singers. They stand out for their talent, interpretation, charisma and the feelings they transmit in the lyrics of their songs. Let's start!

The 10 Colombian popular music singers that you should listen to

Now we present you the 10 Colombian popular music singers who have established themselves in much of Latin America and other countries around the world. Also, if you want to keep up with the latest of their music, below in some reviews we leave you the link to their instagram.

Jessi Uribe

He is one of the Colombian popular music singers who grew up in the musical environment, as his father was a mariachiHis father was a mariachi and he accompanied him in his presentations. Years later, Jessi Uribe began to sing in different places and little by little he discovered his taste for popular music and rancheras.

In addition, he participated in several reality shows in his native country such as "La voz" and "A otro nivel", as well as in the Latin American Idol in Argentina. Likewise, some of his best known songs are: "Matemos las ganas", "Repítela", "La Culpa", "Ok" and "Dulce Pecado".

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Yeison Jimenez

Yeison's beginnings in the artistic world took place at the age of 7, when he participated in the "children's song festival", which was held in Manzanares, Caldas. Likewise, he participated in other festivals music festivals such as Encuentro Nacional De Bandas Y Grupos Musicales, Encuentro Nacional De Canta Pisteros and Festival Nacional Del Pasillo Colombiano in Aguadas.

On the other hand, Jiménez has more than 70 compositions, all of them of his authorship, that make him one of the great exponents of the genre. He has also performed in the United States, France, Germany and Italy.

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Jhonny Rivera

The first song he composed was "El Dolor de Una Partida", which began to sound in his hometown Pereira and later in the rest of the country. In the same way other songs like "Soy Soltero" and "Mejor Solito"; with this last one he obtained the "Premio Nuestra Tierra" to the "Best Tropical Song". Best Tropical Song.

He has shared the stage with the following artists: Fanny Lu, Marc Anthony, Vicente Fernandez, Jorge Celedon., Ana Gabriel, Diomedes Díaz, among others. He has also toured Aruba, United States, Spain, Venezuela and Ecuador.

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Pipe Bueno

The musical genres that identify this artist are ranchera and popular music. In addition, the song with which Pipe has achieved more recognition in Colombia is "Recostada en la Cama. We also mention that he started his musical career at the age of 16 and at a party he met Jorge Celedón and Daniel Calderon, who decided to support him.

He is known as "El niño bonito del despecho" (the pretty boy of "despecho") and has collaborated with some artists such as Pipe Calderon, Maluma, Dalmata, Jessi Uribe, J Alvarez, Wisin, Jhonny Rivera, Fanny Lu and Paola Jara, among others.

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Paola Jara

One of the best Colombian popular music singers is Paola Jara, who began her career when she was only 14 years old, recording her first album of the same name with music producer Iván Calderón. From this album, the hit single was "Voy a Olvidarte", which occupied the first places in all Colombian radio stations.

She is one of the exponents of the genre that continues to grow and has had great acceptance from the public. We invite you to watch the video "Que sufra, que chupe y que llore" (Let her suffer, suck and cry)., a 2016 song that became quite popular and has more than 55 million views on Youtube. It was also part of the series "Amar y Vivir" on Netflix.

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Yelsid has fused the urban genre with popular music, which is why many describe him as "el reggaeton of "despecho". His unique style and melodic voice have captivated audiences of different ages. His 2015 album titled "Escuela Musical" allowed him to expand his music to other South American countries such as. Chile, Peru and Paraguay..

She has worked alongside other popular music artists such as Dario Gomez, whom she considers her idol and inspiration. As if that were not enough, he has toured the following countries: England, United States, Spain and Ecuador.

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Arelys Henao

She is considered "The Queen of popular music for her musical career of more than 20 years. Henao has mentioned in interviews that the person who inspired her to sing in this genre was Darío Gómez. Likewise, throughout her career she has shared the stage with artists such as Diomedes Díaz, Maelo Ruiz, Los Tigres del Norte, Helenita Vargas and Ana Gabriel.

Also, we mention that he has collaborated with other singers, among them, Giovanny Ayala, Darío Gómez, El Charrito Negro and Jimmy Gutiérrez.. On the other hand, she has been nominated in 4 occasions to the Premios Nuestra Tierra in different categories.

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Jhon Alex Castaño

He has a career of more than 13 years and became known in 2006 when he released his single "Dices". Subsequently, he released his first album titled "Un corazón que canta", which was very well received thanks to his two big hits "De bar en bar" and "Déjala que se vaya"..

Jhon Alex is called "El rey del Chupe" (The King of Chupe) and is one of the most important artists in Colombia and Latin America. Also, you should know that Alex is characterized by being humble and cheerful, which allows him to gain the appreciation of the public. Some of his most popular songs on the radio or played on the Internet are: "Amigos con derecho", "Démonos tiempo" and "Dos razones".

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Darío Gómez

One of the most successful songs and for which this artist is known is. "Nadie es eterno en el mundo" (No one is eternal in the world).. In fact, thanks to this song, he was given the nickname of the "Rey del Despecho" (King of Despecho). Throughout his career he has sold more than 6 million records both in Colombia and internationally. Therefore, he is a world famous artist who, thanks to it, recorded a promotional video in Paris, France.

He is one of the Colombian popular music singers who has served as inspiration for many of the artists we have chosen on this occasion. In addition, some of his best known compositions are: "Sobreviviré", "Si negabas que buscabas", "Entre comillas", etc.etc.

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Giovanny Ayala

He started with music in 2005, but 3 years later, with the release of his second album "Así es que se canta" which contains the single "Voy a Olvidarte", he achieved international recognition. "De Rodillas Te Pido" (On My Knees I Ask You), achieved international recognition. He has been so successful that he had tours in the United States and has thousands of followers in Mexico, Ecuador and, of course, in Venezuela.

Likewise, we mention that he has recorded 5 albums and received the Nuestra Tierra Award in the following category "Best New Artist" in 2008. in 2008. Among his hits are: "Historia de Amor", "Se la robe y me la robaron", "El idiota" and "De qué te picas".

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Finally, we hope that if you like this music you will be able to attend one of the concerts that these artists will be giving. Tell us, which Colombian popular music singer is your favorite? Do you follow any of those we have mentioned in this list?

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