Current Heavy Metal Bands

TopFestivals always brings you the most outstanding music. That's why this time we present you the top 10 current current Heavy Metal bands you must listen to. If you have the opportunity, attend one of their concerts.

The 10 current Heavy Metal bands

For all heavy rock lovers we bring you the 10 current Heavy Metal bands from different parts of the world that are delighting the public with their performances. In addition, in each review we leave you a video for you to enjoy their music.

Five Finger Death Punch

We start this top 10 current Heavy Metal bands with Five Finger Death Punch, a band from Las Vegas that was founded in 2005 by 5 members. This band has recorded 9 studio albums, of which "And Justice For None", "AfterLife", "The Wrong Side Of Heaven...Volume 1" have occupied the #2 position of Billboard Top Album Sales.

Also, some of their singles have been part of the Billboard Hot 100. Billboard Hot 100. Such is the case of "Under And Over It" at #77 and "Blue On Black" at #66.

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Babymetal is a Japanese band formed by 2 girls, Suzuka Nakamoto "Su-metal" and Moa Kikuchi "Moa metal". Likewise, you should know that this band was founded in the year 2010 by the agency Amuse, Inc and the essence of Babymetal is the fusion between the heavy metal and j-pop.

On the other hand, we inform you that the debut album of this band was a great success, selling more than 37.463 copies in the first week of its release and was the best Japanese album of the year. best Japanese album sold in the United States in 2014. Coupled with that, it ranked #187 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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Another of the current heavy metal bands is Gosth, which is recognized by all heavy metal lovers due to its eccentric live performances. eccentric live performances.. In them 5 of the members dress alike and wear masks, while the vocalist wears a prosthetic skull face, resembling a "demonic anti-Papa".

As a fun fact, the band's musicians are calledNamelessGhouls Nameless Ghouls, which means "nameless" and each represents the 5 elements: ether, earth, air, water and fire. Also, you should know that the band won 1 Grammy Award in 2016, in the category "Best Hard Rock/ Metal Album".

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The Swedish band Sabaton has been active since 1999 and their aesthetics is militarized, lyrics of their songs have war-historical content. Also, they have recorded 10 studio albums, 4 live albums and 1 compilation album.

Likewise, some of the songs have been part of the billboard 200including Heroes #99, The Last Stand #63, The Great War #42 and The War To End All Wars #87.

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Lamb of God

It is an American band with a musical style that fuses different genres (death metal and thrash metal). In 1999 they released their first eponymous album and up to date they have recorded 8 albums.

In this same order of ideas, several of his discographic works have been part of the Top Album Sales Billboard magazine, among which stand out Wrath (in the #2 position), Resolution #3, Omens #3 and Lamb Of God #2.

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Trivium is an American band, specifically from Orlando. It has sold more than one million albums around the world. Similarly, we mention that in the year 2019 was nominated for Grammy Awards in the category. "Best Metal Performance"..

Likewise, it has won several awards such as Kerrang! Magazine in the category "Album of the Year", Kerrang! Awards as "Best New International Band" and Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards.

On the other hand, some of their musical themes have been in the list, for example, In Waves #13 Billboard 200, for example, In Waves #13, Vengeance Falls #15 and Silence In The Snow #19.

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Gojira is one of the most internationally recognized Heavy Metal bands of today. This band is originally from Bayonne, France and in their discography they have 7 albums, of which Magma was positioned at #13 and Fortitude at #1 in the charts. Billboard Top Albums Sales.

Likewise, some songs have made it into the Billboard 200. This is the case of Fortitude at #12, Magma at #24 and L'enfant Sauvage at #34.

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Steel Panther

It began in the year 2000 with the name Metal Shop, later called Metal Skool and then Steel Panther, its current name. The band has dabbled in various musical genres such as: Hard rock, glam metal, freak metal and, of course, heavy metal.

Steel Panther is known for its lyrics with sexual, humorous and heavy metal content. In addition, their most popular song on YouTube is "Death To All But Metal'', which has more than 15 million views.

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We moved to India, specifically to New Delhi to meet Bloodywood, a band from heavy metal that started doing parodies of pop songs covered in metal. In fact, the cover songs themselves were uploaded to YouTube at the time.

Subsequently, the band decided to release original material, achieving public acceptance, so to date it has 2 studio albums. Also, you should know that in 2021 they were named among the "12 new metal bands to watch in 2022" by Metal Hammer magazine.

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Angelus Apatrida

Finally, we close this top with the Spanish band Angelus Apatrida, whose beginnings date back to 2000. The band took part in the 2005 and 2006 editions of the festival viña rock. Also, they toured different Spanish cities to promote their music and, as an important fact, to date they have released 7 studio studio albums.

On the other hand, some of his most popular songs are: End Man, Farewell and Indoctrinate.. Interestingly, the band signed a worldwide contract with one of the most important metal labels in the industry, "Century Media Records"..

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Move your head to the rhythm of heavy metal in one of the concerts that these bands perform internationally. Don't forget to check the links we leave in each review, to buy your tickets in advance.

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