Flamenco singers of Jerez

At Topfestivals we are passionate about music and the different musical genres. That is why on this occasion we present you the best flamenco singers of Jerez.. Stay until the end and meet these incredible performers.

The 8 flamenco singers of Jerez

The flamenco is one of the most representative genres of Spain, even Unesco declared it as "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity". Therefore, in this article you have some of the voices that have made the public shudder with their incredible interpretation. Some of them are no longer among us, but they gave a great contribution.

Jesús Méndez


Jesús Méndez comes from one of the most one of the most recognized families of cantaores of Jerezwhich is called "Los Méndez". At the age of 17 he decided to go on stage for the first time. Some time later, specifically, in 2002 he made his debut as a singer and has worked with great artists such as: Alejandro Granados, Carmen Cortés, Moraíto Chico, María del Mar Moreno and El Güito.

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Luis Fernández Soto


Another of Jerez's flamenco singers is Luis Fernández Soto, better known as "Luis El Zambo". "Luis El Zambo".. He was born into a family with a flamenco tradition, which is why he was so fond of this musical genre from Spain. However, it was not until he was 52 years old that he decided to start singing.

In addition, he is one of the main exponents of the "old school and has made several recordings, among them, "Al Compás de los Zambos" and "Gloria Bendita".

Fernando de la Morena


His full name is Fernando Carrasco Vargas and he was an old school cantaor who made the audience shudder with his voice. Like the artists mentioned above, he was also from a family of artists. In addition, we mentioned that he participated in different festivals such as the "Festival de Nîmes" and the "Festival de Jerez". Likewise, he shared the bill with other important figures among them: Moraíto Chico, El Lebrijano and Manuela Carrasco..

Manuel Moneo


Of gypsy ancestry, Manuel Moneo was a very appreciated cantaor by fans to the orthodox. He stood out as a master of seguiriyas, protector of the bulerías por soleá singing, as well as for his saetas singing. On the other hand, he won several awards, such as "Premio Tío Pepe de Flamenco", "Hijo Predilecto de Jerez de la Frontera" and Premio Nacional al Mejor Disco. Don't forget to listen to the video above to check Manuel Moneo's vocal excellence.

Elu de Jerez


Eloísa Jiménez Domínguez is one of the female voices of flamenco singing who entered flamenco in 1991 after participating in the contest of Alcalá de Guadaíra. Likewise, you should know that she was winner of the awards "Niña de los Peines de Córdoba" and "Mairena del Alcor".

She also collaborated in 2 recordings "La Mujer en el Cante" and "IV Concurso Nacional de Córdoba".

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Vicente Soto Sordera


Vicente is the son of the renowned cantaor "Manuel Soto Monje". and was inspired by excellent performers such as Niño Gloria, La Serrana and Paco La Luz. Since he was a child he developed a taste for singing and combined it with guitar lessons. Later, during his adolescence, he decided to become a professional singer.

Throughout his career he has performed in different festivals and theaters in Hungary, United States, Canada, Japan, Switzerland and Germany. Hungary, United States, Canada, Japan, Switzerland and Germany. He has also received several awards: Mairena del Alcor, Pastora Pavón Award and the National Award of Córdoba.

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La Macanita


Tomasa Guerrero Carrasco, is one of the most important flamenco singers of Jerez and the and the most important figure of flamenco at present. During her beginnings she stood out for her carols, seguiriyas and bulerías. At the age of 14 she performed her first recital with the guitarist Ramón Trujillo.

La Macanita, participated in "Tauromagia"., which is subtitled "the best flamenco guitar album that has never been recorded before". Likewise, you should know that throughout his career he has participated in different festivals and performed concerts both in Spain and abroad.

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Joaquín Jiménez Fernández "El Salmonete".


He is called "Salmonete" because of his reddish hair and freckles. This singer has been awarded several prizes and has achieved public acceptance. With only 7 years old began to sing. Some of the artists that influenced him were: Tío Borrico, Terremoto and Agujeta El Viejo.

Joaquin performed in different European countries and participated in the most important peñas as well as festivals.

Now that we have reached the end of the article we would like to know if you liked the selection of cantaores and if there is any artist from Jerez that we did not name, but that you follow. Until a next TopFestivales post!

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