Where? WiZink Center, Madrid When? Saturday, March 26, 2022 Genres? Pop, electronic, kinky, popular music, electropop, among others. Horteralia

Hoteralia 2022: General information

The Horteralia festival is presented with the slogan"the party you deserve". This is the first festival that claims another way of being and dressing. It wants its theme to be eccentric, shameless and fun clothes, colors and artists. It promises, without a doubt, to "break the corduroy".

The last edition was held in Cáceres in 2019. In addition, that year the festival celebrated its 10th anniversary. The last two years the festival had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. Therefore, this year, Horteralia returns with more desire to have a good time than ever.

The festival, born in Cáceres, has been held there since its creation in 2009. In 2020, everything was ready to make the leap to Madrid, in a bigger venue, in order to accommodate more attendees. But, as it had to be cancelled, it has been decided that the 2022 edition will be the one chosen to make the festival grow.

The festival will last only one night. However, it will be six hours of non-stop music for you to dance, sing and have a great time until the early hours of the morning.

Horteralia 2022 Poster

All the guest artists follow the same pattern. They are fun, vindictive and they don't care what people think about them. That's why Horteralia does not focus on a single musical genre. Each artist has their own unique style. Some of the artists who have not wanted to miss this year's edition of Horteralia are:

  • Samantha Hudson
  • Azúcar Moreno, who were already at Horteralia 2018.
  • Varry Brava
  • Ladilla Rusa, who repeat two years later
  • Las Ketchup, who also repeat in Horteralia
  • Rebeca
  • Karina
  • Paco Clavel
  • Leticia Sabater
  • María Jesús and her accordion

Among others

Where will Horteralia 2022 be held?

This year there will be a special edition in Madrid, at the WiZink Center. It is the first time that the festival is held in this city. The WiZink is the old sports palace. Inaugurated in 1985, it was reopened in 2005, the venue is a perfect place for big events.

Basketball games, concerts, events or other shows. The WiZink Center in Madrid hosts all kinds of shows and basketball games both national and international.

It is located in the neighborhood of Goya. This is an area close to the city center. The enclosure has easy access so you can get there in a short time by public transport. But, if you prefer to come with your car, the venue has parking.

Hotels near Horteralia

If you do not live in the city of Madrid you can take the opportunity to discover the city. To make your stay in the capital easier, we suggest a series of hotels that are very close to the WiZink Center. You will appreciate being close to the hotel after six hours of non-stop partying!

Restaurants near Horteralia

If you need suggestions on where to eat near Horteralia, we propose a series of restaurants. In Madrid there is a wide gastronomic offer, so you will have many places to choose from.

  • Castelados Restaurant
  • The Little Boat
  • Cebreros Restaurant
  • La Bien Aparecida Restaurant
  • Nagú Restaurant
  • Galician Restaurant Madrid Ogrelo

How to get to Horteralia

If you are not from the city of Madrid, you will have it very easy to get there, since it is the capital. To arrive from other parts of the country or abroad, we suggest these options:

  • Plane: Madrid's airport is Barajas and has connections with both domestic and international flights.
  • Train: Madrid has rail connections with most Spanish cities. It also has high speed lines from Barcelona, Seville, Zaragoza and Ourense.
  • Bus: Madrid has different bus stations that connect with a large number of Spanish cities.

If you are from Madrid or once you are already there, these are the fastest options to get to the WiZink Center:

  • Metro: Line 6 (O'Donell), Lines 2 and 4 (Goya).
  • Buses: lines 143, 56, 2, 2, 71, 28, 21, 53, 15, 63, 43, 30, 29 and C (EMT)

Horteralia 2022 Tickets

There are different types of tickets for this edition. You can choose the one that best suits your needs

  • Entrance ticket: its price is 39 €. Only 1000 tickets are available at this price. If they are sold out, you can always buy them at 44 €.
  • Backstage ticket: includes track access, photocall with artists, hot and cold catering and open bar. Its price is 120 €.
  • Reduced mobility ticket: its price is 35 € and the corresponding accrediting documentation will be requested.
  • Reduced mobility companion ticket: its price is 35 €.


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