Jamaican reggae singers

Jamaican reggae singers

TopFestivals will make you connect with peace and love through the music of the most famous Jamaican artists. Jamaican reggae singers. You may have heard several of the artists mentioned in this list before, if not, I hope you like them.

The 10 Jamaican reggae singers you must listen to

Messages of peace, love, equality and freedom are just some of the themes that reggae music carries in its music and that's why today we bring you the 10 Jamaican reggae Jamaican reggae singers you should listen to. you must listen to.

Damian Marley

Damian is the son of the famous singer Bob Marley, so he inherited his father's talent. In Damian Marley's music he reflect their Rastafarian beliefs and principles of freedom for all human beings, a planet with a lot of love.

Also, we mention that he has participated in reggae festivals The Bob Marley Roots, Rock, Reggae Festival Tour with his brothers in 2004. Also, he has been awarded with 3 Grammy Awards and has recorded 10 studio albums so far in his career.

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Orville Richard Burrell, better known artistically as Shaggy, is one of the Jamaican reggae singers that has taken his music outside of his native country. He began his career in 1992, but it was in 2001 that 2 of his singles became global hits, "It Was a global hits, "It Wasn't Me" and "Angel".. Even, the album to which these hits belong reached the 1st position in the "Billboard 200".

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Buju Banton

He started in the world of music in mid-1987 and the lyrics of his songs make reference to political themes. Banton is not only a reggae singer, but has also ventured into other musical genres such as dancehall, dance and . pop.

He has recorded more than 15 studio albums and has 446,000 subscribers to his his Youtube channel has 446,000 subscribers.. Some of the most played songs on his channel are: "Wanna Be Loved", "Untold Stories" and "Champion".

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Ziggy Marley

Since he was a child his father, Bob Marley, taught him to play guitar and drums. In addition, Ziggy has a great humanitarian sense and that is why he was named "Youth Ambassador for the United Nations". In 2003 he released the albums "Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers Live" and "Dragonfly"..

In addition, he has recorded other albums since 1988, so he has an extensive discography. True to Myself, Beach in Hawaii and Love Is My Religion are some of his best known songs. are some of his best known songs.

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Barrington Levy

He is one of the most successful Jamaican reggae singers of the 80s. most successful reggae singers of the 80's.Banton has also ventured into other music genres such as dancehall, dance and . These are some of his most listened singles: "Sister Carol", "Eventide Fire A Disaster", "Money Move" and "Under Mi Sensi".

On the other hand, Levy participated at the Reggae Sunsplash since 1987, being one of the most important figures of the festival until 1995.

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Jimmy Cliff

He had his international debut with the album "Hard Road to Travelwhich received very good reviews. In addition, this album included the song "Waterfall" which was a hit.

Likewise, you should know that Jimmy won a Grammy Award in 1995 in 2012 as. "Best Reggae Album". Also, he made a collaborative album with other artists such as Annie Lennox, Sting and Joe Strummer.

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He is considered el "prophet of the new generation of reggae/ragga"., because he knows how to perfectly combine the old Roots Reggae with modern dancehall. He started his career in 1992, but was only successful in the Caribbean. Later he managed to consolidate himself as the reggae leader that moves the masses worldwide.

On the other hand, you should know that his album "I-Ternal Fire" is considered one of the best of his entire musical career, have you listened to it? Well, you should, since it has many elements of pure and classic reggae.

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Burning Spear

Winston Rodney through the lyrics of his songs wants to leave a message of. love, peace and honesty mixed with political, religious messages and, of course, verses in favor of the unity of the African-American people.

Burning Spear won in 1999 a Grammy award in the category "Best Reggae Album".. He has also recorded several studio, live and compilation albums. He has also founded his own record label with his wife called "Burning Spear Records".

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In the 90's Bounty released several albums and from 2000 he released several singles. Some of his most popular songs are: "Down da ghetto", "Defend the poor", "Babylon system" and "Mama"..

He has also achieved popularity in the United States and Europe. United States and Europe.. He has also collaborated with some artists and groups such as: Capone-N-Noreaga, The Fugees, Mobb Deep, Swizz Beatz and Masta Killa.

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Elephant Man

His real name is Oneal Bryan and undoubtedly stands out among the Jamaican reggae singers who gained international recognition, thanks to the fact that his song "All Out" was used in a commercial campaign for the Olympics of the renowned sports brand Puma in 2004.

As a curious fact, Man and other performers of the genre have been involved in controversies because some of his songs speak against the homosexual community.

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Tell us what you thought about the artists we selected, do you think we missed to include any other Jamaican singer? Leave us your answer below in the comments box.

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