Latin trap singers

Latin trap singers

Are you a lover of the urban genre? Stay, because today, in Topfestivales, we bring you something that will help you to enrich yourself with the best music of the trap genre, and we bring you a selection where you will meet some of the best Latin trap singers. Will one of them be among your favorites?

Best latin trap singers that you can't miss in your playlist

If you like the urban genre, specifically the trap style, be very attentive because today we cross the pond nothing more and nothing less than to move toLatin America .

This continent has seen the emergence of many of the great artists of trap, because did you know that this subgenre has its roots in Puerto Rico?

Get ready, because below we reveal the Latin trap singers you can't miss on your playlist. Let's get started!

Anuel AA

Emmanuel Gazmey, artistically known as Anuel, is a Puerto Rican rapper and singer of Latin trap, although we can also frame some of his songs within the genre of the reggaeton. This artist began recording his songs in 2010 with the singer Casper M谩gico, but he was arrested for drug trafficking and then Anuel decided to start his solo career with his first hit "La Ocasi贸n".

In addition, this great Latin trap artist has been partnered with another of the trap stars we will talk about later, Karol G, with whom he has released songs that have achieved millions of plays around the world such as Secreto, Culpables or Dices Que Te Vas.

His famous phrase "Real hasta la muerte" echoes all over the planet, since this singer has achieved great international success with songs like China, Hasta Que Dios Haga, Hip贸crita, Jangueo, Secreto or Ley Seca, among many others.

Here is one of his latest hits, accompanied by Jhay Cortez, what do you think?

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Ozuna, also born in Puerto Rico, is a singer and songwriter who started writing his own songs at the age of 12. The high-pitched voice of this artist is very characteristic in his songs, which we can frame within the genres of Latin trap, rap or reggaeton.

Ozuna began his musical career in 2012 with the release of his first song "Imaginando", and in 2014 he signed a contract with Golden Family Records, which consolidated his career.

But he truly jumps to fame, achieving international recognition, in 2016, when he collaborates in the single "La Ocasi贸n" together with De La Guetto, Arc谩ngel and Anuel. Also that same year, his singles Si Tu Marido No Te Quiere and En La Intimidad, also managed to be among the 30 most popular songs on the Hot Latin Songs list.

Songs like Una Locura, Del Mar, Diles, Taki Taki, Devuelveme, Ibiza, Se Prepar贸 or S铆guelo Bailando, are some of the most listened songs of this artist.

Ozuna, since the beginning of his career until today, has managed to sell more than 15 million copies, which makes him one of the best Latin artists and one of the most listened to Latin trap singers.

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Bryant Myers

Bryant Myers is a singer of the urban genre, specifically Latin trap and reggaeton styles, who was born in Puerto Rico. This artist is considered one of the first pioneers of the Latin trap genre movement, as he was one of the first to start writing songs of this musical subgenre.

The voice of this singer is something very characteristic and at the same time peculiar that makes him stand out from the rest of the artists of the genre, since he has a hoarse and slanted voice that makes him different.

Bryant Myers rose to fame in 2016, with the publication of his song"Esclava", of which a few months later he makes a remix with Anuel and Almighty, which reached over 20 million plays before the end of the year.

Tracks like Hasta Abajo, Air Drop, Triste, Un Ratito Mas, Caile, Ganas Sobran or Ponle M煤sica are some of the most popular and listened to songs of this artist. Is Bryant Myers among your favorite Latin trap singers?

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Karol G

Carolina Giraldo, artistically known as Karol G, is a Colombian singer and songwriter who frames her songs within the genres of Latin trap and reggaeton.

She began her musical career in 2012, although she became better known in 2013 with the release of the single "Amor de Dos" with Nicky Jam. Finally in 2016 she managed to sign a contract with the record label Universal Music Latin Entertainment, which strengthened her professional career as an artist.

But undoubtedly, it was in 2017 when he achieved that great international popularity, thanks to the single "Ahora Me Llama" together with Bad Bunny. This single became a hit, and managed to position the singer in her first top 10 on Billboard's Hot Latin Songs chart.

Tusa, EL MAKINON, SEJODIOTO, Ocean, Dices Que Te Vas, Mi Cama, Culpables or Dont Be Shy (her latest single) are some of the most listened songs of this great artist. Is Karol G among your favorites?

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Bad Bunny

I'm sure you know this one! Bad Bunny is a Puerto Rican rapper and composer who has a deep and raspy voice very characteristic. His music, mainly, we can frame it within the genres of Latin trap and reggaeton, although we can also appreciate others such as rock, kizomba and soul.

His first single "Soy Peor" released in 2016 achieved great success, but he truly jumped to fame and began to be recognized internationally after his collaboration with artists Cardi B and Drake in the singles I Like It and Mia.

During 2020, Bad Bunny released his second album YHLQMDLG, a surprise compilation album Las que no iban a salir, and his third studio album El 脷ltimo Tour Del Mundo, which contained the single D谩kiti which was number one on the Billboard Global 200 chart, and this same year he became the most played Latin artist on Spotify.

Tracks like Yonaguni, Volando, Volv铆, La Noche de Anoche, D谩kiti, La Dif铆cil, Yo Perreo Sola or Vete, are some of the best known of Bad Bunny, one of the kings of trap.

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Mauro Ezequiel Lombardo, artistically known as Duki, is an Argentine singer, rapper and composer, specifically from Almagro. This artist began to gain recognition in the music world from his participation in the rap battles of the El Quinto Escal贸n competition, one of the best known in Argentina.

Although Latin trap is one of the genres for which this artist's songs pull the most, we can also appreciate other styles such as rap, hip hop, reggaeton or dancehall.

In 2017 he signed a contract with the record label Mueva Records, and was able to release his first single "She Don't Give A FO", which currently remains one of the best known of this singer. In addition, he has headlined the "Buenos Aires Trap" festival for three consecutive years, and has been nominated, up to four times, to the Gardel Awards for his songs Si Te Sentis Sola, Sin Culpa and Tumbando el Club.

Some of his best known and most listened to songs are No Me Conocen, Como Si No Importara, 2:50, YaMeFui, Unfollow, Goteo or Sol y Luna among many others.

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In his beginnings he was part of the duo Arc谩ngel & De la Ghetto with which he gained popularity in Puerto Rico and the United States. Later, he decided to start his career as a soloist, being his first album "El fen贸meno"..

Likewise, this Latin trap and reggaeton singer has collaborated with artists such as 脩engo Flow, Daddy Yankee, Maluma, De La Ghetto, Nicky Jam, Farruko, Manuel Turizo, Bad Bunny, Myke Towers and Ozuna.

Some of his most popular songs are: "Hace Mucho Tiempo", "Como tiene ser", and "T煤 no vive as铆".

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Farruko's music is characterized by musical genres like reggae, Latin trap, reggaeton, dancehall and Christian. He also released his 1st album titled "El talento del bloque". Also, some of farruko's songs have been part of the Billboard Hot 100 including Pepas #35, Calma #71 and Relaci贸n #64 .

Farruko has also collaborated with artists such as: Sean Paul, Pedro Cap贸, J Balvin, Kendo Kaponi, Anuel AA, Rauw Alejandro, Jay Wheeler, Myke Towers, 脩engo Flow, Yomo and Bad Bunny.

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Colombian singer Maluma, whose real name is Juan Luis Londo帽o Arias, rose to fame in 2011 with songs like "Carnaval" and "La temperatura". However, thanks to the song "Desde esa noche" he has been considered as one of the most successful singers of the year. one of the most influential urban artists in Latin America..

Throughout his musical career he has received 290 nominations to the most important music awards and has won 95 of them. His Latin trap song "Un Polvo" in collaboration with other artists such as Bad Bunny, 脩engo Flow, Arc谩ngel and De La Ghetto was trending from day one and already has 199 million views.

In addition to this, we mention that some of his songs have been positioned in the Billboard Hot 100, among them, Hawai #12, Felices Los 4 #48 and HP #96.

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J Balvin

Another Latin trap singer who could not miss in this top is the Colombian singer J Balvin, who has managed to position himself in both the English and Spanish-speaking music market. He is also known as "The prince of reggaeton". He is also one of the Latin artists with the most albums sold worldwide.

Likewise, he has received several awards, among them, 7 Latin American Music Awards, 6 Latin Grammy Awards and 11 Billboard Latin Music Awards. As if that were not enough, he is the 1st Latin artist to headline music festivals such as Coachella and Tomorrowland. Lollapalooza, Coachella and Tomorrowland.

In addition, he has positioned several of his songs in the Billboard Hot 100. Billboard Hot 100These are some of them: I Like It #1, Mi Gente #3, Ritmo #26, X #41 and Ginza #84.

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De la Ghetto

He was part of the duo Arc谩ngel & De la Ghetto in 2005, in this duet he lasted 2 years. Subsequently, he launched his solo career debuting with the album "Masacre musical" and to date he has released 3 studio albums, among which his album "Mi Movimiento" reached the # 62 position in the Top Album Sales Billboard magazine.

Tracks like "Dices", "Fronteamos Porque Podemos", "La Ocasi贸n", "Loco Por Perrearte Remix" and "Hacerte de To" are undoubtedly the most popular of the artist.

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Myke Towers

Myke Towers uploaded his first singles on SoundCloud, gaining acceptance in his native Puerto Rico. In the same way, he launched his 1st mixtape titled "The End of the Beginning". He has made collaborations with different artists such as Arc谩ngel, Zion, Sech, Farruko, Becky G, 脩engo Flow, Luigi 21 Plus, Anitta, Maluma and Blessed.

Likewise, Towers is one of the Latin trap singers that has managed to position himself in the Billboard Hot 100 with songs like "La Jeepeta #93", "Caramelo #76" and "Bandido #82".

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脩engo Flow

Edwin Rosa V谩zquez is known in the music industry as 脩engo Flow and made his debut in the year 2004 with the song "Your body is tempting me". In addition, throughout his career he has been known for songs such as "Haci茅ndote el amor", "En las noches", "Tumba la casa", "Saafera" and "La llevo al cielo", the latter being his most recent song, which has 154 million views .

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Finally, we close this top with trueno, one of the latin trap singers who at only 13 years old participated in a freestyle competition in his native country, Argentina. Years later and after having participated in several freestyle battles he decided to launch his solo career.

Also, you should know that trueno has achieved a position on the Billboard Global 200 with songs such as Mamichula #100 Salimo de Noche #136 and Dance Crip #169. Do you want to know what's new with this artist? Then follow him on his social networks.

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Tell us, who is your favorite Latin trap singer? Leave us your answer in the comments box and, if you liked this article, don't forget to read our other music tops.

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