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    Where? Valencia (Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències) and Madrid (Ifema Madrid) When? Saturday May 28 (Valencia) and Saturday June 18 (Madrid) Genres? Dance, pop-rock, rumba

    LOVE THE 90's 2022

    The Love the 90s festival has been held since 2017. However, due to the pandemic, the 2020 and 2021 editions could not be held. But the 2017, 2018 and 2019 editions caused a sensation.

    After the success of these and having had to wait two years for another edition, the festival is back stronger than ever. The Love the 90s festival was born with the intention of bringing 90s music lovers the festival they could never enjoy.

    The aesthetics of the festival is very nostalgic and takes over symbols of the decade such as Mario Bross or Pacman video games.

    LOVE THE 90's 2022 POSTER

    We have two different posters for the Love the 90s festival. The one in Valencia has a single stage and the one in Madrid has three different stages.

    LOVE THE 90's 2022 IN VALENCIA

    For the Valencia edition there will be only one stage. The poster has great artists and groups. They did not want to miss this event, among others:

    • DJ Sash!
    • Jenny from Ace of Base
    • Snap!
    • Alexia
    • Jerry Daley
    • Chimo Bayo

    LOVE THE 90s 2022 IN MADRID

    To this edition of the Love the 90s festival in Madrid have joined a large number of artists divided intothree stages, depending on the musical genre to which they belong.

    Dance Stage

    • Ann Lee
    • Ku Minerva
    • Kriss
    • Tina Cousins
    • DJ Quicksilver

    Among others

    Pop-rock stage

    • Coolio
    • Tam Tam Go
    • Los Lunes Que Nos Quedan
    • Celtas Cortos
    • Undrop
    • Modestia Aparte
    • La Guardia
    • Marta Sanchez
    • OBK

    Among others

    Beach Stage

    • Los del río
    • Michael Chacón
    • Project One
    • Alex de la Nuez
    • Los Manolos
    • Brown Sugar
    • Viceversa

    Among others


    We give you more information about the venues that will host the Love the 90s festival in Valencia and Madrid.


    The City of Arts and Sciences is the chosen location for the festival. It houses the Science Museum and the Oceanographic Park. In addition, it also has movie theaters. It is very spacious and perfectly equipped to host a festival of this size.

    It is located near the port of the city and is not far from the center.


    If you are not from Valencia and want to stay and discover the city, we recommend hotels that are close to the festival venue.


    If you don't want to go too far from the venue, we suggest theserestaurants:

    • El Reno
    • Tapearte Arrocería
    • La Tanqueta Valencia
    • Rocalla Restaurant
    • Contrapunto les Arts Restaurant


    You can easily get there by car, as Valencia is a very well connected city. However, if you don't want to go by car, you have more options.

    • By plane: the city of Valencia has an airport. It is very close to the city and has international connections.
    • Train: in Valencia there are three train stations. The Cabañal Station, the North Station and the AVE Joaquín Sorolla station.
    • Bus: the city bus lines that reach the venue are 13, 15, 19, 24, 25, 35, 40, 94, 95 and 99.
    • Metro: metro lines 3 and 5 reach the venue.


    IFEMA Madrid is a fairground and congress center. It has more than 200,000 square meters and twelve pavilions. For that reason it is the perfect place to celebrate a festival of different atmospheres and genres such as Love the 90s. It can be reached by public transport and has 14,000 parking spaces. So, if you want to go to the festival with your car, you won't have any parking problem.

    It is located in the northeast area of the city of Madrid. It is close to Barajas airport and also to the M-11 and M-40 freeways.


    If you do not live in the city and you need to spend a night there, we suggest a series of hotels. These are very close to the fairgrounds so that you have to walk as little as possible.


    Within the fairgrounds itself there are a large number of restaurants. Some of them are:

    • Natural Break IFEMA
    • Deliquo Campo
    • Clicar de la Hijosa Restaurant
    • Nostrum Madrid Partenón
    • Deliquo Campo


    It is very easy to get to Madrid from anywhere in Spain. You can also arrive from abroad.

    • Plane: Madrid's airport is Barajas and has connections with both national and international flights.
    • Train: Madrid has rail connections with most Spanish cities. In addition, it has high-speed lines from Barcelona, Seville, Zaragoza and Ourense.
    • Metro: the closest stop to the venue is Nuevos Ministerios, on line 8.
    • Bus: the city bus lines that reach the venue are 73, 112, 122.


    For the Valencia concert there are three types of tickets:

    • General admission: provides access to the venue in the general area. Its price is 70€.
    • Golden Ring ticket: provides access to the venue in the golden ring area. Its price is 86€.
    • VIP ticket: provides access to the VIP area of the festival. Its price is 149€.

    For this concert the tickets are already sold out.

    For the Madrid concert there are two types of tickets:

    • General ticket: provides access to the entire site in the general area. Its price is 54€.
    • VIP ticket: provides access to all the VIP areas of the festival. Its price is 154€.

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