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Metropoli Gij贸n

Where? Gij贸n When? Dates are not yet known. Genres? Pop, rap, hip hop, and many more!

Metr贸poli Gij贸n: general information

Metr贸poli Gij贸n is a music festival that has been held since 2015 in Gij贸n, specifically in the Luis Adaro Exhibition Centre. This festival is one of the most complete cultural events, since in addition to music it covers many more branches of entertainment such as video games, exhibitions, gaming sports or board games, among many other things.

In particular, one of the most famous comic fairs in the country takes place precisely in Metropolis. For example, in 2021 it was dedicated to the Marvel character "Spiderman" as it coincided with the premiere of one of his films. In addition, it also has an area reserved for gastronomy.

As for the artists, to give you an idea, some of them have beenAndr茅s Calamaro, Juanes, Camela, Mala Rodr铆guez, Beret, Ilegales, La Pegatina, Bad Gyal, Taburete, Rozalen, Marlon or Fuel Fandango, among many others. So, as you can see, it is a festival that includes different genres and musical styles.

We still don't know the dates when Metropoli Gij贸n will be back, but what we do know from Topfestivales is that it is a very complete and recommendable option. Come on!

Metropoli Gij贸n 2022 line-up: confirmed artists and bands

The organization of the festival has not yet announced any of the artists and bands that will be present at the Metr贸poli Gij贸n 2022 edition, so the official poster is not available either. But do not worry and stay tuned, because from Topfestivales we will keep you informed of all the news and updates of this section.

Where will Metr贸poli Gij贸n 2022 be held?

The last edition changed venue and was held in the Plaza de Toros de Gij贸n. Although the details of Metr贸poli Gij贸n 2022 are not yet known, it is expected to take place in the same place as the last one, so its usual venue will be the Gij贸n Bullring, known as "El Bibio".

Hotels near Metr贸poli Gij贸n

So that you can stay and rest without having to go far away from the venue, from Topfestivales we bring you some of the closest hotels to Metr贸poli:

In addition, you can also find cheaper options among the apartments offered by Airbnb on their website.

Restaurants close to Metr贸poli Gij贸n

And although the festival has a gourmet area, we also recommend some of the restaurants closer to the festival, in case you feel like leaving the festival and recharge your batteries enjoying a good meal:

  • Bodeguilla El Parque
  • El Tendido Restaurant
  • Suiza Pizzeria Bibio
  • El Traviesu Cider Bar

How to get to Metr贸poli Gij贸n

To get to the site where the festival takes place, from Topfestivales we suggest the following options:

  • Plane. The nearest airport is Oviedo Airport, although it is about 40 kilometres away. Once there the best option would be to take an alsa bus from the airport to Gij贸n, which will leave you at the bus station, which is about 20 minutes walk from the festival site. On the festival website you can also find offers on Iberia.
  • Train. The best option would be to take a train from your city to Gij贸n. Once there, it is best to take the L18 bus towards Hospital de Cabue帽es, and get off at the Viesques service station, which is a few minutes walk from the venue.
  • By bus. The best option would be to take a direct bus or, failing that, with a transfer, with Gij贸n as destination or stop. Once at the bus station you can walk to the venue. You can also find discounts for Alsa on the festival website.
  • By car. It is always the most comfortable and flexible option, and with google maps you won't get lost. You can also consider other cheaper options such as a shared trip in blablacar, or rent a car if you don't have your own.

Metr贸poli Gij贸n Tickets

Tickets for Metr贸poli Gij贸n 2022 are not available for sale yet. From Topfestivales we will inform you when we have more details or news about this section and we will tell you which are its prices.

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