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At TopFestivals we love that you are always aware of everything related to artists and music festivals. This time we want you to know a little about what is trap, a musical genre that is very popular worldwide.

What is trap?

It is a subgenre of rap that was born in the city of Atlanta, United States in 1990. In fact, it mixes electronic rhythms with hip hop and rap. In Latin America it began to be heard in mid-2006, thanks to Puerto Rican rappers who gave it a Latin touch.

Characteristics of trap

  • Its name is due to the mixture of sounds derived from electronic music and hip hop.

  • This genre was born in 1990 in the United States and differs from other genres mainly because of its dark and dense electronic arrangements and its rhythm, which can be fast or slow, although the latter is the most used.

  • Its lyrics do not seek to give any message, but rather explain the experiences of people in a ghetto, such as marginality, guns, parties, drugs, sex, money and excesses.

  • His music uses rhythmic boxes, hi-hats of ternary and binary subdivision, sub-bass, synthesizers, as well as minor harmonic modes in order to provide a sad and dark aesthetic. The latter is very key in English trap and Latin trap.

Famous trap groups and artists

Now that you know what trap is and know its main characteristics we leave you in the following section some of the trap artists you should know. If you have the opportunity, do not miss any of their concerts to enjoy high quality live music.

  • Bad Bunny

  • Duki

  • Lit Killah

  • Cazzu

  • Big Soto

  • YSY A

  • Quevedo

Bad Bunny


Bad Bunny is a reggaeton and trap singer. latin trap and is considered as one of the pioneers of the genre. He started in music at the age of 14, writing and creating his own songs. Subsequently, he achieved his first success with the song "Soy peor", which was positioned at #22 in the Hot Latin Songs chart.

Likewise, we mention that in 2017 he made several collaborations with renowned artists that allowed him to position 15 songs in the Billboard Hot Latin Songs. In addition, in the latest edition of the Billboard Awards he obtained 9 statuettes in categories such as Artist of the Year and Composer of the Year.

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Another of the trap singers is the Argentine Duki, who became popular for being champion of the freestyle battle of the year 2016. A year later he released his first single titled "She Don't Give a FO". Some time later he independently released his first album "S煤per sangre joven"; this was certified platinum in his native country.

Also, Duki became the 1st trap artist of the new generation to perform a concert in a stadium. In addition, in 2021 he was the most listened Argentine artist on Spotify worldwide.

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Lit Killah


Lit Killah is a trap singer who became known after releasing his first single called "S煤per sangre joven". "De$troy". In this track he shows the essence that defines him.

In the same way, he has won several awards such as Premios Quiero, Premios Heat Latin Music, Coscu Army Awards and Premios Tu Musica Urbano. He has also collaborated with artists such as Hadrian, FMK, 脩ejo, Mar铆a Becerra, Rusherking, Tiago PZK and Khea.

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Within the genre there are also women who interpret it, such is the case of Argentinean singer Julieta Emilia Cazzuchelli, better known as Cazzu, who in her beginnings interpreted musical genres such as cumbia and rock.

After her participation in the song "Loca"in the company of Bad Bunny, Duki and Khea, she achieved popularity. Subsequently, he made a national tour after presenting his second album titled "Error 93".

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Big Soto


Gustavo Rafael Guerrero Soto is a Venezuelan singer considered by many as one of the pioneers of Latin trap in Latin America. pioneers of Latin trap in Latin America as well as one of the first to perform this musical genre in Venezuela.

And, as a curious fact, we inform you that it has more than 4.5 million reproductions every month on Spotify Have you listened to it? Big Soto has collaborated with artists such as Micro TDH, Neutro Shorty, De La Ghetto, Sharlene, Randy Nota Loca, Bizarrap, Eladio Carrion and Noriel.

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In his beginnings he became known for creating one of the most popular freestyle battles in Argentina, "El Quinto Escal贸n" (The Fifth Step), in which participated artists such as Paulo Londra, Wos, Duki, Trueno and Lit Killah.

YSY A decided to start his career in music, so in 2018 he released his first album titled. "Antezana 247". His first 2 most popular tracks were "Vuelta a la Luna" and "Tamo Loco".

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Quevedo is another artist who started in freestyle rap battles and later decided to start a music career in 2020 with the single titled. "Ahora y Siempre", this managed to position itself at #19 on the playlist. "The 50 Most Viral: Global on Spotify " and #2 on the list of Spain, his native country.

Ed Sheeran, Bizarrap, Ovy On The Drums and Mora are some of the artists he has collaborated with.

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Do you like trap? Which of the singers on the list is your favorite? Leave us your answers in the comments box, at topfestivals we like to hear from you.

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