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    Inverfest 2022

    Where? Madrid When? From January 7 to February 6, 2022 Genres? Very different rhythms! Rap, trap, reggaeton, pop and electronic music.

    Inverfest 2022: general information

    Inverfest, more than a festival, is a series of concerts held in the city of Madrid between January and February.

    These concerts are responsible for giving music to the city during these winter months, and in them you can enjoy a wide variety of genres such as trap, pop, reggaeton, rap and even electronic.

    Inverfest does not have a specific place to hold their shows, but rather, their concerts are divided into several venues: WiZink Center, Teatro Price, La Riviera or El Sol, among others.

    Second, Rayden, Maldita Nerea, Marta Soto, Fito Páez, Bely Basarte, El Niño De La Hipoteca, Nixon, Farruquito, Kiki Morente, Recycled J, Revólver or Gemeliers, are some of the artists who have been present in past editions of this great event.

    The next edition of Inverfest will take place between January 7 and February 6, 2022. Come and enjoy the music again, what are you waiting for?

    Inverfest 2022 line-up: confirmed artists and bands

    The organization of the festival Inverfest has already announced, a few days ago, through social networks like Instagram, the line-up with the confirmed artists for the edition that will take place during the next January and February 2022.

    We also warn you that the dates of the confirmed artists are not yet available but we will inform you when there is new information, and now, from Topfestivales, we tell you who will be some of these artists:

    • Carlos Sadness
    • M Clan
    • Yung Beef
    • Nach
    • Stay Homas
    • Kiki Morente
    • The Fantastic Band
    • FuelFandango
    • Subze
    • Matt Maltesse
    • Julia de Castro

    Among many others. Here we leave you the official poster so you can see the amount of artists that will make up this edition:

    Where is Inverfest 2022 being held?

    The Inverfest concert series is held in the city of Madrid, Spain. In addition, from Topfestivales we inform you, as we have told you before, that the concerts are divided into several venues: WiZink Center, Teatro Price, La Riviera or El Sol, among others.

    Hotels near Inverfest

    The festival has several venues where it takes place, so from Topfestivales, we bring you a selection of the closest hotels to stay without having to go far away from some of these places:

    Restaurants near Inverfest

    And so that you can recharge your batteries while you enjoy a good meal, we bring you some of the closest restaurants to some of the venues where the festival takes place:

    • El Pequeño Barco
    • La Gaditana
    • Rosi La Loca
    • Valdivieso "Cocina Con Alma
    • La Tía Carlota

    How to get to Inverfest

    To get to the festival, from Topfestivales we suggest you the following options:

    • Plane. The closest airport is Madrid-Barajas, once there depending on the venue where your concert will be held you will have to choose one metro line or another, but to go from the airport to the city center we recommend you to take the suburban train that goes to Nuevos Ministerios.
    • Train. A train from your city to Madrid, it will probably leave you in Atocha, in the center, so you will not have many difficulties to go to any of the venues.
    • By bus. On the alsa website you can find hundreds of buses leaving from different parts of the country to Madrid. The bus will leave you at Estación Sur.
    • By car. It is always the most comfortable and flexible option, and with google maps you won't get lost! You can also find other cheaper options like carpooling on blablacar.

    Inverfest 2022 tickets

    Tickets for Inverfest, as reported by the organization of the festival through their social networks, are already available. From Topfestivales we will inform you of the prices of tickets and passes.

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