Los40 Primavera Pop

Los40 Primavera Pop

Where? WiZink Center, Madrid When? April 1, 2022 Genres? Pop

Los40 Primavera Pop is the pop music festival of reference in Spain. Organized by Los40, it is held in early spring to celebrate the beginning of the good weather season. The festival has been held for years and even had the presence of Lady Gaga in 2009 or Take That in 2007.


As of today, the festival's line-up is not known. However, in other years it has featured both national and international artists. Last year's edition featured artists such as Aitana, Dani Martín, C. Tangana, Amaia and Pablo Alborán. But at the international level also had the Jonas Brothers, Liam Payne, Ed Sheeran, James Blunt and Cali y el Dandee.

Where it is held

The capital hosts the festival this year. The city of Madrid offers all the services that may be needed. In addition to catering and atmosphere at all hours of the day, it also offers visitors and locals a wide cultural offer.

With monuments and museums, Madrid is a city to enjoy at all times of the year. Being spring, you can also visit its large parks and see them overflowing with vegetation and life.

In addition, it has a great public transport network so you can move freely to any point in the city and its surroundings, no matter where you are staying.

It will be held at the WiZink Center, the old sports palace. Inaugurated in 1985 and reopened in 2005, the venue is the place of reference for major events. From basketball games to concerts and other shows, the WiZink Center hosts all kinds of shows and basketball games of national and international stature.

Located in the Goya neighborhood, an area close to the city center, the venue is easily accessible. It can be reached in a short time by public transportation. It also has parking facilities, in case you prefer to bring your own car.

Nearby hotels

If you do not live in Madrid, you can take this opportunity to spend a few days visiting the city. For that we recommend a few hotels near the venue, so you do not have to move a lot to get to the WiZink. So, when it's over and you feel like resting, you'll be grateful to have a short trip to bed!

Restaurants nearby

As we already mentioned, Madrid has a great gastronomic offer. For when you get hungry, we also suggest a few restaurants near the WiZink Center.

  • El Barril de Goya
  • La Divina de Goya Restaurant
  • La Gaditana
  • El Pequeño Barco
  • La Tasqueria
  • La Comarca de Aliste

How to get to Madrid

A great advantage of the festival being held in Madrid is that it can be easily reached from other cities in Spain, even from abroad.

  • Plane: Madrid's airport is Barajas and has connections with both national and international flights.
  • Train: Madrid has rail connections with most Spanish cities. In addition, it has high speed lines from Barcelona, Seville, Zaragoza and Ourense.
  • Public transportation: Metro Line 6 (O'Donell), Lines 2 and 4 (Goya). Bus lines 143, 56, 2, 71, 28, 21, 53, 15, 63, 43, 30, 29 and C (EMT).


The price of the available tickets varies from 21 to 45, depending on the area of the stadium where you decide to be. But, be warned! buy your tickets as soon as possible or they will be sold out.

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