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    BAM Festival 2022

    Where: Barcelona When: Still to be determined Genres: Indie, electronic, pop or rock

    BAM Festival: general information

    The BAM Festival is one of the many music festivals that take place in Barcelona and is responsible for giving atmosphere to the city coinciding with the festival of "La Mercé". The festival offers a wide range of musical proposals, and during these dates the city is filled with talents of dance, electronic, rock or pop music.

    The event takes place in multiple spaces such as Joan Coromines square, Els Àngels square, the Fòrum park or the old Estrella Damm factory, among others. In addition, the organizers of the event prioritize the presence of local artists, but also scheduled performances by international artists.

    About 40 groups pass through each year for each of the editions of BIME festival, and artists like Whales, Conan Osiris, PRAED, Big Pig, Jhay-Jhay or Nadia Rose, are some of those who were present in the edition held in 2019.

    In its last edition held in 2021 were prominent names of the national and international scene as Natos & Waor, Bad Gyal, Trueno, Laura Sam and Juan Escribano, Ana Tijoux, Chill Mafia or Maikel Delacalle, among others.

    It is expected that the festival will return to celebrate its next edition in 2022, although the exact dates are not yet known.

    BAM 2022 Festival line-up: confirmed artists and bands

    For the moment there is no official line-up for the next edition and the festival organization hasn't revealed any of the artists that will be part of it either. But don't worry, from Topfestivales we will inform you about all the news and updates of the festival, stay tuned!

    Where will BAM Festival 2022 be held?

    BAM Festival or Barcelona Musical Action, does not have a single place in which to develop, but has multiple scenarios throughout the city. Some of them are: Joan Coromines, Plaça de Els Àngels, Parc del Fòrum or the Old Estrella Damm Factory, among others.

    Hotels near BAM Festival

    Although there are many places where the festival takes place, from Topfestivales we leave you a selection of the closest hotels to some of them:

    Restaurants near BAM Festival

    We also recommend some of the nearest restaurants, so you can enjoy a good meal and recharge your batteries:

    • Doña Rosa Cocina Urbana
    • Cantina Marina Seca Restaurant
    • El Racó del Mariner

    How to get to BAM Festival

    From Topfestivales we also tell you the best options to get to BAM Festival:

    • By plane: a flight from your city to El Prat. Once there, the metro or a city bus will take you to the city centre.
    • By train: a train from Madrid would be one of the direct options to get to Barcelona, on the Renfe website you can find one according to your preferences.
    • By bus: you will surely find a bus from your city to Barcelona on the website of alsa or flixbus.
    • By car: the most comfortable and flexible option, and with google maps you won't get lost!

    Once there you must choose the appropriate bus and metro lines to the festival site you have chosen.

    BAM FESTIVAL 2022 tickets

    Tickets for the 2022 edition of BAM Festival are not yet available for sale. When they communicate the dates of ticket sales, we will inform you, as always, from Topfestivales.

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