White Summer

White Summer

White Summer 2022

Where? Pals,GironaWhen? From 5 to 28 August 2022Genres? The most varied genres of emerging music!

White Summer 2022: general information

White Summer is a music and culture festival that has been held since 2012 in Pals, Girona, although its last edition in 2019 changed location to the Costa del Sol, Sotogrande. This event has managed to become one of the best festivals in Catalonia, since in its programming, in addition to music, you can enjoy other areas such as art and gastronomy.

This festival, in terms of music, is committed to Mediterranean rhythms and the most varied genres such as jazz, pop and even electronic music. To give you an idea, artists like La Casa Azul, Zahara, Rosario, Sofia Ellar, Viva Suecia, Novedades Carminha, Cari帽o, Papa Orbe, los Turpiales Sabaneros, Suu, Delaporte or Cupido, among others.

As you can see a series of concerts by the hand of great artists and national references, in a unique environment such as the Costa Brava, specifically in the enclosure Santa Maria Polo Club Soto grande. Will you join its more than 140,000 attendees?

If you are interested in this option we announce that White Summer returns in 2022, from 5 to 28 August, and their day tickets are usually around 8 euros.

White Summer 2022 line-up: confirmed artists and bands

The festival organizers have not yet published the official line-up nor have they made any advance notice of the artists and bands that will be present at the White Summer 2022 edition. But don't worry, from Topfestivales we will keep you informed of all the news and updates of the festival, and we will reveal soon the artists that will be present. Stay tuned!

Where is White Summer 2022 taking place?

The White Summer festival, as we said before, takes place annually since 2012 in the town of Pals, in Girona. Specifically, it is held at the Mas Gelabert farmhouse in Serres de Pals.

Hotels near White Summer

And if you want to stay near the festival site, from Topfestivales we bring you some of the closest hotels, so you don't have to go far away:

You can also find cheaper options among the apartments offered by Airbnb on their website.

Restaurants near White Summer

And to recharge your batteries after the long days of music and other cultural activities that White Summer offers, we also recommend some of the nearest restaurants:

  • Verdor Dining Room
  • Aquamare Restaurant
  • El mas pinell
  • Sirocco beach bar

How to get to White Summer

To get to the venue where White Summer takes place, from Topfestivales we suggest the following options:

  • Plane. The easiest way is to find a flight from your city to Barcelona Airport. Once there we recommend the company Sarfa, which makes the journey between Barcelona and Pals from the central North Station.
  • By train. Pals doesn't have a train station, so you can't get to the village directly or make the whole journey by train. What you can do is go by train from your town to Barcelona and once there, use the Sarfa bus company mentioned above.
  • By bus. A bus from your city to Barcelona that you can find on the website of Alsa. Once there, another bus from Sarfa to Pals.
  • By car. It is always the most comfortable and flexible option, and with google maps you won't get lost. You can also consider other options such as carpooling on blablacar or renting a car if you don't have your own.

White Summer 2022 tickets

Tickets for White Summer 2022 are not yet available for sale. But don't worry, from Topfestivales we will inform you about all the details of this section and soon we will inform you about the ticket prices.

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