Sons del M贸n

Sons del M贸n

Sons del M贸n 2022

Where? Roses, Girona When? Genres? A wide variety of genres with the best artists of the moment!

Sons del M贸n 2022: general information

Sons del M贸n is a music festival that has been held for twelve editions in the town of Roses, in the province of Girona, Catalonia. This festival is considered one of the best on the Costa Brava, and every year it hosts the best known names of the national music scene.

The event is usually held every summer, around the month of August, in an enclosure with history, as it is part of an archaeological site declared an archaeological site of National Cultural Interest: La Ciutadella de Roses.

In addition, you can not only enjoy concerts of the most outstanding artists of the national scene, but you can also enjoy other dance and theatre shows or a gastronomic experience in one of its foodtrucks. And don't forget to taste the wine of the D.O. Empord脿!

Are you convinced by this option? Artists like Rosario, Aitana, Nil Moliner, Stay Homas, Rozalen, Luz Casal, Morat, Ram贸n Mirabet or Texas, are some of those who have been in past editions. Is your favorite artist among them?

If so, from Topfestivales we have good news for you. The Sons del M贸n festival will return to its magical venue next 2022, although the exact dates are still unknown.

Sons del M贸n 2022 line-up: confirmed artists and bands

The official line-up for the Sons del M贸n 2022 festival is not yet available. However, although the exact dates are not yet known, we already know the first band that will make up this edition: Oques Grasess. This group will perform on 7 July 2022 at the Ciutadella de Roses. So far, there are no more confirmed artists or groups, but don't worry, from Topfestivales we will keep you informed of all the details and news of this section. Stay tuned!

Where will Sons del M贸n 2022 be held?

The festival Sons del M贸n, as we said before, is based in a town in the province of Girona, Roses. Specifically, its shows take place in a unique setting: the Ciutadella de Roses.

Hotels near Sons del M贸n

So that you can stay near the venue where the festival takes place, without having to go far away, from Topfestivales we bring you a selection of the closest hotels:

You can also look for other cheaper options among the apartments offered by Airbnb on their website.

Restaurants near Sons del M贸n

And what could be better than getting your strength back after a long music session while enjoying a good meal? That's why, from Topfestivals, we bring you some of the closest restaurants:

  • Restaurant Roc Fort
  • Restaurant Norat
  • Restaurant Bar Car Castanyer
  • Restaurant Portobello

How to get to Sons del M贸n

To get to the site where the festival takes place Sons del M贸n, from Topfestivales we propose the following options:

  • Plane. The nearest airport is Girona Airport, which is about 70 kilometres from Roses. The best option once there is to go to Girona station, take a train to Figueres and then a bus to Roses.
  • By train. To go by train the best option would be to take a train from your city to Barcelona. Once there take a regional train to Figueres and from there go to Roses.
  • By car. It is always the easiest and most comfortable option and besides, with google maps you won't get lost. You can also consider other options such as carpooling on blablacar or renting a car if you don't have your own.

Sons del M贸n 2022 tickets

Tickets for the Sons del M贸n festival are not yet available for sale. But don't worry, when they go on sale we will inform you from Topfestivales.

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