Best rappers in the United States

Best rappers in the United States

Travel through the history of rap and meet America's best rappers! Rap is a genre with a long and complicated history. The best rappers, the most recognized, have been the product of the American industry that has taken the rhythm under its wings and popularized it. Topfestivals brings you the list of the best rappers in the United States, is your favorite? Read on and find out!

Best rappers in the United States

Hip hop is a cultural movement that has represented urban culture since the early 1960s. Rap is an integral part of hip hop, and has become the voice of the younger generation ever since, as has one of its more modern sub-genres trap. In the United States it is one of the most heard and produced beats, it is a multi-billion dollar a year industry.

The most iconic rap artists were born in the United States and today we bring you a selection of the best, the essential of history. Meet the best American rappers and their best tracks.

Notorius B.I.G.

Born among the rap battles of his native New York neighborhood, Notorius B.I.G. rose to the top of the music industry. During his heyday in the early 1990s, he became the leading exponent of the regional crew that split the United States in two, representing the East Coast.

As a good representative of the East Coast hip hop style, Biggie Small - as he was also known - was characterized by giving preponderance to lyrical skill, which he developed during free style battles, over rhythm.

The quarrels between the regional crews ended in fatal confrontations. The death of Notorius B.I.G. is believed to be a consequence of this feud. His early death took away one of the best modern composers and lyricists. But, fortunately, he left us gems like 1994's Gimme the loot.


Another of America's finest rappers, and Notorius B.I.G.'s West Coast counterpart. He was the ringleader of what is known as the golden age of hip hop in the United States. The West Coast promoted the rhythm closer to funk and fusion, and, in addition, they are considered the founders of Gangsta rap, one of the most productive styles to date. Tuppac, although belonging to the West Coast, promoted a social and political musical content, which has made him a symbol of the struggle against inequality to this day.

He is one of the most influential rap singers in history. His rhythms and social lyrics have impacted the music scene around the world, from European stages to the most modern Latin rap fans declare themselves fans of his school. We leave you with All eyez on me, one of the last of his career before his untimely departure.

Snoop dog

The greatest representative of Gansgta rap. His links with criminal gangs led him to jail several times; but, far from discouraging him, his record served as inspiration to create the songs with which he launched his long musical career.

Snoop Dog has been one of the longest-lived among the best rappers in the United States, and it probably has to do with his ability to reinvent himself from time to time. He has had different stages in his discography characterized by the fusion of his distinctive rap with other styles such as reggae or funk. Turn up the volume and enjoy Drop It Like It's Hot with Pharrel Williams!


Although he had a hard time positioning himself in a genre associated with African-Americanism, Eminem made a place for himself in the Olympus of the best rappers in the United States with his irreverence and the speed of his lyrics.

Without Me is one of the most successful singles of his early career in the first half of 2000. The video, a sample of his typical irony and bitter sarcasm, won the MTV Video Music Awards in 2003 and features Dr. Dre among other stars of the American show business.

Dr Dre

Founder of World Class Wreckin' Cru, one of the most successful rap collectives born in the late 80s. Later he would also participate in another epic collective formed by Ice Cube, Dj Yella among others, Niggaz with Attitude N.W.A, which will produce the unforgettable album Straight Outta Compton in 1988.

He began his career as a DJ in Compton, Los Angeles, then to rapper of worldwide success, and today he is entirely dedicated to being one of the best producers of the genre. His name is one of the most influential in the lists of the best rappers in the United States. The Message is one of his most remembered songs, and features one of the best female rap singers in the United States , May J Blidge.

Jay Z

One of the most powerful rap songwriters of the last decades and among the best music producers of today. His songs are characterized by their depth, confessional ability and their rudeness.

His very long musical career, and his confrontational personality and music, has led him to have several musical rivals. One of the most talked about rivalries was with rapper Nas. The feud ended with the co-production of a double hit: Jay Z's Dead Presidents combined with Nas' The World is Yours, resulting in one of the best rap songs of 2005. Listen to it here!

Puff Daddy

Simply put, you can't make a list of America's best rappers without naming Puff Daddy. He's one of the best rappers, yes, but he's also living history after the last 40 years of the genre's history. He's been behind some of the best videos, lyrics and songwriting in rap today.

Contrary to the bulk of rap singers mentioned above, Puff's artistic life was the other way around, he started as a music producer, since 1985, and only in 1992 he released his first solo album. However, his career was full of successes, including being part of one of the most epic soundtracks of the late 90's, with his song Come with me for the 1998 version of Godzilla.

Lauren Hill

Although the rap world has been largely dominated by men since its inception, women have carved out a space for themselves with talent and perseverance. Names like Faith Evans, Mary J Blidge and more recently Nicky Minaj are synonymous with greatness. But, the queen, the undisputed despite her fleeting career, and my personal favorite, is Lauryn Hill .

Since her debut in The Fugges she made a name for herself, but when she released her solo album in 1998, the music industry surrendered at her feet. She garnered 11 Grammy nominations and took home 5. One of the most successful rap albums in history. To Zion is a love letter to his first son with Carlos Santana's guitar as a beautiful instrumental background.

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