Best vallenato romantic singers

Today TopFestivals brings you the best romantic vallenato singers that will make you sigh with their songs. Their lyrics are usually inspired by spite or love, so you should not stop listening to them.

The 10 Best romantic vallenato singers

If you are looking to dedicate a song to your girlfriend, don't forget to check this list and the videoclips we leave you in each review, because they are songs that touch the soul. Let's start!

Felipe Pelaez

Felipe Peláez started in music at a very young age playing both guitar and piano in social and student activities. In 2006 he launched his career as a soloist and his first hit was "Borracha". A year later, this song was the most played song in the "Carnaval de Barranquilla"..

Likewise, we mention that Felipe has ventured into other musical genres such as: merengue, urban, pop, salsa and tropical. He even won together with Gilberto Santa Rosa a Latin Grammy for "Best Salsa Album". "Best Salsa Album". Undoubtedly, he is one of the best romantic vallenato singers.

As a curious fact, you should know that "Diferente is one of the most successful albums of his career, since the "Academia de las Academy of Latin Recording Arts and Sciences" catalogued it as the "Best in Latin Recording". catalogued it as the "Best in the Vallenato/Cumbia category".

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Jorge Celedón

At the age of 13 she sang for the first time the song that her uncle Daniel "Drama Provinciano"., a song suggested to him by his uncle Daniel, who realized that Jorge had the talent to perform vallenato. Years later, in 1988, he joined the well known group of the genre "Binomio de Oro". as lead vocalist with singer Jean Carlos Centeno.

"Canto al amor", "Olvídala", "No pude olvidarte" and "Un osito dormilón" are some of the most successful songs he recorded with this group. Later, in 2000, he launched his solo career. The best known songs of "Jorgito" are: "Llévame en tus sueños", "No Podrán Separarnos" and "Por Tu Primer Beso.".

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Peter Manjarrés

Another one of the best romantic vallenato singers is Peter Manjarrés who, although his beginnings in music were a hobbyAlthough his beginnings in music were a hobby, since his profession was dentistry, he later decided to launch his artistic career and managed to obtain a good reception from the public.

He has worked with some of the most outstanding accordionists of the vallenato genre. vallenatomusicians who have even participated in the most important festivals, such as the "Festival de Orquestas y Acordeones" and "Festival de la Leyenda Vallenata"..

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Nelson Velasquez

Nelson Velásquez Díaz was only 11 years old when he was already playing the accordion quite well and participated in a band called "Los Sensacionales".. Years later, he participated in a festival where Omar Geles invited him to be part of the famous vallenato group "Los Diablitos". "Los Diablitos"..

Likewise, he was the backing vocalist of other groups such as Los Chiches, Los Embajadores Vallenatos, Los Sorprendentes del Vallenato and El Binomio de Oro de América. Also, we inform you that he launched his solo career in 2006 and some of his hits are: "...".Vuelve vuelve", "No he podido olvidarte" and "Ajena"..

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Jean Carlos Centeno

Jean Carlos Centeno did not start in music as a child, since due to economic difficulties he had to start working when he was only 14 years old. However, some time later he traveled throughout the Guajira region where he became famous for singing at parties. And, by surprise, in 1993 he became part of the famous group "Binomio de Oro de América". "Binomio de Oro de America"..

After 12 years with the group he decided to launch his career as a soloist and has recorded 6 albums. Some of his most popular songs are: "Nos confunde el amor", "Siempre te esperaré", "Entrada sin salida" and "Solo a ti te amo".

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Miguel Morales

In the 80's he founded together with Omar Geles the group vallenata "Los Diablitos, with which he recorded 7 albums. Later he decided to form his own group with Victor Reyes, a renowned Colombian accordionist.

Also, you should know that Miguel Morales worked with other accordionists such as Gabriel Maestre, "El Chiche", and Juan David Herrera Pimentel, "El Pollito". Among the best known romantic songs of this singer are: "Sirena encantada", "Mi Diosa Humana" and "Acompáñame".

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Alejandro Palacio

Alejandro Manuel Palacio Zawady, better known as "Alejo"is a singer who at the age of 8 years old played the guitar, in fact, in his childhood he participated in different "inter-school music festivals". At the age of 11 he started vocal lessons with a Canadian teacher.

In addition, we mention that at the age of 19 he was part of the vallenato group "Binomio de Oro", with whom he shared the stage for 4 years. In addition, in 2009 he launched his career as a soloist, some of his best known songs are: "Amín is the founder of the group "Binomio de Oro": She has also performed the songs "Te quiero así", "Tú me encantas" and "Si se puede bien"..

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Erick Escobar

He is a renowned singer who has been part of the most famous vallenato groups in Colombia. Therefore, he has achieved national and international fame, especially in the coffee-growing region and the western part of the country.

Maybe you have heard some of these vallenato songs: "Amor Sin Fronteras", "Vuelve" and "No pude quitarte las espinas".

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Amín El Chiche Martínez

Amín is the founder of the group "Los Chiches del Vallenato"., with which he worked from 1987 to 2001. With this group he recorded more than 4 albums and performed successful songs such as "Muchacha Encantadora", "El Amor es Perdón y Algo Más", "Ceniza Fría" and "No Tienes Perdón".

As a curious fact, we mention that in 1999 he won the award "El Gran Vallenato de Oro" award.. After leaving the aforementioned group, he decided to start his career as a soloist. Currently, he is still active, so, if you want to know when his next presentation will be, below is the link to his official website.

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Alex Manga

He was born into a family of singers and accordionists, so since he was a child he accompanied his father in the vallenato parrandas. In this way, his love for singing and, especially, vallenato grew.

In the same order of ideas, we mention that Alex Manga was part of several groups such as: Dinastía Vallenata", "Los Príncipes", "Arco Iris" and "Los Diablitos".".

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In conclusion, there is no vallenato without feeling, since it is a genre that since its beginnings has focused on the love of a couple. For that reason, if you are looking to remember good, bad, sad or happy situations with your partner, check your agenda and travel with her to Colombia, where these singers mostly perform.

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