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Topfestivals will make you dance with the music of the famous bachata singers we have chosen on this occasion. They captivate us with their excellent lyrics and live performances - enjoy them in person if you really love bachata!

Top 10 famous bachata singers you must listen to

Surely you've sung along to Prince Royce's the song "Darte un Beso of Prince Royce; well, prepare your throat to sing other songs of the 10 famous bachata singers. Also, we have added interesting information about each of these artists.

  • Romeo Santos

  • Prince Royce

  • Leslie Grace

  • Juan Luis Guerra

  • Zacarias Ferreira

  • Frank Reyes

  • Antony Santos

  • Daniel Santacruz

  • Raulin Rodriguez

  • Hector Acosta

Romeo Santos

Romeo Santos is one of the best famous bachata singers, and he is considered one of the best bachata singers in Latin America. "The King of Bachata". in much of Latin America. He was the leader, composer and vocalist of the group "Aventura". In 2011 he decided to launch his solo career with his album "Fórmula".

This artist's most popular songs are: ""Propuesta Indecente", "Eres Mía", "Imitadora", "Héroe Favorito".Centavito" and "Cancioncitas de Amor". He has also collaborated with singers such as Nicki Minaj, Marc Anthony, Enrique Iglesias, Juan Luis Guerra, Nicky Jam, Daddy Yankee and Wisin & Yandel.

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Prince Royce

Prince Royce is one of the best known and most acclaimed Dominican bachata singers. One of the most played songs of this artist on YouTube is. "Darte un Beso", which has more than one billion views. In addition, it ranked number one on Billboard's "Hot Latin Songs'' chart. Royce has recorded 6 albums which are: "Prince Royce", "Phase II", "Soy el mismo", "Double Vision", "Five" and "Alter Ego".

In addition to this, he has won several awards such as Billboard Latin Music Awards, BMI Awards, Latin Grammy, Premios Lo Nuestro, Premios Juventud, Soberano Awards and Premios Tu Mundo.

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Leslie Grace

Leslie started in music when she was only 16 years old, when she made a bilingual bachata cover version of the song "Shirelles". "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" of the "Shirelles" song. This song was quickly positioned in the "Billboard Latin Airplay" and "Billboard Tropical Songs" charts.

Also, his musical style includes other musical genres such as Latin pop and R&B. reggaeton, Latin pop and R&B. He has also collaborated with artists such as Play-N-Skillz and the K-pop band "Super Junior".

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Juan Luis Guerra

Another famous bachata singer who should be part of this top is Juan Luis Guerra, who has a long musical trajectory and has sold more than 70 million records. He is not only an exponent of this musical genre but also of merengue, bolero, rock, jazz, and romantic ballad.

He has also won 3 Latin Billboard Awards and 27 Latin Grammy Awards, 6 of which he won in the 2006 edition. Some of his most successful songs are: "Burbujas de amor", "Bachata En Fukuoka" and " Muchachita Linda". "Muchachita Linda".Have you heard them, I'm sure you have.

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Zacarias Ferreira

Another of the most famous Dominican bachata singers is Zacarías Ferreira. He started his career in 1998 and is a well known bachata singer. He has won 2 important awards in his native country, Dominican Republic, which are: Premios Soberano and Premios Casandra. Also, some of his singles have been on the top charts.

Zacarías Ferreira's discography includes 18 studio albums and the songs with the most plays on Youtube are: "The Assassin", "The Intruder"., "Ya no te buscaré", "Me sobran las palabras", "Si pudiera" and "Me quedo".

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Frank Reyes

He is known as "The Prince of Bachata and is one of the most important exponents of the genre in the Dominican Republic. Since he was a child he had a talent for music and years later he started singing bachata, but he became better known when he released his first album "Tú serás mi reina", which was very successful.

He also achieved international recognition with the song "Nada de Nada" (Nothing at all) in 2002, in the United States, Latin America and Europe. It is also considered one of her best songs.

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Antony Santos

Antony Santos played an important role in the modern bachata during the decade of the 90s., The genre was redefined thanks to him, and new instruments such as saxophone, piano and timbales were included, as well as romantic lyrics.

His most important musical hits are: "Debate de 4" with singers Raulín Rodríguez and Luis Vargas, "Masoquismo" and "Ciego de Amor". "Ciego de Amor".. As if that were not enough, he has sung with Aventura and Romeo Santos. Without a doubt, one of the most acclaimed Dominican bachata singers.

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Daniel Santacruz

He is not only an interpreter of bachata, but also of other genres such as pop and merengue. In 2014 he released an album titled "Lo dice la gente" which includes bachata and ventures into Kizomba, which is also reflected in his worldwide hit "Lento".

He has also won important music awards such as Latin Grammy, Premio Lo Nuestro and Premios Soberano. As if that were not enough, he is a composer and some of the artists who have recorded his songs are: Victor Manuelle, Shakira, Jose Feliciano, Tito Rojas, Frank Reyes..

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Raulin Rodriguez

Raulin Rodriguez has an extensive musical career since 1993 with his debut album "Una Mujer como tu". He has recorded a total of 18 albums and is known in the Dominican Republic as "El Cacique"..

Also, you should know that he is the arranger and composer of all his songs. and 3 of them, "Medicina de amor", "Nereyda" and "Una mujer como tú", achieved success in several countries, including the United States, Dominican Republic and Mexico.

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Hector Acosta

In his beginnings in music he was part of the merengue band "Los Toros Band, which was very popular in the 90's. Later, he separated from the band to launch his career as a soloist. Although it was difficult, he managed to consolidate himself as one of the most popular solo singers in the Dominican Republic.

On the other hand, he has shared the stage with other artists such as Don Omar, Romeo Santos, Jorge Celedón, Alejandro Fernández and Pepe Aguilar.. Acosta has also sung in other genres such as bolero and merengue.

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Have you dedicated a bachata song to your partner? Well, take your partner to a concert of this excellent dance music genre and he or she will fall more in love with you. Without a doubt, bachata is the musical genre of love.

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