Argentine hip hop singers

Argentine hip hop singers

This time TopFestivales brings for you the 18 most talented Argentine hip hop singers, maybe some of them will become your favorites, so stay reading until the end. Also, don't forget to check their concert schedules.

The 18 Argentine hip hop singers you must listen to

There are many hip hop singers in the world, but in this article we will focus on the best rappers from Argentina; in this country hip hop is part of their everyday life. Keep in mind that the following list is organized according to the popularity of the singers on streaming platforms.

Lit Killah

Mauro Román Monzón Herrera, better known in the music industry as Lit Killah is a singer of various music genres such as hip hopregueton, freestyle, R&B and rap. In addition, he participated in El Quinto Escalón (freestyle battle) in which he was crowned winner in 2017. Likewise, in the same year he released his single. "De$troy".

Also, we mention that he has made collaborations with different artists, among them, highlights the one he made with Maria Becerra, Duki, Tiago PZK, Khea and Rusherking in the song "Además de mí Remix", which managed to position itself in the position. #1 "Argentina Hot 100 Billboard".

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Wos is one of the most recognized Argentinean hip hop singers in his country, since he participated in different freestyler competitions such as FMS Argentina 2018, Red Bull Batalla de los Gallos 2018 and El Quinto Escalón.

In the same vein, his freestyle experience gave him an impulse to want to launch his musical career, so in 2018 he released his 1st single "Púrpura" and a year later his first album "Caravana".

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Tiago PZK

This young artist has gained popularity quickly, having more than 5 million followers on Instagram and more than 3 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Also, his music tracks have millions of plays on digital platforms.

We also mention that her most successful songs are: "Cerca de Ti", "Además de Mí", "Salimo de Noche", "Entre Nosotros" and "Sola". Likewise, in the month of January 2022 her songs were #1 in the"Billboard Argentina Hot 100"list .

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Neo Pistea

Pistea is one of the most important references of the urban movement in South America and former member of the trap group "Modo Diablo". He has also been active in music since 2014, when he released 3 tracks "Black Chocolate", "White Chocolate" and "Tony The Kid".

Subsequently, in 2019 she participated in the festival. Lollapalooza Argentina and recorded a remix of the song "Tumbando el club" in the company of rappers Khea, Cazzu, Duki, Ysy A and C.R.O.

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John C

Juan Cruz López is another of the Argentine hip hop singers with a career that has taken off in a short time, because although he started singing in 2016 he jumped to fame in 2019 with his hit single "C90", which currently has more than 36 million of reproductions on YouTube.

Likewise, this singer has collaborated with other artists such as. Tini, Neo Pistea, Bhavi, Pekeño 77 y Mesita.

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Dillom is an Argentine producer, composer and rapper. Not only his music is based on hip hop, but also on pop and trap, being considered one of the most current referents of this musical genre in Argentina.

Also, you should know that the world got to know about her singing talent in 2018 when she released her track. "Drippin". Later, in 2021, he released his 1st album titled. "Post Mortem".

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Lucas Matías Santo is known in the music industry as Klan. This young man is originally from Buenos Aires and has become known for his participations in different underground competitions, being considered as "the best of the under".

Also, we mention that these are the songs that have the most plays on YouTube. "Fuego", "Ahora me toca a mi", "De una vez por todas" and "No Drama"..

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Sara Hebe

In this top we could not leave out one of the female representatives of hip hop, Sara Hebe, who in 2007 began to compose songs that she would later include in her debut album "La Hija Del Loco"..

Subsequently, she performed in different shows both in the city of Buenos Aires and in the interior of the country and even in several South American countries.

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Marcianos Crew

Marcianos Crew started rapping when he was only 12 years old and he is still rapping today. He also launched his solo career in 2005 with the mixtape "Picante".. Likewise, years later he released his second album "Con las Botas Puestas".

In 2013 he participated in the Lollapalooza music festival in Chile. In addition, his songs are widely played in different digital platforms.

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Mustafa Yoda

Mustafá Yoda is one of the Argentine hip hop singers with more trajectory, since his beginnings were in 1998. He is also the founder of the record label "Sudametrica".

Likewise, he has made collaborations with different artists such as Hazhe, Dread Mar I and Juaninacka. And as a curious fact, Yoda was the first one to win the "2 first Freestyle battles in Argentina"..

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In 2014 he began to earn a place within the Argentine hip hop and rap scene, releasing his first single. titled "Viejita Mía".. Subsequently, he participated in the popular freestyle battle. "El Quinto Escalón" (The Fifth Step)in which he stood out as one of the best competitors due to his talent for rhyming.

Likewise, you should know that his most played song on YouTube is "Animal", which has the highest number of plays on YouTube. 16 million visualizations. In addition, Acru has recorded 3 studio albums "Sueños Firmes", "El Origen" and "Anonimato".

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G Sony

Crowned as champion of the Red Bull Batalla de Gallos Argentinean version of 2014. This fact allowed him to participate in the international version of the contest. 4 years later, that is, in 2018, he decided to launch his solo career. In the same vein, he released singles such as "Mi guía" and "Cero cartel".

However, it would be the song "Lágrimas" the one that would give him greater recognition, in addition, the video clip of this song currently has 15 million plays on YouTube.

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Juan Matias Varela is known artistically as Dozer, one of the Argentine hip hop singers who differs from other exponents of the genre by the content of his lyrics, as he is a Christian. Even the singer Redimi2 invited him on his tour when he performed at the Luna Park "The Resistance". when he performed at Luna Park (Argentina).

On the other hand, Unicef chose him in 2019 as the image of the contest. "Digital Rap!" which aimed to raise awareness about sexting and cyberbullying.

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He is a a referent of hip hop and rap in Latin America, with an artistic career of over 10 years.He has an artistic career of more than 10 years. Likewise, the lyrics of his songs deal with personal issues and social reality.

Likewise, he has 5 studio albums which are: "Bienvenidos a mi mundo", "Arjé", "Tres", "Tres mil millones de años luz" and "Chernobyl". "Chernobyl".. On the other hand, one of his most played songs on YouTube is. "Bandido"which has more than 42 million views.

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Daniel Devita

He is considered one of the most relevant figures of the genre. hip hop with content related to politics. He has shared the stage with artists such as Bersuit Vergarabat, Roger Waters, Teresa Parodi and Liliana Herrero.

Likewise, he has recorded 6 demos, released 2 albumsHe has also recorded, given several concerts and has been part of awareness campaigns. And, as a curious fact, his works are used as educational material at different levels.

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Homer el Mero Mero

In his beginnings he formed a duo with rapper C.R.O., with whom he recorded an album and did a promotional tour. A year later she decided to launch her solo career, making her name known with the album "Basta". "Just Business"..

Some of his most popular songs are Basado en hechos reales, Domingo and C14TORCE, songs he recorded in collaboration with other artists. He also participated in the thirtieth session of the Argentineanproducer Bizarrap, whose video has over 30 million plays on YouTube.

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Matías Salvatierra was born in Florencio Varela and has gained a space within Argentine hip hop after being a freestyler. His debut album is titled "Writing Classics" and caused a revolution in the Argentine rap scene due to his dark and nineties sound.

She is also one of the most representative hip hop exponents in Latin America and has collaborated with several Spanish artists such as Nico Miseria, Foyone and Delaossa..

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We close this top of Argentine hip hop singers with Cresx, who is not only a singer but also a freestyler. producer and composer. He started rapping in 2011, but made his first recordings in 2015.

He also has his own record label, Cresx Recordsand has worked on productions for artists such as Frijo, MKS, J, Dam SSJ and Lucho SSJ. His most recent track is. "Incognito Mode"which he recorded with Despre and Trippie White.

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Which is your favorite singer and which of his songs is your favorite? Leave us your comments to know your opinion. Also, remember to keep an eye on our next publications, so you can be updated on everything related to festivals and music in general.

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