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TopFestivales presents you today a list of the best the best Spanish DJs. In addition, you will find videos of each artist in which you can listen to various styles of electronic music. Also, after each review you will have a link to buy tickets to their concerts.

Top 10 Spanish DJs you should listen to

In the world of electronic music there are many famous artists, but today we will focus on the 10 best Spanish DJs that you must listen to yes or yes. This is the list that you will see below.

  • B Jones

  • Reeko

  • DJ Nano

  • Cristian Varela

  • Danny Avila

  • John Talabot

  • Oscar Mulero

  • Paco Osuna

  • Fatima Hajji

  • Wally Lopez

B Jones

B Jones is one of the best female DJ of the momentso she couldn't be missing in this TopFestivals list. Not only has she shared the booth with David Guetta at Disneyland, but she has also performed impressive sessions at Tomorrowland.

She is even one of the guests for Tomorrowland Belgium 2022. If you want to listen to her live, you can't miss her participation at the biggest festival in the worldo.

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This Spanish DJ has performed at major electronic music events such as the Medusa Festival. In addition, he has participated in electronic music concerts in discos and clubs such as Fabrik Club Madrid.

In addition, Reeko is considered one of the best techno producers in Europe. best techno producers in Europe.. In the video above you can see how he performs live.

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DJ Nano

This is another one of the best Spanish DJs, as he was born in Madrid born in Madrid in 1997 and has a long musical history both inside and outside Spain.

So much is his talent in electronic music that he has been invited to international festivals such as A Summer Story and Medusa Festival. He also had a collaboration with the successful Spanish DJ and producer Dany BPM.

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Cristian Varela

Cristian Varela has been more than 20 years in the music world, doing "literally" a little bit of everything.doing "literally" a little bit of everything. He is not only a DJ, but also a composer, producer, promoter and entrepreneur.

Due to his long trajectory, musical experience and international success he will play on June 18, 2022 at A Summer Story Festival in Madrid.

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Danny Avila

Danny is a DJ and producer from Marbella, Spain who has participated in big events such as Electric Zoo, Ultra Music Festival and Coachella Festival. His latest production has been "Pushin" and you can listen to it on Spotify.

Also, it is worth noting that his friend, Dutch DJ Tiestohas taken him to his concerts in various parts of the world. Therefore, Danny Avila is a great ambassador of Spanish electronic music. ambassador of electronic music from Spain..

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John Talabot

John Talabot is a producer, DJ and electronic musician from the city of Barcelona, Spain. became famous in 2010 with the track Sunshine.. Subsequently, he released in 2012 his first album titled "FIN" under the record label Permanent Vacation.

Also, we mention that he has participated in festivals and in the world tour of the group The XX to promote the album: Coexist. Also, we mentioned that he was invited to the Primavera Sound 2022 in Chile.

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Oscar Mulero

Oscar Mulero is a Madrid DJ and techno producer who in 2019 celebrated 3 decades of his musical career. Since he was 11 years old he decided that he would dedicate his life to music and he has achieved it until today.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that Mulero is one of the most admired techno DJs in the world for his virtuoso technique. Also, we mention that he is the owner of the labels PoleGroup Records and Warm Up. In addition, he was invited to Primavera Sound 2022 in Barcelona.

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Paco Osuna

Paco Osuna was born in 1974 in the city of Barcelona and is one of the most internationally recognized DJs in the electronic music industry.

Osuna has a musical career of more than 20 years where his hard work has allowed him to achieve success. For example, he was the winner in 3 consecutive years (2011, 2012 and 2013) of the awards. Best Artist and Best Techno DJ in his country.

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Fatima Hajji

F谩tima Hajji is from Salamancabut has Arab origins. In addition to this, you should know that in her music are present the sounds of tech house, hard, techno, among others. Likewise, Hajji has participated in different festivals such as: Tomorrowland, Medusa, Eco Festival, 4Every1, Monegros, Aquasellaamong others.

In the same way, she has recently been invited to "A Summer Story Festival", one of the biggest events of today.

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Wally Lopez

Wally Lopez is undoubtedly one of the best Spanish DJs and is on the list of the pioneers of house music in Spain. house music in Spain. He was the first first Spanish DJ to participate in one of the concerts of the queen of pop, "Madonna". queen of pop, "Madonna" (Seville, 2008). (Seville, 2008).

On the other hand, we inform you that Wally has his own record label called Weekend Records, where he remixed important DJs such as: David Guetta, Ti毛sto, Marco Vamong others.

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Finally, we would like to mention some of the best Spanish DJs that due to time or space constraints we have not added to this list: BeGun, Dany BPM, Abel the Kid, Bastian Bux, Tony Verdi, Brian Cross, Edu Imbernon and DJ Pepo.Missed a DJ you like? Write us below in the comments box.

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