Best Spanish pop rock groups

Best Spanish pop rock groups

This time, TopFestivales presents you the best Spanish pop rock bands, a musical genre that you will surely love for its rhythm and lyrics. Also, in each review we will leave a video clip of the most popular songs for you to enjoy them.

Top 10 Spanish pop rock bands you should listen to

Do you remember the song "Rosas" by La Oreja de Van Gogh? Well, in this occasion we have prepared a top with the 10 best Spanish pop rock bands and this group tops the list. Let's start!

La Oreja de Van Gogh

They are one of the best Spanish pop rock bands and started their musical career in 1996. Since then they have achieved great success in Latin America, the United States and, of course, Spain. Likewise, their music has become popular in countries such as Israel, Japan, United Kingdom and France.

Some of their most successful songs are: "Rosas", "La playa", "20 de enero", "El último vals" and "Cuéntame al oído". Have you heard them? If you like Spanish pop rock don't hesitate to play them on Spotify.

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This all-male quintet has conquered fans with their charisma and style. At the beginning the name of the group was "Tiempo Límite". Back then they recorded several popular songs such as: "Dueña de mi mente" and "Detrás de mis miedos.". Also, the band became known in digital platforms with the song "Titanium".

They have toured in America, Africa, Europe and Thailand.. Also, they have won awards such as "Los 40 Music Awards" in the category "Best new national artist" and "Premios Dial".

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Maldita Nerea

This group is originally from Murcia, Spain and began his career in 2003 with his debut album "Cuarto Creciente". In 2007 their single "El secreto de las tortugas" (The secret of the turtles) allowed them to have a lot of national recognition. However, it was in 2010 when they reached the consolidation and the biggest hits, thanks to the song "Cosas que suenan a...", which occupied the 1st place in the music charts.

In the same way we mention that this group has participated in different music festivals such as the Rock in Rio Did you listen to this band on that occasion? Below, you have the link to buy tickets to their concerts.

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The Spanish band Taburete is characterized by influences from other musical genres such as ska, boleros and ranchera. ska, boleros and ranchera.. Their second album, "Dr.Charas", meant a before and after for the group, as it became one of the best-selling Spanish pop rock albums. In fact, it went platinum for its multiple sales.

The band has collaborated with other groups and artists such as Dvicio, Hombres G, Kitai and David Otero. They have also been nominated for the 40 Music Awards and the Latin Grammy.

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Arnau Griso

Another of the best Spanish pop rock bands is Arnau Griso, a duo composed of Arnau Blanch and Eric Griso, who in 2011 began uploading videos to YouTube, the first of which was. "One euro one party"which has 2 million views on the platform.

Some of their most popular singles are: "Es gratis", "Para que el mundo lo vea", "Quiero, quiero y quiero", "Dejarse la piel" and "Una Vez Más". Don't miss his concerts in Spain or abroad.

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Funzo & Babyloud

Funzo & Babyloud is a brother and sister duet from Alicante, Spain that is characterized by mixing the pop with urban music. Their songs have millions of views on YouTube. Among the most viewed on this platform we have Poca Suerte, Inmortales, Joven para Siempre and Batmovil .

This band has conquered the youngest public and the tickets to their concerts are sold out in a few hours, no doubt, they expect much more success in their musical career at national and international level.

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The group Sidecars was born in the neighborhood of Madrid "Alameda de Osuna and started in 2006. It has also won awards such as "Premio de la Música" in the category "Best Alternative Rock Album" in 2009 in 2009 and "La Noche en Vivo" Award as "Best New Group "Best New Group" in 2008. in 2008.

In addition, the band has recorded 7 albums and has collaborated with Iván Ferreiro, Leiva, Carlos Tarque and César Pop. Their most popular song is "Soy fan de ti".. Above is the video for you to enjoy this song.

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Cariño is a band formed by 3 girls, Alicia Ros, María Talaverano and Paola Rivero. It was formed in 2017 and they started sharing on the networks homemade tracks like. "Mierda seca" and "Bisexual." In addition, on several occasions they have mentioned that the influence of their music comes from groups such as: La Casa Azul, Los Fresones Rebeldes and Juniper Moon.

Also, we mention that they have been part of the lineup of the famous music festival Coachella. If you went to one of their performances at the festival, you already know the musical level and talent they have live.

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Carolina Durante

This group was founded in 2017 and is composed of Diego Ibáñez, Juan Pedrayes, Mario del Valle and Martín Vallhonrat. They released their first EP called. "Necromantic" and subsequently, "Examiga" in 2018. In this sense, they are one of the newest Spanish pop rock bands.

They have songs with a lighthearted and fun tone such as "Ahora Sí Que Sí", "La noche de los muertos vivientes", "Cayetano" and "El himno titular". This last song was covered by the group "Los Planetas". Amaia opened the way for them as a group to participate in the most important festivals in Spain, among them, Mad Cool and Festival Internacional de Benicasim.

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La Casa Azul

Another of the best Spanish pop rock bands is La Casa Azul, which mixes pop with electronic music. mixes pop with electronic music, rock, funk and soul.. Its beginnings date back to 1997 and was founded by Guille Milkyway. Throughout their musical career, this group has recorded 3 demos, 5 studio albums, 3 special editions and several video clips.

Some of their most popular songs are: "El momento", "La revolución sexual", "Podría ser peor", "Nunca nadie pudo volar'' and "Ataraxia".

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We hope you liked this selection of Spanish bands. Generally, pop rock is more popular than pure rock, as it is softer, but at the same time addictive with its melodies. Every beginning has an end, so that's it for now, enjoy Spanish pop rock!

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