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TopFestivales has compiled for you a list of the best Spanish Heavy Metal bands Spanish Heavy Metal bandsso that you don't waste time searching the Internet and get to know great quality music on our website.

The 12 Spanish Heavy Metal bands that you have to know

Because there are many bands from Spain dedicated to this genre, today we have selected the 12 best Spanish Heavy Metal bands. In addition, we will leave you some links of the bands so you can go to their concerts in the country.

  • Bon Vivant

  • Last Days of Eden

  • DarkSun

  • The Wizards

  • Angelus Apatrida

  • Dünedain

  • WarCry

  • Stravaganzza

  • Holy Land

  • Saratoga

  • Baron Rojo

  • Mägo de Oz

Bon Vivant

This band from Madrid based on Rock and Heavy Metal airs is one of the most recent, but has conquered much of Spain and other countries in the world for their excellent music.

In the video you can see the unique style of the band and the way they make up their eyes (like the most (like the purest 80's Metal).

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Last Days of Eden

Among the new Spanish Heavy Metal bands we can also find Last Days of Eden, which has as lead vocalist Lady Ani has as lead vocalist Lady Ani. She captivates you with her sweet voice and English lyrics.

In addition, the band's music uses resources of the symphonic metalespecially the violin.

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Mixing the original Heavy Metal with Power Metal and symphonic elements, DarkSun is considered one of the best Heavy Metal bands of the 21st century. best Heavy Metal bands of the 21st century.. Maybe you have already heard some of this band's songs.

The drummer alone makes you feel like you are listening to Metallica, because of his excellent interpretation of what Heavy Metal really means.

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The Wizards

The Wizards is one of the current Heavy Metal bands that most respects the basis of the genre regarding the guitar. In the video above you can hear the metal riffs of electric guitar with second vocals..

Also, their album "Full Moon In Scorpio" was very well received within the national rock scene. As if that were not enough, this band has been opening for Turbonegro, Iggy Pop, The Dictators, among others. rock singers or bands.

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Angelus Apatrida

This is a band from Albacete that has contributed a lot to the country in terms of Trash Metal. Their songs have crossed borders, Angelus Apatrida has been heard in several countries in Europe and Latin America. Europe and Latin America.

The band's most recent album so far is Angelus Apatrida, which was released in 2021 by Century Media Records.

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Dünedain is also one of the best Spanish Heavy Metal bands and has influences from Power Metal influences of Power Metal influences in their music. It was founded in Madrigal de Las Altas Torres in 1996.

Memento Mori has been their latest studio album and has an LP version released by the Spanish Heavy Metal label "Clifford Steel".

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WarCry is a band formed in 2002 in Oviedo (Asturias). From its beginnings until today it has released a total of 9 studio albums and 2 live albumsone of the latter received a gold certificate in Spain.

Likewise, we mention that in 2018 they received the AMAS award (Anuario de la Música Asturiana) as. "Best Rock Album" for their album "Donde el silencio se rompió".

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Stravaganzza is a group of origin from Madrid that is characterized by a musical style inspired by the Gothic, Symphonic and Progressive Heavy Metal.. In addition, we mention that in 2005 they participated in the Viña Rock Festivalwhere they perform one of their best one of their best Heavy Metal songs, "Hijo de La Luna"..

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Holy Land

This is one of the Spanish Heavy Metal bands with more experience and because of it they are a reference of the genre, above all, thanks to their fourth album their fourth album "Sangre de Reyes".

In the same way, you should know that Tierra Santa had its beginnings in 1998 with their album "Medieval", through which they became known, participating in the tours of the bands DIO and Avalanch DIO and Avalanch in Spain.

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Saratoga is a band with origins in Madrid that was formed in 1992 by guitarist Jero Ramiro and bassist Niko Del Hierro.

The year 2016 has a special meaning for the band and is that after an indefinite hiatus in 2013 they return with the. album "Morir en el Bien, Vivir en el Mal". with which they toured America and Spain.

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Red Baron

If you are looking for Heavy Metal bands from the 80's and 90'sthis could be an excellent option, as this band participated in the Reading Festival along with Twisted Sister, M.S.G, Iron Maiden, Marillion and Gary Moore. In addition, the song "Concert for them" was dedicated to rock stars such as John Lennon, Jimi Hendrix, among others.

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Mägo de Oz

Undoubtedly, Mägo de Oz is the band's Best Spanish Heavy Metal BandMägo de Oz, with a trajectory of 34 years and whose origins date back to 1988, when they released their first album entitled "La leyenda de La Mancha" which includes hits such as "Molinos de viento" .

Also, we mention that the band has recorded a total of 13 studio albums, among them among which stand out: Finisterra, Gaia (trilogy) and Finisterra Opera Rock.

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Finally, if you really like this genre of music, we invite you to enjoy the best metal festivals in Europe with your friends or family. Also, leave us your opinion below if you think we missed a Spanish band you like.

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