Spanish indie music bands

In Topfestivales we have prepared for you a top with the 9 Spanish indie music groups that you should know, so join me until the end, because they are groups that are worth knowing.

The 9 Spanish indie music groups that you should know

Spain is the cradle of artists and groups that have transcended borders with their music and talent. That is why our website could not miss a post about the 9 Spanish indie music groups that have delighted the public with their music for a long time.

  • Napoleon Solo

  • Izal

  • Vetusta Morla

  • Sidonie

  • Love of Lesbian

  • Triángulo de Amor Bizarro

  • La M.O.D.A

  • Los Planetas

  • Viva Suecia

Napoleon Solo

Napoleón Solo was born in Granada in 2007 with several members of the group El Mito de Sísifo and that same year participated in the festival Zaidín Rock. In addition, he released his first album entitled "Napoleón Solo at the opera".which contains 13 songs.

In the same vein, we mentioned that his album was well received in the national territory, as well as abroad specifically in Mexicoin this country they performed at the Corona Capital Festival. Likewise, they have performed in other festivals such as the Sonorama Ribera .

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Integrated by 5 guys Iván Mella, Mikel Izal, Alejandro Jordá, Emanuel Pérez and Alberto Pérez originated in 2010 in the Spanish capital. Subsequently, in 2012 they released their 1st album. "Magic & Special Effects"..

Also, we mentioned that Izal is one of the groups of Spanish indie music and that is why it has participated in different music festivals among them Arenal Sound, Sonorama Ribera, Ebrovisión, Ecopop and Dcode Festival.

Unfortunately, after 12 years of artistic career in October 2022 they decided to say goodbye to the stages forever.

Vetusta Morla

The municipality of Tres Canto, is the birthplace of the group Vetusta Morla, which although it had its beginnings in 1998 achieved its consolidation as a group in 2008. Also, you should know that their first album was considered by music journalist Santiago Alcanda as the "Best 1st Album of the year". "Best 1st Album of a group in the history of Spanish rock".

And, as a curious fact, one of their musical themes, "Copenhague"was chosen by Radio 3's listeners and Internet users as one of the "3 Best indie songs". "3 Best Spanish indie songs of the last 3 decades"..

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Another Spanish indie music group is Sidonie, which in its beginnings sang in English, but later decided to sing in Spanish. Also, this group is characterized by having influences from David Bowie, Syd Barrett, Pink Floyd and George Harrison..

On the other hand, they have collaborated with groups such as Love of Lesbian, Pereza, Los del Río and Sopa de Cabra. Likewise, we mention that throughout their career they have recorded 10 studio albums.

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Love of Lesbian

The group is composed by Julián Saldarriaga, Jordi Roig, Santi Balmes, Oriol Bonet, Ricky Falkner and Dani Ferrer. The album titled "1999" earned them a place in the magazine Rolling Stone magazine to give them 2 awards in 2010 "Tour of the Year" and "Group of the Year".

In the same year the group topped the list of the most important music festivals in Spain. music festivals in Spain. Also, you should know that the group has a musical career of more than 20 years. more than 20 years.

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Triángulo de Amor Bizarro

The band released their first eponymous album in 2007 which received positive reviews from experts and was also included among the best albums of the time by the music magazines Jenesaispop, Rockdelux and Mondosonoro..

Also, they have received awards, for example, the Premio Ruido and Premio de la Música Independiente. Another aspect to highlight of Triángulo de Amor Bizarro is the influence of groups like My Bloody Valentine, The Jesus and Mary Chain and The Beach Boys.

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The M.O.D.A

La Maravillosa Orquesta del Alcohol is a Spanish group formed by 7 members and its musical style is characterized by including punk, rock & roll, blues, folk and, of course, indie music.

They have performed in countries such as Italy, Mexico, France, Dublin and London, and have also been part of the line-up of Spanish festivals. La M.O.D.A. has released 8 albums to date.

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Los Planetas

This is another of the Spanish indie music groups with a long trajectory in the music scene. Its beginnings date back to 1993 and the influence comes from groups such as Joy Division, Spacemen 3 and Spacemen 3. Joy Division, Spacemen 3 and Mercury Rev..

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most important bands in Spain and that is why in 2017 received a tribute in the. "Contempopránea Festival".. In addition to this, we inform you that the group Los Planetas has released 42 musical singles to date.

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Viva Suecia

It was formed in 2011 and has performed at different festivals, among which the following stand out Mad CoolSonorama-Ribera, Festival Internacional de Benicasim and Festival Cruïlla Barcelona.

In addition, he has released 4 albums, the most recent to date at the time of writing this article being. "El amor de la clase que sea", which featured the collaboration of Dani Fernández, Leiva and Luz Casal.

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