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In Spain there is a great cultural offer. Food, museums, architecture... and, of course, music! That's why today in TopFestivales we are going to present you the best music festivals in Malaga. If you live in the Andalusian province or you are near there, you can not miss these festivals.

The best music festivals in Malaga, 6 essential ones

If Spain stands out for its good weather and its gastronomic offer, Malaga is one of the places where this is more enhanced. A province bathed by the sea and where the sun always seems to shine. To enjoy the experience offered by this province and, in addition, quality live music, you can not miss the festivals that we present below.

The best music festivals in Malaga are:

  • Brisa Festival
  • Andalusia Big Festival
  • Weekend Beach
  • Oh See! Malaga
  • Mijas Cove
  • Canela Party

Brisa Festival

One of the best music festivals in Malaga is Brisa Festival. This festival bets for an intergenerational line-up. You will be able to listen to the legendary bands and artists from the 80's to the latest successful names.

This festival seeks, in addition to everyone having a great time, dancing and enjoying, that the Malaga groups most affected by the pandemic have a support.

The festival had its first edition in 2021. It was prepared its first edition for 2020 but, due to the pandemic, it had to be postponed. In 2021 the festival was held in different locations in the city of Malaga such as Tabacalera, the Botanical Garden or the Gibralfaro Castle.

The Malagueta bullring, where the 2022 edition will be held, is an iconic place of the city, where great bands and musicians of national and international history have played. In addition, in the 2022 edition, they pay tribute to the Malagueta band Danza Invisible, which performed many concerts there and that year celebrates its 40th anniversary.

This festival is the kick-off of the summer in Malaga and offer top artists to all attendees.

Andalusia Big Festival

If you are looking for the best music festivals in Malaga, you can not miss Andalucia Big Festival. This is a festival organized by the management of the Mad Cool festival in Madrid. This is the biggest cultural event in the Andalusian community. It is held on the beach of Sacaba, in Malaga.

The Andalucía Big Festival is a socio-cultural event that is deeply committed to sustainability, as well as to the environment and the community where it is held.

Andalucía Big Festival promises to be a musical experience that attracts national and international audiences. It lasts three days and is suitable for all audiences. The line-up is an eclectic mix of genres. You can listen to rock, pop, indie or electronic music.

Weekend Beach Festival

In this list of the best music festivals in Malaga, Weekend Beach could not be missing. This festival is held in the Malaga town of Torre del Mar, located east of the capital.

The Weekend Beach Festival presents a lineup that mixes styles such as indie, rock, trap, rap or reggaeton, with national and international artists. The festival has been held since 2015 and, since its first edition, has been spread over four days.

Artists such as Bunbury, The Offspring, David Guetta, Ozuna, Ska-P, Black Eyed Peas, La Pegatina or Miss Caffeina have passed through the stages of the Weekend Beach Festival.

Oh See! Málaga

Undoubtedly, another of the best music festivals in Malaga is Oh, See! It already has a couple of editions behind it, including sold out tickets in both of them.

The festival, unlike others, is held in the morning and, in the third edition, in 2022, they will continue to maintain a reduced capacity. This will help to reduce queues and avoid crowds. Thus, this festival promises to be closer to the spectator and offer a better experience.

Mijas Cove

One of the best music festivals in Malaga is Cala Mijas. Cala Mijas is a festival that is usually held at the end of summer, with the month of September already started. It is a festival committed to sustainability and is governed by the development goals of the 2030 agenda.

It is also committed to a KM 0 hiring policy for suppliers and workers. This helps to generate new jobs and ensure the quality of these jobs. The festival is held in La Cala de Mijas, a town that belongs to the municipality of Mijas, located west of Malaga.

Also, do not miss the streets of the white village. A perfect place to make the most of the days you are in Malaga for the Cala Mijas. The Cala Mijas bets on a poster of indie music and quality, with both national and international artists.

Canela Party

The last of the best music festivals in Malaga is Canela Party. It is held in Torremolinos, one of the coastal towns of the province. The festival lasts for four days, with a large number of artists.

The line-up features both national and international artists. Most of them belong to an independent and emerging scene.

These are the 6 best music festivals in Malaga. Do you know any that you want us to discover? No doubt, in TopFestivales we will not miss any of them. Do you also want to visit Malaga and have a good time?

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