Current blues singers

Although blues music was born about 100 years ago, it is still alive. In many cases it has evolved and merged with other genres. However, it is still going strong. If you want to know the voices that are still betting on the blues today, read on. Because in TopFestivals we bring you a list of current blues singers, don't miss any of them!

Current blues singers you should know

Young and not so young. These blues singers are some of those who are still betting on the genre. Give your playlists a facelift by adding your favorites. To give you an idea of their styles, here are some of their songs. Enjoy them!

Some of the best current blues singers are:

  • Robert Finley
  • Ana Popovic
  • Dan Auerbach
  • Connor Gains
  • Adam Douglas

Robert Finley

One of the current blues singers you should know is Robert Finley. This singer was born in 1954, in Louisiana. He started in music playing a guitar he found in a thrift store and singing gospel.

He was part of the gospel group Brother Finley and the Gospel Sisters until he was considered blind, forcing him to withdraw from the group. Years later, a foundation dedicated to recovering blues musicians found Robert Finley.

Thanks to this, in 2016, Robert was able to rededicate himself to music. In this year he released his first solo album, entitled Age Don't Mean a Thing. In 2021 he released what is already his third studio album, Sharecropper's Son.

Ana Popovic

Singer Ana Popovic is also a member of this list of current blues singers. Born in Serbia in 1976, she started playing guitar in her teens and entered the world of blues music thanks to her father.

In the 1990s she formed a rhythm and blues band called Hush, which fused the typical sounds of the genre with funk or soul. They played many concerts and were invited to important festivals promoting the genre. They released their first studio album in 1998, entitled Hometown. However, Ana Popovic, that same year, made the decision to go to the Netherlands to study guitar, so the group disbanded.

From then on, around 1999, Ana Popovic started her solo career. Since then she has already released 9 studio albums, the last one dated 2018 with the title Like it on top.

Dan Auerback of The Black Keys.

One of the best current blues singers is Dan Auerback. He is part of the American band The Black Keys, which he formed as a teenager with his friend Patrick Carney, who plays drums. In the Black Keys Dan, in addition to singing, also plays guitar.

This group has ventured to fuse blues with other genres such as rock or garage rock, something that has led them to be categorized many times as an indie genre. The band was formed in 2001 and has been active ever since.

Dan Auerbach was born in 1979 in Ohio and, in addition to winning awards with the band, has won solo recognition as producer of the year. Outside of the band, Dan has released two solo albums: Keep it Hid and Waiting on a Song.

However, his greatest recognition has been with The Black Keys. Currently they already have 11 albums on the market, the last one dated 2022, called Dropout Boogie. They have obtained very high positions in the charts, especially in Anglo-Saxon countries. Their song Tighten Up reached gold record status in both the United States and Canada.

But the real international hit was Lonely Boy. This song is part of his album El Camino and reached the number one position in many countries. It also went platinum in the U.S., platinum in Canada and triple platinum in Australia.

Connor Gains

The next member of our selection of current blues singers is Connor Gains. This musician, producer, songwriter and singer was born in Toronto, Canada.

Connor Gains has been described as a musician who is very direct about the things he wants to tell in his songs, especially with the feelings he wants to unleash in people. He wants to reflect the reality of the world, especially the division of the world. To do this, he has gone back to the origins of blues music, as well as other styles born years ago to try to appease the broken hearts of today's society.

Adam Douglas

Another current blues singer you should know is Adam Douglas. Adam grew up in Oklahoma and debuted as a solo artist in 2013. His music, although mainly considered blues, also mixes and fuses with genres such as blues, gospel, jazz, jazz, jazz and more. soulgospel, gospel, jazz or rock.

He found great inspiration in 2007 when he moved to Norway and came into contact with the mountains and fjords. He has already released three studio albums. The last one is due in 2021 and is called Better Angels.

At TopFestivals we love the fact that they are still betting on a sound as authentic and historical as the blues. These are some of the current blues singers that we think you should know and keep track of. Which one is your favorite? Do you recommend any that you know and love? Remember that we always read you in the comments!

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