Best female pop singers in Spanish

Best female pop singers in Spanish

At TopFestivales we have put together a list of the best female Spanish pop singers who have stolen our hearts through their lyrics and melodies. Also, most of the female singers are very well known, however, if there is one of these singers that you don't know yet, you will surely enjoy listening to her for the first time.

Top 10 Spanish pop female singers you should listen to

There are thousands of female singers, but in this article we will make a top 10 with the best female pop singers in Spanish. In fact, in the review of each artist you will have videos to delight your eyes and ears. But before we start the list, we clarify that not all the singers we wanted to include are here, but some of the best in the world of pop.

Amaia Montero

This is a Spanish singer-songwriter ofpop and romantic balladswho many of us first got to know thanks toLa Oreja de Van Gogh. Although Amaia Montero left the band in 2007, she continued her musical career as a soloist, obtaining worldwide success with several songs: "Quiero Ser" (I Want to Be), "La Oreja de Van Gogh" and "La Oreja de Van Gogh".Quiero Ser", "Mirando al mar", "驴D贸nde estabas?", "Palabras", among others. Here is an official video of Amaia Montero that already has more than 60 million views on YouTube.


Surely you've heard some of Shakira's songs or you're a fan of her just like us. This beautifulColombian singerhas broken sales records internationally.

Although that's how she became known,Shakira not only sings in Spanish, she has several albumsl, as she has several albums and singles in English, which is why she has gained much more international fame than some other female pop artists in Spanish. In addition, there is something that makes her stand out on stage, her talent for dancing.


Aitana is another one of the best female Spanish pop singers. This young girl of just 22 years old is one of the most famous at present within the Hispanic pop. Since 2017 she started to be very recognized for her excellent voice and incredible live performance, all this was thanks to her participation in the ninth edition of Operaci贸n Triunfo.

Also, her first album, "Spoiler", was released in 2019 followed by " 11 razones" and "Play Tour: en directo" in 2020. Here you can watch one of Aitana 's most famous videos on YouTube.

Best female pop singers in Spanish

Jennifer Lopez

Just like Shakira, JLO knows how to move her hips very well, they even performed together two years ago at the Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show. Jennifer also has an unmatched talent for acting, starring in the recent film "Marry Me" with Maluma and Owen Wilson.

On the other hand, regarding JLO's music we can say that it was originally based mostly on Latin pop, but her latest recordings have mixed quite a lot of Latin pop music.reggaeton elements. Without a doubt, Jennifer Lopez is one of the best female pop singers in Spanish; here you can listen to her.

Ana Mena

If you want to meet one of the best female pop singers in Spanish, don't hesitate to listen to Ana Mena's music. Her first album was released in 2018 and is titled "Index". She has won several awards, among which LOS40 Music Awards, Hija Predilecta de Estepona (place where she was born) and SEAT Music Awards. Here we leave you a song of the artist so you can enjoy her excellent vocal technique.

Best female pop singers in Spanish

Daniela Romo

She is one of the best female pop singers in retro Spanish. In addition, with her 30-year career she has managed to record 20 music albums. Of course, she is not only a singer, but also an actress, dancer, record producer and presenter, so she has a wide experience to give her songs a chance if you haven't heard them yet.

Currently, he is 62 years old and has sold 18 million copies of his albums. Here you can enjoy the official video of "Yo no te pido la luna".


Rosal铆a is a Spanish female soloist who offers fusions of pop music with reggaeton, flamenco, rap and other musical genres. Thus, we recommend listening to her for those people who like the new and experimental.

In this same sense, Rosal铆a 's vocal talent and intonation are incredible, achieving complex scales and vocal intervals in some of her songs. Also, you should know that she uses melismas very well and even sings Spanish music like a goddess.

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Selena Gomez

She has been acting and singing since she was a child, and has even worked for theDisney Channel. But that's not all, Selena Gomez has a great voice and can sing while dancing in her performances. She is also aAmerican designer, producer and entrepreneur.

Also, you should know that some of her most famous songs are."Back to You", "999" (ft. Camilo) and "Lose you to love me". Here is her official video "De una vez".

Natalia Jimenez

Undoubtedly, many of us know her from the Spanish band " La 5ta Estaci贸n", but others have been following her since she started her solo career. Natalia Jim茅nez has a strong and variable voice, being able to reach very high notes if she sets her mind to it (no matter if she is singing live).

In fact, we can enjoy her spectacular voice in the live performances she had with La Quinta Estaci贸n. And, currently, she has uploaded videos of her singing. traditional mexican musicwhich is heard in most of Latin America and Spain. Here is one of her most successful pop songs as a soloist.

Julieta Venegas

American singer-songwriter Julieta Venegas' music leans heavily toward indie pop and Latin pop genres. She mixes the sounds of the bandoneon with various folk instruments in some songs. Her bandone贸n seems to pay homage to a traditional style from Argentina known as "tango".

In fact, although Julieta Venegas was born in the United States, she also has Mexican nationality, but lives in Argentina. It is worth noting that Julieta Venegas is recognized as a " Legend" of Spanish-language music. This is one of her most outstanding indie pop songs, we hope it brings back good memories, as it is an old pop song.

Best female pop singers in Spanish

Finally, we finish this article mentioning other women who have captivated millions of people with their voice: Mal煤, Cristina Aguilera, Thal铆a, Paulina Rubio, which we also recommend you to listen to if you like Spanish pop. For more similar articles visit TopFestivals.

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