Famous Mexican DJs

Famous Mexican DJs

TopFestivales presents the famous Mexican DJs that you must listen to if you really like electronic music. Here we will not only talk about Mexican DJs, but we will also leave a video clip of each artist, so you can get to know their style.

The 9 famous Mexican DJs you must listen to

There are hundreds of DJs in the Aztec country, but there are only a few who have performed their music on important national or international stages. This selection of DJs is very interesting, so we won't take up any more of your time, let's go there!

Mariana BO

As many already know, women also make a living in the world of electronic music. That's why we have included in this top of famous Mexican DJs Mariana BO. Her real name is Sandra Mariana Borrego Robles, originally from Culiac谩n, Sinaloa. She is known for fusing live percussions with violin and electronic effects.

He has participated in some festivals such as Ultra Music Festival Miami, EDC in Las Vegas and in Mexico as well as in the most important festivals in the world. Tomorrowland. Inaddition, DJ Mag magazine in its 2021 edition placed her in the position #40.

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Jessica Audiffred

Her stage name is "Bass Queen" .. This Mexican has managed to captivate the ears of famous international artists such as Skrillex. Jessica graduated in Psychology, but given the influence of her music she decided to become a DJ and talented producer.

Bass Queen is an example for new artists; she has proven that if you are consistent, you will make it in the end. An example of this is that she has played on She has performed on various stages internationally..

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Diego Ceballos in the world of music is known as "Bass Queen". Metrika. Since her childhood she learned to play percussion, specifically, drums and piano, although she also took composition classes. However, when he learned about electronic music he became interested in it and as time went by he decided to start a career as a DJ.

Also, he loves classical music and his musical style oscillates between techno and houseand house music, which includes some percussions, in addition, in his songs you can notice the influence of experimental music and jazz. jazz.

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Noise Dimentionz

His name is Edgar L贸pez and he is one of the most outstanding DJs of the Hard, In fact, he has worked in this genre tirelessly, which has allowed him to play at the Wasteland, EDC Mexico.

His interest in music awakened in childhood and a few years later he saw the results. Since 2015 his career has been on the rise, after performing a collaboration with. "KikeONE", a very important hardstyle producer in his country.

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Kevin Brand

This young DJ is leaving making his mark in the electronic music scene music scene, and he has played in important festivals such as EDC Mexico 2020. In addition, he signed a contract with Revealed Recordings.

In his YouTube channel he shows his entire production knowledgeexplaining how he makes his mixes and what musical elements he uses to make it sound according to his style. The truth is that he makes very interesting videos, showing that he knows very well what he does.

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The music of this DJ and producer has been used by world-renowned brands such as Versace, Channel and Maison Martin Margiela on their catwalks when the most exclusive fashion events are held.

Rebolledo together with his German friend, Superpitcher, make up a popular duo called duo called "Pachanga Boys. Since 2010 he has taken his singular and unique style to all corners of the world. Likewise, we mention that he has remixed for different artists.


Another of the famous Mexican DJs that you should listen to is Hector, who played at the 2019 edition of the "Ultra Music Festival of Miami".. He is originally from Guadalajara, but when he was 18 years old he left his hometown to go in search of his dream.

After going through several difficulties he managed to fulfill his dream, being a great example of perseverance and perseverance. Do not miss the music video that we have left at the beginning of this brief review.

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Mariana Revilla

Mariana Revilla started in music during her childhood, as she took classes of different instruments, in addition, she studied composition and solfeggio. Her taste for the electronic music her taste for music was born shortly after attending different festivals in Mexico City and other nearby places.

The year 2010 would mark a before and after in Mariana's life, since after making friends with artists of the genre in Mexico, she decided to start a career as a DJ. She has also been invited to collaborate in music festivals.

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Louie Fresco

Another of the DJs we present in this top is Louie Fresco, who can be considered as "versatile". "versatile". Besides being a versatile DJ, he is also a producer in his native country.

Thanks to his style and way of mixing he has put his city of Mexicali on the radar of the map with his remixes and the great variety of original tracks he has recorded, have you ever heard him before?

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