Argentina's most famous singers of all time

Argentina's most famous singers of all time

TopFestivales presents the most famous singers of all times from Argentina. Singers that will bring a smile or, why not, a few tears to your eyes. Enjoy these artists!

The 15 most famous singers of all times from Argentina

There are Argentine singers who left a mark in the hearts of all of us and, in fact, some of them are still active. In this list you can find Argentine artists of different musical genres such as cumbia, pop, folk, rock or tango.

Charly Garcia

Charly GarcĂ­a, the most outstanding figure of the Argentine popular music was a member of some of Argentina's most important bands such as Sui Generis, La MĂĄquina de Hacer PĂĄjaros Sui Generis, La MĂĄquina de Hacer PĂĄjaros and SerĂș GirĂĄn.. Subsequently, he dedicated himself to forging his career as a soloist, composing hit songs "Rasguña las piedras" and "CanciĂłn para mi muerte".

Carlos Gardel

Gardel is one of the greatest exponents of tango and his voice was his voice was registered by Unesco in the "Memory of the World" program.. His most famous songs are: "El bulĂ­n de la calle Ayacucho" and "Bajo Belgrano". Although some authors differ from his origin of birth (France or Uruguay) Carlos lived since his childhood in Buenos Aires.

Luis Alberto Spinetta

This singer made inroads in Argentina's national rock, being one of the most important figures of this musical genre. In addition, Spinetta founded several of the most important bands of the rock in the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's, for example, we can mention Pescado Rabioso, Invisible, Almendra, Spinetta Jade as well as Spinetta y los Socios del Desierto.

Gustavo Cerati

Gustavo Cerati is internationally recognized because he was the vocalist, guitarist, composer and leader of the famous rock band Soda Stereo. He is also he is considered the most influential artist in Latin American rock. Cerati even won several Grammy awards and many recognitions due to his great talent.

Antonio Rios

Antonio RĂ­os, nicknamed "El Maestro", is a folk and cumbia singer. folk and cumbia singer who was part of the groups Green and Sombras in his beginnings, but later he made his career as a soloist and founded the group Malagata. One of his most famous songs is "Nunca me faltes", which you can listen to above.

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Mercedes Sosa

It is not for nothing that she is nicknamed "The voice of Latin America". She is also one of Argentina's most famous singers of all times, as she not only ventured into folk music, but also into pop and rock. tango, pop and rock. She was also the founder of the so-called New Song Movement.

Roberto Goyeneche

Roberto was well known as "El Polaco".. He was also one of the most important interpreters of tango. Some of his most famous songs are: "Balada para un loco", "CafetĂ­n de Buenos Aires", "Gricel", "GarĂșa", "La Ășltima curda", among others. During his career he worked with outstanding orchestra conductors such as Ernesto Baffa, RaĂșl Garello, Armando Pontier and Osvaldo Berlingieri. and Osvaldo Berlingieri.

Fito PĂĄez

She has a career of more than 40 years and an extensive musical repertoire that includes 27 studio albums, 12 compilations, 4 live recordings, among other productions. Fito PĂĄez is known as the "Troubadour of Argentine rock" and has won several Grammy awards, for example, "Best rock album"..

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Ruben Juarez

Another of Argentina's most famous singers of all time was Rubén Juårez, a great exponent of tango. Likewise, he is a maestro bandoneonist who stands out for singing and playing this instrument at the same time with perfection. Rubén performed on the most important stages in his native country as well as abroad.


He was a cumbia singer and composer and, although he had a very short musical career, he became very popular in Argentina. Some of his most outstanding songs are: "No me arrepiento de este amor", "No es mi despedida", "CorazĂłn valiente", "Se me ha perdido un corazĂłn", "Rompo las cadenas".


He is considered the father ofArgentine rock , since he was one of the first to sing this musical genre in Spanish in Latin America. Throughout his successful career as a singer recorded 52 albums and sold more than 8 million copies. Today he is still listened to by thousands of people in Latin America and elsewhere.


Vicentico was the vocalist and co-founder of the famous Ska band "La Ska". "Los Fabulosos Cadillacs".. He began his solo career in 2002 and has recorded 8 studio albums. He has also won Grammy awards, including "Best Rock Song" for his song "Creo que me enamoré".

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Andrés Calamaro

He is an icon of Latin rock and one of Argentina's most famous singers of all times, since he was part of the band "Los Abuelos de la Nada and has had a very successful solo career. His songs "Flaca" and "Cuando te conocĂ­" have been very popular on streaming platforms such as YouTube and Spotify.

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Leonardo Favio

Due to the lyrics of his songs he was known as. "El Juglar de América" (The Minstrel of America) and he is still considered one of the greatest exponents of the romantic ballad, although he achieved his greatest success between the 60s and 70s. his greatest success between the 60s and 70s. Some of his most famous songs are: "O quizås simplemente le regale una rosa" and "Ding dong estas cosas del amor".

Diego Torres

His most famous song on the Internet is "Color esperanza", as it became an international hit. Throughout his long career he has recorded 8 studio albums, 2 compilations and 1 live album. In addition, he is one of the singers of pop with the longest record of consecutive performances at the "Luna Park" in Argentina.

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As you can see, in Argentina there are many singers that will fill you with nostalgia for their classic songs of a lifetime. The good news is that some of these artists still offer live concerts, will you go to any of them?

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