What is reggaeton?

Today in TopFestivals I will explain what is reggaeton? One of the most listened music genres worldwide through the main platforms such as Spotify and YouTube. Keep in mind that Spain occupies the 3rd place of the countries that most listen to reggaeton.

What is reggaeton?

It is a musical genre that was born in Puerto Rico and derived from the reggae in Spanish and dancehall. It is also a genre that mixes hip hop with Latin rhythms such as bomba and salsa .

In addition, reggaeton started in1990. At that time it was known as "underground". Also, you should know that one of the first sounds of this genre were the so-called "underground" cassettes. "playeros" by DJ Playero, which were "clandestine cassettes" containing rap/reggae tracks.

Reggaeton had its biggest growth with the. "Mixtape playero 38"which contained songs like "No te canses'' and "Funeral". In addition, you should know that the garages of the houses were the first places where reggaeton was sung for the first time.

Meaning of reggaeton in Spanish

The word reguet贸n is the Spanish adapted form of the term reggaet贸n, which in turn, is shortened by the words reggae and marathon. This term was first used by Puerto Rican singer Daddy Yankee and DJ Playero in 1994 in the mixtape "Playero 36".

First reggaeton artists

Now that you know what reggaeton is and its meaning, in this section you will learn about the first reggaeton artists.

Vico C


His real name is Luis Armando Lozada Cruz and he is considered one of the pioneers of Spanish rap and reggaeton. Due to his song "Bomba para afincar", in addition, the lyrics of this singer are oriented to social criticism focusing on Christianity, which is why he is called "Playero 36". "The Philosopher" ..

Among his most popular songs are Xplosi贸n, Emboscada and Aquel que hab铆a muerto. He has also collaborated with artists and groups such as Sindicato Argentino del Hip Hop, H茅ctor el Father, Kumbia Kings and Sin Bandera. He has also been part of productions by artists such as Mas Flow 2 (Luny Tunes), Los Bandoleros Reloaded (Don Omar), 12 disc铆pulos (Eddie Dee), Caribbean Connection (Machete Music) and La iglesia de la calle (Gerardo Mej铆a).

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The General


El general was one of the singers who laid the foundations of what we know today as reggaeton, as his style mixed genres such as dancehall and reggae in Spanish. In addition, his music became popular in the 90's when he released his first album "Est谩s Buena", which contained one of his biggest hits, "Te Ves Buena"..

Also, his album "Mu茅velo Con El General" was very important for his career, since it allowed him to tour Latin America for the first time. Also, you should know that Edgardo Franco had a successful career that lasted 17 years, in which he obtained 17 platinum albums32 gold records, 6 Billboard Awards and 12 Lo Nuestro Awards, among others.

Daddy Yankee


Ram贸n Luis Ayala Rodr铆guez is the real name of Puerto Rican singer-songwriter Daddy Yankee, considered by fans and critics alike as "The King of Reggaet贸n", since he was the first artist to use the term reguet贸n in 1991. This was done with the purpose of describing the new musical genre that was being born at that time.

On the other hand, in 2004 Yankee released one of the most important albums of his entire career. "Barrio Fino", which was one of the best-selling albums of the decade and considered one of those that paved the way for the new musical genre "reggaeton".

In addition, we mentioned that this album contained one of the most successful themes, "Gasolina". As a curious fact, in 2021 the song was included among the "500 best songs of all time" by Rolling Stone magazine. Yankee announced in March 2022 his retirement after the release of his album "Legendaddy", the singer's 7th. Do you want to attend one of his farewell concerts? Here below is the link to buy your tickets.

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Tego Calderon


Another of the pioneers of reggaeton is the Puerto Rican singer Tego Calderon, who is considered by many as the best reggaeton singer in the world. one of the pillars of this genre. This singer has Afro-Caribbean essences, the lyrics of his songs talk about everyday life. We will never forget his classics from the 2000s.

Likewise, he is one of the most appreciated and influential artists, as for example, J Balvin, Don Omar, Rauw Alejandro, Residente, among others, have mentioned his name in some of their songs as a tribute to his artistic career.

His debut album "El Abayarde" is considered one of the albums that introduced the genre in the United States. The most successful songs of this album are: "Guasa, Guasa", "Pa' que retozen" and "Al natural.".

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Don Omar


Don Omar is one of the most influential reggaeton artists at an international level, as he managed to make urban Latin music known in important music markets such as Europe. His first international album was released in 2003, entitled "The Last Don and managed to sell more than half a million copies in the United States alone.

Among his musical hits we can mention: "Angelito", "Dale Don Dale", "Sali贸 el sol", "Danza kuduro", "Dile", "Taboo", "Hasta abajo", "Virtual diva" and "Hasta abajo". Likewise, we mention that Rolling Stone and Billboard magazines recognized him as "a great artist".Reggaeton Legend". and throughout his career he has won 32 awards.

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Reggaeton in the world

Undoubtedly one of the artists of the urban genre that allowed the consolidation of this musical genre worldwide was Daddy Yankee thanks to his song "Gasolina". This allowed the emergence of new producers and DJs such as: Noriega, Nely, DJ Blass, Echo, DJ Blaster, DJ Pablo, Jetson El S煤per and Sandy NLB.

On the other hand, we mentioned that according to Spotify, the reggaeton is a musical genre that little by little has become a "global phenomenon". "global phenomenon.". As of 2017 it has become one of the genres that has had the greatest growth within this platform.

Tell us, did you find it interesting to know what is reggaeton? Which is your favorite artist? Leave us your comments and don't miss our next article.

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