Best Galician folk groups

Best Galician folk groups

TopFestivales brings you the 8 best Galician folk bands and, if you have the chance, don't miss some of their performances. Don't forget that we like to bring you the best of music, let's start!

The 8 best Galician folk bands

Join us for this musical journey through the music of the best Galician folk groups that will surely delight you through the sounds of the Galician bagpipe, accordion, flute and bouzouki.

Bellon Maceiras

This duo is composed by Diego Maceiras and Dani Bellón since 2005. It is the union of 2 instruments, the accordion and the bagpipe. In addition, they won the 1st prize of the "VII Folk Contest of Radio Obradoiro"..

On the other hand, he participated in different music festivals, among them, the International Festival of the Celtic World of Ortigueira, the Interceltic Festival of Lorient and the Cornouaille Festival.

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One of the best Galician folk bands is Dequenvessendo, although it is relatively young, as it was born in 2016. Undoubtedly, it has gained attention for the music instrumental folk music. The group is made up of 6 members: Irene Cerqueiro, Bieito Romero Diéguez, Miguel Rosales Reboiras, Pablo Rosales, Miguel O Campo Bermúdez and Nathael M. Regueiro.

In another order of ideas, we mention that their last record work entitled "Canto das Xacias was based on "aquatic mythological beings".

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Luar Na Lubre

Luar Na Lubre is a group with a long history. musical career of more than 25 years, so it could not be left out of this top. Given their trajectory they have recorded several discographic works among which stand out: Ao Vivo!, Sons da lubre nas noites de luar, XXX Aniversario, Ribeira sacra and Vieiras e Vieiros. Stories of Pilgrims.

Also, these are some of the some of the instruments the group uses: flutes, bodhrán, diatonic accordion, tambourine, Galician bagpipe and bouzouki. Would you like to listen to this folk group live?

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Lume de Biqueira

The group Lume de Biqueira was founded in 1998 and at that time it was formed by a small group of percussionists and pipers. However, at present it is integrated by more than 60 musiciansIt is one of the best Galician folk groups.

Also, you should know that this group has performed in important festivals, among them, The Glasgow Tattoo, Lorient Interceltic Festival, The William Kennedy International Piping Festival and the Luna Celta Festival.

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It was born at the end of the 1970's and since then it has made its music known. Celtic folk music, being considered as one of the most important folk groups in the country. It has also won important awards such as the Goya Awards, the Galician Medal and the Castelao Medal.

We also mention that these are some of the instruments that Milladoiro uses: Celtic harp, flute, Irish bagpipes, clarinet, tin whistle, bouzouki, Galician bagpipes and fiddle. And, interestingly, Milladoiro is one of the main ambassador bands of Galician culture. main ambassador bands of the Galician culture worldwide. worldwide.

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In its beginnings in 2002, it was a quintet of young performers of the folk music. traditional music, However, although it maintains its musical traditions, at present Tiruleque is integrated by 7 musicians.

Also, we mention that he participated in festivals such as the Festival de Pardiñas, Festival Internacional del Mundo Celta de Ortigueira and the Festival Intercéltico de Lorient. He has also shared the stage with other groups or artists such as Milladoiro, Treixadura, Kepa Junkera and Quemapallou.

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Son Trio

One of the most recent groups is Son Trio, integrated by 3 girls who decided to join in 2017 to make traditional music. They are professionals and studied different musical genres such as bossa, jazzfolk and, of course, singing.

Likewise, you should know that his first album is titled Miña almiñawhich is characterized for being very fresh and organic. Likewise, the album contains 10 songs.

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Pepe Vaamonde Group

Finally, we finish this top of the 8 best Galician folk bands with Pepe Vaamonde Grupo, which has been playing for more than 13 years. 13 years in music and has given more than 200 concerts in the most important stages of this musical genre.

It has recorded 3 albums in the studio and 1 in Vivothe latter recorded at PKO Studios in Madrid. In fact, the group has counted with the collaboration of Pablo Dalama, Javier Feijoó, Germán Díaz and Brais Monxardín.

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Undoubtedly, the music of these groups is of another dimension. Just sit comfortably in front of the stage and raise your spirit with melodies of folkloric instruments of national and international origin.

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