Best current Argentine singers

Best current Argentine singers

Today in TopFestivales we decided to make a list of the best current Argentine best Argentine singers of today. In addition, we will leave you some links to buy tickets to their concerts.

The 10 best argentinian singers you should listen to today

In the world of music in Spanish there are many singers that you may follow, but today we invite you to listen to the 10 best current Argentine singers, to facilitate your search on the Internet.

Paulo Londra

Since the freestyle competitions in Buenos Aires, he started to show his talent for rap and hip hop until he became famous.

His album "Homerun" has been very well accepted in Latin America and Spain, as well as in several European countries. One of his most famous songs on the Internet is. "Maybe", you should listen to it if you like hip hop and reggaeton.

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Ever since she starred in the popular Disney Channel series "Violetta", TINI started to be well recognized in various parts of the world. In addition, her 2016 debut album (Tini) helped her to position herself as an excellent female pop singer.

Among her most played songs on YouTube stand out "Carne y Hueso", "La Triple T" and "Mi茅nteme", the latter with Argentine singer Mar铆a Becerra.

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Cazzu's music has reached every corner of Latin America, as well as much of Europe and the United States. In fact, his videoclip "Mucha Data" has more than 120 million views on YouTube.

It is worth mentioning that Cazzu has performed in several international events. In fact, she was invited to the Primavera Sound 2022 in Barcelona, Spain, so many people can enjoy her music live.

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This reguetonero Argentinean is very popular among Latin and urban music, so she could not be missing in the list. His songs "Goteo", "Si Quieren Frontear" and "Ley de Atracci贸n" have millions of plays on the Internet.

You should also know that he started to gain fame thanks to the rap battle "El Quinto Escal贸n", which is very well known in Argentina.

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In this list of the best argentinian singers we had to include Khea, since his videocliphis videoclip "Ayer Me LLam贸 Mi Ex" (Yesterday My Ex Called Me) has more than 190 million reproductions and the people who listen to it are not only from Argentina, so you can get an idea of his talent for rap and reggaeton.

Another aspect we can mention about Khea is his discography, as he has so far two studio albums, "Ave Maria" and "Mi Ex". studio albums, "Ave Mar铆a" and "Trapicheo", both of which have received very good reviews.both of which have received very good reviews on the Internet and music magazines.

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Nicki Nicole

Among the most outstanding songs of Nicki Nicole we can mention. "Wapo Traketero"which has more than 123 million plays.

Nicki was born in Rosario in the year 2000, so she is one of the youngest of the youngest female pop singersbut that doesn't mean she doesn't have a voice that goes straight to your heart.

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Maria Becerra

This Argentinian artist and former YouTube influencer has been recognized as one of the leading women in Latin pop. leading Latin pop and regueton and reggaeton. Her music video "Acaramelao" has over 92 million views on YouTube.

On the other hand, we mentioned that Maria Becerra intends to present her new album "La Ley de Atracci贸n", as well as in other European countries. tour "Animal Tour" in SpainShe will probably be promoting her debut album, as well as in other countries in Europe and Latin America. She will probably be promoting her 2021 debut album very close to you.

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L-Gante is an Argentinian rapper who knows how to mix very well his urban lyrics with elements of trap and reggaeton. "Malianteo 420" is one of his most listened songs on the Internet and in it he expresses things of everyday life.

In addition, L-Gante has performed in several important concerts worldwide. He was even he was even invited to the Holika Festival 2022 in Calahorraso people in Spain have also been able to enjoy his performances.

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Nathy Peluso

Although Nathy Peluso has a sweet and melodic voice color incorporates very well the lyrics in his reggaeton songs, being these some of the most listened to on the Internet. In fact, his track "Delito" has more than 55 million plays..

Luckily, today we can listen to Nathy Peluso in various concerts around the world, even in Spain. Will you miss a live event of this Argentinian singer?

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He is an Argentinian rapper with a lot of flow and began to gain fame thanks to the show "El Quinto Escal贸n" (The Fifth Step) when he was only 13 years old. His latest album is called "Trap de verdad" and was released in 2021 through his own label, Sponsor Dios.

Her tracks "Una de Dos", "Trap de Verdad" and "Oro y Platino" show very well her musical taste for the trap and hip hop, although he also uses elements of reggaeton.

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Finally, we can say that there are new talents considered to be the best Argentinean singers of today who are taking their music to different countries. Don't miss the miss the opportunity to listen to them singing live.

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