Best old reggaeton singers

In TopFestivales we have become nostalgic remembering the best old reggaeton singers, who with their music and charisma made a generation vibrate. Do you want to know who they are? Then stay until the end!

Best old reggaeton singers

Maybe you danced and sang the song "Dile que bailando te conocí, cuéntale, Dile que esta noche me quieres ver"? Well, this is one of the most popular songs by Don Omar, one of the best old reggaeton singers who marked a before and after in urban music.

Daddy Yankee

With a musical career of 32 years Daddy Yankee is not only one of the best old reggaeton singers, but also one of the most important Latin artists, in fact, has influenced many other reggaeton exponents..

The Puerto Rican, considered "The King of Reggaeton", has won 153 awards out of 499 nominations received throughout his career. He is also the 1st urban artist to be included in the Billboard's Latin Music Hall of Fame..

Sadly, on March 20, 2022 he announced his retirement from the stage and to close his career he released his last album titled. "Legendaddy". In addition, in the same year he made his last musical tour around the world.

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Don Omar

Don Omar is one of the best-selling Latin American singers. It is estimated that he has reached 70 million in international sales. In addition, he received the title of "Legend of Reggaeton" by the prestigious "Rolling Stone" and "Billboard" magazines. by the prestigious magazines "Rolling Stone and Billboard".

Some of his songs have been part of the list Billboard Hot 100Some of his songs have been part of the Billboard Hot 100, for example, "Ella Y Yo" #97, Angelito #93, Danza Kuduro #82 and Taboo #97. On the other hand, his 2nd album, "King of Kings", debuted in 1st place in Billboard's prestigious "Top Latin Albums" charts.

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Ivy Queen

One of the best old reggaeton singers is Ivy Queen, known as the "King of Reggaeton". "Queen of Reggaeton".. She made her solo debut in 1997 with the release of her 1st album, "En mi imperio".

Ivy's music is characterized by themes of female empowerment, relationships and infidelity. In the same way, we mention that her discographic works. "Diva," "Flashback," and "Sentimiento." were awarded gold and platinum by the RIAA. In addition, this last album was included in the "Top Album Sales at position #105 Billboard's "Top Album Sales".

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De la Ghetto

Rafael Castillo Torres, known in the music industry as "De la Ghetto", is a reggaeton singer. reggaeton singer American reggaeton singer and member of the popular duet Arcángel & De la Ghetto in the 2000s. 8 years later he decided to start his career as a solo artist with the release of his debut album "Masacre musical"..

On the other hand, several of his songs have managed to position themselves in the Hot Latin SongsAmong them, we can mention "Tú Te Imaginas" #33, "Dime" #21, "La Ocasión" #21, "DM" #33, "La Fórmula" #34 and "Todo El Amor" #40.

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Wisin & Yandel

Remember the dynamic duo? Wisin & Yandel are other of the best old reggaeton singers that made more than one dance with songs like "Pam Pam Pam", "Me Estás Tentando", "Abusadora", "Pegao" and "Rakata". We also mentioned that this last song was positioned in the charts, specifically in the 85th position. Billboard Hot 100, specifically in the 85th position.

They have an artistic career of more than 20 years, but unfortunately in September 2021 they announced their farewell to the stage with a farewell tour entitled "La Última Misión" (The Last Mission). The good thing is that both continued with their musical careers as solo artists.

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Tego Calderon

Tego Calderon has been considered by many as the "Papa of Reggaeton". "Papa of Reggaeton", as well as one of the most important pillars of the well as one of the most important pillars of the genre. In 2015 he won the Latin Grammy Award in the category. "Best Urban Music Album" for his for his record work "El que sabe, sabe".

Throughout his career he has made collaborations with artists such as Ñejo & Dalmata, Residente, Wisin & Yandel, Plan B, ChocQuibTown, Baby Rasta & Gringo.In the same way, we mention that he has made presentations in countries such as. United States, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, etc..

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Hector & Tito

This duo was considered one of the most influential duos of the reggaetonThe duo was formed by Efraín Fines Nevárez (Tito el Bambino) and Héctor Delgado Román (Hector el Father). They started their career in 1995 and 3 years later they released their 1st album, "Violencia Musical"..

And, as a curious fact, Hector & Tito starred in the first largest urban music concert held in Puerto Rico. Also, we mention that their most popular songs are: "Baila morena", "Felina", "Que será", "Cae La Noche" and "Mataron un inocente".. On the other hand, in 2004 they announced their separation and currently Tito continues to make music while Hector is an evangelical pastor.

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Chino & Nacho

In this top of the best classic reggaeton singers without a doubt could not miss the Venezuelan duo Chino & Nacho, for loved popular in 2007 and were very popular in Latin America. and were very popular in Latin America.

Songs such as Niña Bonita, El Poeta, Regálame Un Muack, Tu Me Quemas and Andas En Mi Cabeza were able to position themselves in the Top 10. Hot Latin Songs of Billboard. The duo also won several awards such as: Pepsi Music Awards, Premio Lo Nuestro and Latin Grammy Awards.

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Juan Magán

Juan Manuel Magán González is a Spanish singer, record producer, lyricist and DJ, who began his musical career in 1999. His musical style is not only based on the reggaetonbut also in other genres such as merengue and electro latin..

Tracks such as "He llorado", "Mal de Amores", "Como el Viento", "Bailando por Ahí" and "Si No Te Quisiera". "Si No Te Quisiera" (If I Don't Want You) Have you listened to his music? If you haven't, check out the video clip above.

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Sandunguea and perrea with the singers who started the reggaeton genre and are still singing at different times of the year. Don't hesitate, dance non-stop on huge tracks listening to your favorite reggaeton artists!

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