Best psychedelic music festivals in Europe

If you love raves, electronic music or the atmosphere of Berlin's clubs, keep reading! Because today, in TopFestivals, we bring you a compilation of the best psychedelic music festivals in Europe. Don't miss any of them!

6 of the best psychedelic music festivals in Europe

Psychedelic music emerged around the 1960s, especially in the UK and the US. Highly influenced by the experiences with psychedelic drugs such as LSD or peyote, some blues rock and folk rock bands wanted to replicate the same sensations that these drugs caused them but using music.

In the beginning, psychedelic sounds, brought from the oriental sounds of traditional music, were fused with other genres. Among them we find folk, rock, pop or soul. However, nowadays, psychedelic music belongs, to a large extent, to the genre of electronic music.

The best psychedelic music festivals in Europe are:

  • Triplicity Music & Arts Festival - United Kingdom.
  • Boom Festival - Portugal
  • Flow Experience - Austria
  • Psychedelic Experience Festival - Germany
  • Mo:dem Festival - Croatia
  • Barcelona Psych Fest - Spain

Triplicity Music & Arts Festival - UK

Triplicity festival is held in the UK and is one of the best psychedelic music festivals in Europe. This is an immersive festival that was born in 2012 due to the passion of three close friends for electronic music that had been going on since the 90s.

It was initially held in Wales but as the festival goers for this event grew, the festival moved to the South West of the UK.

The main intention of the festival is to provide attendees with an immersive experience through talented artists, high quality sound equipment, spectacular decor and a positive atmosphere.

Boom Festival - Portugal

Boom Festival is another of the best psychedelic music festivals in Europe. It is held every two years in Portugal, more specifically in Idanha-a-Nova.

It was born in 1997 and specialized in psychedelic and trance music. The Boom Festival not only offers one of the best psychedelic music posters in Europe, but also a wide range of cultural activities. Among them we find artistic exhibitions, relaxation or spiritual growth activities, or recreational activities.

The festival has several areas. In total there are seven main areas among which attendees can move around. Among them we find a dance area, a psychedelic culture area, a garden where to rest and relax or a visionary art museum.

Flow Experience - Austria

In this list of the best psychedelic music festivals in Europe, the Flow Experience could not be missing. Be careful! Do not confuse it with the Flow Festival, which is held in Helsinki and is mainly urban music. Nor with the Flow Fest, which is held in Valencia.

The Flow Experiencie is held in Austria, in a town south of Vienna, the capital. The location is a nature sanctuary, a half-wilderness area where you can enjoy a lake, very close to the festival facilities.

Psychedelic Experience Festival - Germany

Another of the best psychedelic music festivals in Europe is Psychedelic Experience Festival, an open-air festival held in northern Germany. The festival features every year a line-up of the best international psychedelic music artists. They are divided into two different stages.

The decoration of the festival allows you to wander through different atmospheres. The location is surrounded by nature. There is a forest very close, but it is forbidden to access it from the camping area. This is done because the festival is highly conscious of the preservation of the nature of the area.

Within the festival you can enjoy a selection of international dishes. Also, it doesn't matter if you are vegetarian or vegan; there will always be options for you.

Mo:dem Festival - Croatia

The Mo:dem Festival, held in Croatia, is another one of the best psychedelic music festivals in Europe. The festival takes place between the towns of Slunj and Ogulin, south east of Zagreb. The festival lasts seven days so, if you want to enjoy psychedelic music in its purest form, this is one of your best options.

There are three different atmospheres and three posters for each of them. The Hive is the main one. You can also find The Swamp, defined as the Yang, the clearest part of the festival concept. Finally, we have The Seed. This is the youngest part of the festival.

Barcelona Psych Fest - Spain

To finish this list of the best psychedelic music festivals in Europe, we bring you the Barcelona Psych Fest. This is a festival completely focused on psychedelia, post-punk, krautock, britpop and desert rock.

It is held in the Upload room in Barcelona, located inside the historic museum of Poble Espa帽ol, in the same city of Barcelona. The festival lasts two days and, in addition to a great lineup of psychedelic music, also offers other activities, such as a market, a day of literature, talks and immersive sessions.

This has been TopFestivals ' review of the best psychedelic music festivals in Europe. These are our favorites, but what are yours? Tell us in the comments!

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