Best Flamenco Fusion Singers

Best Flamenco Fusion Singers

TopFestivals invites you to meet the best singers of flamenco fusiona genre that will delight you with its guitar plucking and singers. Stay with us until the end and discover these excellent flamenco fusion artists. Let's get started!

Top 10 Flamenco Fusion Singers You Must Listen to

Flamenco has a few variants and one of the most popular is "fusion", as it is much more commercial music heard almost anywhere in the world. These are the 10 best flamenco fusion singers that you must listen to.


RosalĂ­a is one of the best flamenco fusion singers who dabbled much more in music since 2013 when she worked in a duet with Juan Gomez "Chicuelo''. Subsequently, in 2015 she was the opening act for cantaor Miguel Poveda.

However, it was not until 2017 when she decided to release her first album as a soloist titled "Los ĂĄngeles", together with musician/producer RaĂŒl Refree. This album allowed her to gain recognition in Latin America and Spain, in addition, she received 2 Latin Grammy nominations.

On the other hand, the musical style of this performer is a mixture of traditional flamenco with other styles such as. trap, electronic music, pop, hip hop and, of course, experimental music, which we can certainly hear in her latest album "Motomami".

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His real name is Pablo Enoc Bayo, who defines his music as timeless folkloric, as he mixes flamenco with other trap styles, rap and Latin rhythms. He started in the world of music in 2012, however, it is in 2014 when he decides to put more passion or devote himself to art with more enthusiasm. Some of his songs with more plays on YouTube are: Consent, Me Pelea, Flores para tu pelo, 13/18 and Guerrera.

Dellafuente has made collaborations with other artists, among them, we can mention C Tangana, Haze and Yung Beef. Also, you should know that in the lyrics of his songs he makes reference to social issues.

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Demarco Flamenco

He released his first album in 2017, which had great acceptance to such an extent that it was all a "musical phenomenon". Among the songs that stand out the most from this album we have: "Ahora me doy cuenta", "Mírame bien", "Aquí me tiene" and "Como te imaginé".; this last track has more than 73 million views on the artist's YouTube channel.

In addition, Marco JesĂșs Borrego (Demarco Flamenco's real name) participated in the album "El Cuentacuentos" by El Maki, singing the song "Esa Carita". Also, we highlight that he collaborated in the first album of the singer MarĂ­a ArtĂ©s Lamorena.

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Miguel Poveda

From a very young age he was interested in singing, so he began to record at home coplas and songs that he listened to through his father's radio. Later on, he paid tribute to this experience in one of the coplas belonging to his album "Tierra de calma" (Land of Calm).

Likewise, throughout his musical career he has participated in different music festivals. different music festivals, some of them are: Festival Nacional del Cante de las Minas, Taranto Festival, Antwerp Flamenco Festival and Edinburgh International Festival.

Likewise, one of his most successful albums is "Coplas del Querer", with which he obtained a gold record and was nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards in 2009, of course, in the category "Best Flamenco Album."

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María José Llergo

She launched her musical career with the video clip "Niña de las dunas" in 2018. Her grandfather was the one who trained her in music, as he was a self-taught singer who taught her to sing. Her first album was released in 2020 under the title "Sanación" and includes songs such as. "Me miras pero no me ves," "El péndulo," and "El hombre de las mil lunas"..

In fact, this album had good reviews in the music magazines. "Mondosonoro" and "Rockdelux".. In addition to this, we inform you that she was part of the lineup in the 2019 edition of the Primavera Sound Festival.

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Fuel Fandango

This is a duo formed by the singer Cristina ManjĂłn and the music producer Alejandro Acosta. These two singers could not be missing in this top of the best flamenco fusion singers. The name of this duet mixes the two worlds that unite the music that characterizes them "Fuel" electronic, jazz, funk and soul while "Fandango" obviously refers to flamenco .

"Trece Lunas" is the second album recorded by this duo, which allows them to be headlining on the billboards of some outstanding music festivals in Spain. Subsequently, "Aurora" is an album that marks them as the group with the most important flamenco albums in Spain. worldwide projection and with a very recognizable identity..

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José Mercé

He is a flamenco singer who began his career in mid-1968, but due to the death of one of his sons, he was absent from the stage for several years. After his return, he performed at the Teatro Real, being the first gypsy to do so. This allowed him to gain popularity and at the same time dare to fuse his music with other genres such as blues. He has even sung with artists such as Alejandro Sanz.

As you can see, José Mercé is one of the best flamenco fusion singers and has covered songs like "Al alba" by Luis Eduardo Aute, "Clandestino" by Manu Chao and "Te Recuerdo" by Víctor Jara.

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El Niño de Elche

He is considered as one of the current renovators of flamenco and in his music he has made mixtures of genres such as blues and jazz. electronics and jazz. Also, Francisco Contreras Molina's work can be linked to other artistic disciplines such as dance, poetry, performance and audiovisual.

In this sense, he has collaborated with Isaki Lacuesta, Miguel Álvarez-FernĂĄndez, Israel GalvĂĄn with Isaki Lacuesta, Miguel Álvarez-FernĂĄndez, Israel GalvĂĄn, Los Planetas. He has also made his debut with C Tangana and La HĂșngara in the song "TĂș me dejaste de querer" (You stopped loving me) and, alone with the first artist mentioned above, in the song "Un veneno". In addition to this, you should know that in his musical career he has recorded 7 solo albums.

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It was a band that was active since 2002 and was characterized by mixing flamenco with electronic music. Their first album was "Endorfinas en la mente" (Endorphins in the mind). Later, they released "Con otro aire", which is characterized by its Mediterranean and southern roots.

Later, in 2009 they travel to Patagonia, Argentina, specifically, to the "Perito Moreno Glacier", where they record a concert without the assistance of the public and release "At the end of the world". album containing songs such as "Caprichos de colores", "Despierta" and "Detalles".

La Shica

Elsa Rovayo, better known as "La Shica", is a Spanish singer who in 2004 decided to launch her career under the record label Warner Music. With this label she released her first album "Trabajito de chinos" (Chinese little job) in which she fuses flamenco with hip hop. In addition, in his song "Dos carnes paralelas" Miguel Poveda participates.

On the other hand, he has made numerous collaborations with different artists and groups, some of them are: Jarabe de Palo, MartĂ­n Buscaglia, Eliseo Parra, Macaco and Patricia Sosa.. We also mention that in 2011 he won 2 awards at the "Premios de la MĂșsica" in the categories of New Artist and New Author.

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What do you think about the fusion of flamenco singers and flamenco guitar strumming with other musical genres? If you came to this article, it's because you love flamenco fusion. Go to some of the concerts of these singers in Spain and the world, don't miss them!

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