What is indie music?

Today TopFestivals will explain you what indie music is and its characteristics. Also, if you want to listen to good indie music we will leave you a selection of what we believe are the best indie bands of the moment.

What is indie music?

The indie music is the genre in which soloists and bands release their own albumsMost of the time, far from the pressure of the big record labels of the world. Following this line, we can classify as indie music any musical genre, as long as the artists produce the music themselves. music by themselves or work with record companies such as Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, Epic Records, Sony Music Entertainment, etc.

Characteristics of indie music

After knowing what indie music is, the next thing is to know its characteristics. Therefore, in order to make it easier for you to understand the subject, I will explain you its most important and differentiating and differentiators.

  • Free musical ideas, even if the final result is not commercial.

  • Use of folkloric elements.

  • Protest lyrics, even if the music is censored by governments or the media.

  • Home audio quality, although with technological advances, many of the latest indie bands offer high quality audio.

  • Music released independently by radio or streaming platforms such as YouTube and Spotify.

  • Music that was originally independent, but is now created to the standards of the world's major labels.

Best indie bands

Now, to better understand what indie music is, I invite you to check out this selection of indie music bands. best indie bands that are still activeDo you dare to listen to some of these bands live? Surely yes!

  • Arctic Monkeys

  • Arcade Fire

  • The Planets

  • Franz Ferdinand

  • Radiohead

  • Vetusta Morla

  • Pixies

  • Sidonie

Arctic Monkeys

This is one of the best British indie bands. Their debut album "Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not" in the first week of release sold over 300,000 copies. Also, you should know that their fame has taken the band to the festival Lollapalooza festival. Some of their subgenres that I can highlight are indie rock, psychedelic rock and post-punk..

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Arcade Fire

Arcade Fire is a Canadian band that has typically produced their music on smaller labels such as Sonovox and Rough Trade. Also, I would like to inform you that they have recorded 6 albums, but the one I recommend the most to understand what is indie music is "Funeral" (2004). In fact, he was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2005.

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The Planets

In Spain, indie music became popular indie music became popular in the 90sespecially when the band Los Planetas appeared. The good news is that this band is still active, so you can listen to them live. In total they have recorded 10 albums, being. "Las canciones del agua" their latest production so far. If you like indie musicbe sure to listen to this Spanish indie rock band.

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Franz Ferdinand

This is a British indie rock band that could not be missing from the list, since their first album, Franz Ferdinand, reached the third place in the UK.. In addition, it is worth mentioning that they won the Mercury Prize 2004. Today their music continues to be listened to internationally. Do you want to see this band live? Check out their upcoming concerts through the following link.

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The British band Radiohead is another example of indie music, even if later the band signed to EMI. Their debut album, Pablo Honey, was not as successful as expected in 1993, but today it is an icon of indie music. indie and alternative rock. My favorite track from this album is "Creep", which has a very characteristic dissonant chord.

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Vetusta Morla

Among the best Spanish indie bands is Vetusta Morla, which offers indie rock and indie pop at the same time. With 5 studio albums studio albums, Vetusta Morla has been able to surprise critics and fans alike. In 2008 he released his first album, "Un día en el mundo", through the independent record label independent label "Pequeño Salto Mortal"..

Curiously, this label was created by the band itself, since at the time the companies did not believe in it.

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This band from Boston is one of the favorites for many of us when we talk about alternative rock and indie rock. Their first production was the EP "Come On Pilgrim" (1987), released on the independent independent labels 4AD and Elektra.. In total the band has recorded 9 productions, the latest at the time of writing this article is. "Doggerel" (2022). Check out their upcoming concerts and listen to Pixies live!

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There are many more bands, but for the moment I would like to recommend you one Spanish band indie band that you may not have heard. It is Sidonie, which, if you are from the country, you surely know them, but other readers are eager to listen to them. This is a band since 1997 has delighted the public with no less than 10 albums. Yes, it is a band with a wide musical trajectory, so it is worth seeing some of their performances.

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Finally, I have to say that indie music is very authentic, as it has no limitations. Besides, there are so many indie bands that maybe you don't see your favorite one here. Tell me, which band do you think was missing in this article? Express your ideas freely and visit our site often to get more information about festivals.

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