Best female vallenato singers

TopFestivales will make you travel to a beautiful South American country, Colombia, which is not only well known for being the birthplace of the most famous singers such as Shakira, Maluma, J Balvin or Carlos Vives, but also has the best female vallenato singers in the world. best female vallenato singers.

The 10 best women vallenato singers that you should listen to

Sing, sigh, and even cry with the ones Top 10 best female vallenato singers that will make your skin crawl with their voice and all the feeling they transmit through the lyrics of their spiteful songs. In addition, in each review we leave you the official website for booking.

  • Adriana Lucia

  • Karen Lizarazo

  • Ana del Castillo

  • Margarita Doria

  • Brenda Arrieta

  • Mimi Anaya

  • Dayana Scarleth Arcila

  • Diana Burco

  • Rita Fernandez

  • Patricia Teheran

Adriana Lucia

Adriana Lucia started her career when she was only 14 years old and managed to be recognized locally. Subsequently, her first single "homonym" was broadcasted in some radio stations in her country. She is not only one of the best vallenato singers, but her music also includes genres like porro, cumbia and tropipop..

Also, it is worth mentioning that this artist has performed concerts in Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador and Spain. In addition, Lucía founded "El cantar de los cantores" (Singing of the singers)an organization dedicated to create training schools for children and young people.

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Karen Lizarazo

Karen's beginnings in music date back to her childhood, since her grandmother Aurora taught her to sing. Years later she discovered her love for Vallenato and since 2014 she launched her musical career, achieving the acceptance of the Colombian public. Another aspect that you should know about Karen is that she is went on tour to Europe in 2017 with Jorge Celedón. Later she opened the concerts of vallenato singer Silvestre Dangond.

The 2015 musical production, "Me enloqueces", shows a more mature Adriana and in her facet as composer and co-producer of the album with Lucho Ortega. Some of her most popular songs are: "Amor de Papel," "La Gustadera" and "Ganas Locas.".

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Ana del Castillo

Ana is from Valledupar and since she was very young she began to show her vocal talent, when she was only 7 years old she was part of the group "Los Niños del Vallenato". "Los Niños del Vallenato" (The Children of Vallenato)which was directed by the maestro "El turco Gil". Also, at the age of 12 she participated in the reality show "Factor XS".

Ana has worked as a chorus singer for artists of the genre such as Omar Geles, Poncho Zuleta, Jorge Celedón, Wilfran Castillo and Fabian Corrales. Among her singles we can mention "Cuando te Veo", "Ya Es Mío" and "Sabroso".

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Margarita Doria

She is one of the most influential women in Vallenato and when she decided to start her musical career it was not so easy for her. However, the support of her family was a determining factor that pushed her to keep on fighting. After so much effort in 2015 her song "Vallenatos del Alma" won as unpublished song at the "Festival de Las in the "Festival de Las Leyendas Del Vallenato".

Her first album titled "Amor y Fe" contains 12 songs that features her authorship, as well as several songs by other artists such as Gustavo Gutiérrez, Omar Geles, El Chiche Maestre, Aurelio Núñez and Wilfran Castillo. In addition, Doria received the congressional distinction "Orden Caballero" (Knight Order).which is given as a tribute to artists with vocation who serve the country.

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Brenda Arrieta

This young woman is emerging as one of the new figures of vallenato. She began to upload videos on her instagram account where she has gradually gained recognition. Likewise, she has participated in the "Festival del Vallenato" together with Beto Zabaleta, Rafa Peréz, Poncho ZuletaElder Dayan, Omar Geles, Alex Manga.

Her cover of "Del ahogao, el Sombrero" by singer Silvestre Dangond has over 2 million views on her Youtube channel.. Undoubtedly, you can notice his talent in the interpretation of this song. Besides, it transmits so much feeling that makes you love vallenato.

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Mimi Anaya

She was born into a family of accordion players and her interest in music awoke when she was only 8 years old. when she was only 8 years old. Her father and one of the Alvin brothers taught her to play the accordion. Anaya participated in several editions of the Vallenato Festival since she was a child.

She is not only a singer but also an actress and in her latest work she played the. Caya Quiroz accordion player in the soap opera "Tarde Lo Conocí", which tells the story of one of her brothers, Caya Quiroz.which tells the story of one of the best vallenato of one of the best Vallenato singers, Patricia Teherán..

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Skrleth Arcila

Dayana Scarleth Arcila Díaz, better known as "Skrleth Arcila", was a backup singer for the renowned singer Silvestre Dangond and at that time she began to gain recognition for her melodic voice and beauty. melodic voice and beauty..

Do you want to listen to her music? Watch the video above and delight yourself with the interpretation of the song "Y me perdí".. Also, follow her on her instagram account below to keep up to date with her upcoming performances. If you are planning to travel to Colombia, maybe you will be able to hear her live.

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Diana Burco

Another one of the best vallenato singers is Diana Burco, a young "juglar" (this is the name given to those who compose vallenato songs). (that is the name given to those who compose, sing and play the accordion in Colombia) from her country. Her eponymous album was nominated for the prestigious Latin Grammy Award in the category Best Cumbia/Vallenato Album in 2021.

Likewise, he has participated in platforms and programs such as. Ethno World, One Beat Colombia and MAPAS "Artes Performativas del Atlántico Sur".. Diana is a very talented young woman who undoubtedly leaves the name of her country on high.

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Rita Fernandez

Fernández was the first woman to be elected as president of SAYCO "Sociedad de Autores y Compositores" (Society of Authors and Composers). She is also the composer of the anthem of Valledupar, as well as of other songs for artists and groups of Valledupar. other songs for artists and groups of genres such as bolero, salsaCuban son and ballads..

She also founded the group "Las Universitarias"known for the songs "Reflejo del Amor", "No digas que no te quiero" and "Amor y Penas". She has also been an inspiration for other artists such as Diana Burco.

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Patricia Teheran

She is considered one of the most important most important female voices in the history of vallenato.. She was part of the famous groups composed only by women: "Las Musas del Vallenato" and "Diosas del Vallenato".

She recorded several albums with both bands and one of her musical hits that people still listen to today is "Tarde lo Conoci".. And as we have said before, the Colombian Channel Caracol launched in 2017 a novela with this name, in tribute to the late singer Patricia Teherán.

Accordion, minor percussion and electric bass resonate with feeling when we listen to the best women vallenato singers on this list. You can still go to their concerts and delight yourself with romantic lyrics focused on real life.

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