Boom festival

Boom festival

Boom Festival 2022

Boom festival

Where? Idanha a Nova (Portugal) When? July 22nd to 29th, 2022 Genres? Trance and psychedelic music.

Boom Festival 2022: general information

Looking forward to Boom Festival? At TopFestivals we are going to focus on one of them, the Boom Festival, which has already announced that it will be held in 2022 .

The Boom Festival is a big music event held every two years in summer. This festival was first developed in 1997. The first editions were not so well attended, but little by little it has become known and gained popularity to the point that it managed to congregate more than 40,000 attendees.

The musical style on which the Boom festival focuses is electronic music, more specifically trance (with a tempo between 125 and 140 BPM, short melodic synthesizer phrases and a musical formula that goes up and down in intensity during each track) and psychedelic trance (trance modality that includes hypnotic rhythm arrangements and complex synthesizer melodies). And apart from listening to music of these styles, in the Boom Festival you can contemplate some artistic and cultural exhibitions of other branches of art, such as dance.

This festival was coincided with the idea of merging trance music, art and culture in a huge party while raising awareness about the care of the environment and promoting the fight to curb pollution and climate change. For this reason, international associations such as The Greener Festival Award have recognized the good work of Boom Festival for the environment .

Within this festival, you will find seven zones of non-stop music :

  • Dance Temple: Within this area take place musical activities that have to do with psytrance and organic trance.
  • Alchemy Circle: Psychedelic culture area.
  • Sacred Fire: Live performances of global music.
  • Nataraj: Area for dancing and evasion.
  • Being Fields: In this area there are activities intended for spiritual growth.
  • Visionary Art Museum: Consists of a gallery of images and artistic works that tell the history and evolution of the festival.
  • Chill Out Garden: Green landscaped areas where you can rest, have a good time with friends, or participate in various relaxation activities.

Another of the characteristics that represent this festival is its psychedelic decoration. For a more sensory experience. Most of the Boom Festival facilities are decorated with brightly colored neon lights. Where this aesthetic is most appreciated is in the main pavilion, as it has huge pillars surrounded by bright psychedelic prints.

Boom Festival 2022 line-up: confirmed artists and bands

It has already been announced that Boom Festival will celebrate its 2022 edition! The dates for this huge psychedelic party are from July 22nd to 29th. The artists that will be attending are already known and some of them are:

  • Abyss Ooze
  • Ace Ventura
  • Alpha Portal
  • Anestetic and ganeisha
  • Audiofools

Where is Boom Festival 2022 held?

Boom festival takes place at the Lake of Idanha-A-Nova, Portugal. This space is ideal for this festival, as it has a small artificial lake and extensive green areas that fit perfectly with the ecological spirit of the Boom festival.

Idanha-A-Nova is located a few kilometers from the town of the same name, Idanha-A-Nova. This municipality borders with Spain at the height of Plasencia.

Hotels near Boom Festival

If you want to attend the Boom Festival, you are probably wondering where to sleep. But don't worry, in the Boom Festival facilities there is a space dedicated to camping for all the attendees. There you can pitch your tent or park your caravan in the area provided for this purpose.

But, in addition, so you can travel more comfortably without a tent, Boom Festival offers the Wanbli Tipi Camp, an area with tents already prepared. And if you are not convinced by the idea of camping in the festival area, you can check the hotels in the nearest town (Idanha-A-Nova).

Restaurants near Boom Festival

There are several food stalls in the festival area.

How to get to Boom Festival

How to get to the festival depends largely on where you are. But, even so, you can check the bus service offered by the festival on its website.

Boom Festival 2022 tickets

Tickets for this festival could be purchased on their official website. The problem is that they ran out after three quarters of an hour. This is because the tickets for the 2022 edition are the ones carried over from the two previous postponed editions, 2020 and 2021. Then they could only release the tickets that had been refunded.

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