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    Best female singers of the 80's

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    Today we are going back in time to commemorate the best female singers of the 80s. We're not just sticking to one genre, but we're going to take a look at all of them. Read on and you'll find out who these outstanding female singers are.

    Women singers of the 80's that you should know about

    The 80s saw the birth of dance music, and along with it many artists, and many more genres that swept during this musical stage. Today from Topfestivals we will make a tour of all the female singers of the 80's era that have made history!

    Whitney Houston

    Whitney Houston, also known as "The Voice", was an American singer and producer, although she also worked as an actress and model. The genres she worked in were R&B, soul, blues and gospel. This artist has been one of the most awarded artists of all decades: 2 Emmy Awards, 6 Grammy Awards, 30 Billboard Music Awards and 22 Music Awards.

    She rose to fame with her album Whitney Houston in 1985, where singles such as "Saving All My Love For You", "You Give Good Love" or "How Will I Know" stand out. A few years later she appeared in movies like "The Bodyguard", in 1992, with the soundtrack of the movie "I Will Always Love You", which became the best-selling single.

    Songs like "I Wanna Dance With Somebody", "Higher Love", "I Have Nothing" or "How Will I Know" are the most listened songs of this great female figure of the eighties music.

    Janet Jackson

    Janet Jackson, born in Indiana, United States, and sister of Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. Although she first debuted as an actress in the television series she recorded with her brothers, "The Jacksons", years later she managed to position herself in the world of music as a singer with the release of her album "Control", published in 1985.

    Throughout her career, she has become an icon of R&B and pop music. Other of her songs also include elements of funk, rap and industrial music. She has also been recognized as one of the best singers in the history of music.

    Tracks like "Together Again", "That's The Way Love Goes", "All For You" or "Got 'Till It's Gone" are some of Janet's most listened to songs on platforms like Spotify.

    Tina Turner

    Ana Mae Bullock, known artistically as Tina Turner, is an American singer, songwriter and actress, and is considered the Queen of Rock. She retired from music in 2013 after a professional career spanning over fifty years.

    Singles from her first solo album, Private Dancer, made her a great success both nationally and internationally, and she managed to consolidate her solo career, since years before she was part of bands like "Ike and Tina Turner". In addition, this great artist managed to sell more than two hundred million albums worldwide.

    Songs like "What's Love Got to Do with It", "The Best", "Proud of Mary", "Talk to My Heart" or "All the Woman" are some of Tina Turner's most famous songs.

    Bonnie Tyler

    Gaynor Hopkins, known by her stage name Bonnie Tyler, is a British singer and songwriter. Rock, pop and country are the characteristic genres of her songs, sung in this singer's peculiar and slanted voice.

    She began as a singer in a local, so it was not until 1977 when she rose to fame after releasing her album "The World Start Tonight" She has also been awarded and nominated for numerous awards that have recognized her great career in the world of music: three Goldene Europa Awards, an Echo Award, and nominated for three Brit Awards and three Grammy Awards.

    Songs like "Total Eclipse of the Heart", "Holding Out for a Hero", "If You Were a Woman (And I Was a Man" or "Loving You's a Dirty Job", are some of the songs that have achieved international recognition and success.


    Madonna is an American singer, songwriter and dancer, as well as being one of the great icons of international music. Her genres are pop and dance, although we can also find songs in which she introduces electronic or house music. She released her first album in 1983, and since then many of her songs have reached number one in music charts in several countries, such as "Like A Virgin", "Material Girl", "4 Minutes" or "Frozen".

    We can say that Madonna has been one of the most famous and important artists of the 80s. For example, her album "True Blue" was the best-selling album by a female artist of the decade.

    Another curiosity that we can highlight of this great artist are her videoclips, that besides using them as a marketing tool, throughout her career they have also become pieces of art.
    Madonna is the great Queen of Pop.

    Céline Dion

    Cèline Dion is a Canadian singer and actress, recognized in the genres of romantic ballad, pop, dance and R&B. During her teenage years she released several albums in French in her native country, but it was not until 1990, with the release of her album "Unison", that she began to gain popularity and started her professional career in the world of music.

    In the 90's she was crowned as one of the most successful singers in history, due to the fact that during the 80's she sold more than 100 million records. She has also won numerous awards: 5 Grammys, 12 World Music Awards, 2 Oscars, 7 Billboard Music Awards, 6 American Music Awards, 20 Juno Awards and 50 Felix Awards, among many others.

    "The Power Of Love", "I'm Alive", "It's All Coming Back To Me Now", "Because You Loved Me" or "My Heart Will Go On" are the most listened songs of Céline Dion on platforms like Spotiffy.


    Maria Olvido, artistically known as Alaska, is a Mexican singer, producer, composer and actress, although she has developed practically all her musical career in Spain, where she moved to live with her parents when she was 10 years old.

    In 1979 she formed part of the group, as vocalist and composer, of Alaska y los Pegamoides, a group with which she reached number one with the song Bailando. She is currently part of the group Fangoria, an electronic music group which she joined in 1989. He has also participated in numerous Spanish television programs.

    Songs like "No sé qué me das", "Miro la vida pasar", "Ni contigo ni sin ti", "Dramas y comedias" and "Geometría Polisentimental" are some of the most famous and listened to songs of the group, even beyond our borders.

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