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If you are a true music lover you have to have a great musical diversity, and that means knowing popular music genres from other countries. That's why, today from Topfestivales, we travel to one of the countries of South America, to Chile, to meet some of the best singers of Chilean popular music. Do you want to discover who they are? We tell you in Topfestivales.

Outstanding singers on the Chilean popular music scene

Chile is a South American country that, like everyone else, has a popular folk music characterized by the mixture of traditional "aboriginal" sounds brought from our continent, Spain. In this country was born the well-known "Nueva Canción Chilena" (New Chilean Song), which produced a resurgence of folk music. Many artists and composers chose to interpret, over time, songs with the characteristic sounds of this Chilean folklore, so today, in Topfestivales, we are going to meet some of the singers of Chilean popular music. So what, do you dare to meet them?

Luis Advis

First of all we have to talk about Luis Advis, who although he was not a singer, was a composer who has become one of the fundamental figures of contemporary Chilean popular music. This composer, through his works, revitalized the strength of folk music, although he also entered the world of classical music.

It should be noted that this composer did not have any conservatory training or higher studies in music, but he did attend piano lessons with Albert Spikin.

Among his works we can highlight Valparaíso, Canciones del 900, the Cantata de Santa María de Iquique, Canto Para Una Semilla or the symphony Los Tres Tiempos de América, among many others.

Violeta Parra

Violeta Parra was a Chilean singer and composer, who is considered one of the fundamental figures in the popular music of her country, Chile. Her contribution to the genre has great value and transcendence, and she has been considered one of the main folklorists of South America.

Such is the importance of her work in the genre that it has been covered by numerous artists, both within Chile and outside its borders in foreign countries. In addition, every October 4th, as a commemoration of his birth, the Day of Chilean music and Chilean musiciansis celebrated.

Volver a los diecisiete, Gracias a la vida, La jardinera, Rin del angelito, Qué he sacado con quererte, El sacristán, Maldigo del alto cielo, Paloma ausente or La Juana Rosa, are some of the songs of this undoubtedly important singer of Chilean popular music.

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Victor Jara

Victor Jara was a Chilean musician and singer-songwriter who has been considered one of the most important figures of the musical movement known as Nueva Canción Chilena (New Chilean Song), framed in the popular music scene of Chile. He is also one of the most important artists of Latin American music.

He was also a theatre director in groups such as Quilapayún, and performed as a soloist, until 1970, in the Parra's peña. In fact, in 1966 he recorded his first album as a soloist, entitled Victor Jara. The following year he recorded the compilation Canciones folclóricas de América together with Quilapayún.

El pueblo jamás será vencido, El derecho de vivir en paz, Manifiesto, Luchín, Romance del enamorado y la muerte, El cigarrito, Abre la ventana or Deja la vida volar, are some of the best known songs of this important singer of Chilean popular music.

Margot Loyola

Margot Loyola was a very important composer, guitarist and pianist in the history of Chilean folklore. In fact, she has been considered one of the essential researchers of the genre, along with Violeta Parra. In addition, in 1944, she was awarded the Chilean National Prize for Musical Arts.

This artist, besides composing, also worked as a singer, of which songs like Sau Sau, Los Gallos, Kia - kia, La Clavelina, Casate Niña, Dicen Que No Caben or Huayno, are some of those that have gone down in the history of Chilean popular music over the years.

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Javiera Mena

Javiera Mena is a Chilean singer-songwriter who is contributing to the popular music genre of her country through the fusion of her sounds with those of electropop, indielectronic or pop. She also plays guitar, keyboard, piano and bass.

In 2001 he started playing as part of the circuit of independent rock bands in Santiago. In 2006 he was part of an electropop duo called Tele-Visa, and that same year, he released his first solo album: Esquemas Juveniles.

In 2010 he released his second solo album and his fame began to grow, so much so that he crossed borders and in 2011 he toured several cities in Spain.

Luz de piedra de luna, Espada, Flashback, Dentro de Ti, Otra Era, Entre las Dos, Sol de Invierno, Hasta la verdad or Corazón Astral, are some of the best known songs of this Chilean popular music singer.

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