World's Most Famous Rock Singers

World's Most Famous Rock Singers

Discover some of the most famous rock singers in the world!

Rock is a very broad term in which several styles of popular music are grouped together. This genre was born in the middle of the last century in the United States with what is known as Rock and roll.

From this appearance, the music underwent a great change and were jumping to stardom all the rock singers who are now famous around the world and we will review in this article.

7 most famous rock singers in the world

Shortly after the emergence of this genre, the concept of the rock star appeared along with the fan phenomenon. Musicians who played rock and roll and similar styles were elevated to an unattainable podium and their figures were surrounded by myths related to excess, hedonism and even crime.

Now we are going to review which have been and are the most famous rock singers in the world. Perhaps some representation of such famous groups as the Ramones or ACDC will be missed, but here we are going to look at the popularity of vocalists as individual artists, even if they are part of a band.

Also, in order to elaborate this list, the diversity of rock visions has been taken into account. That is to say, apart from showing the most famous rock singers, we also try to show the different interpretations that have been made of this genre, as well as the contributions and innovations that have been added to it.

1. Elvis Presley

The aptly named King of Rock is one of the most famous rock singers in the world. This star is one of the most influential figures of the twentieth century, and was a total pioneer in what we know today as Rock. He developed his musical career from the mid 50's until the end of the 70's, when he died.

One of his greatest contributions was to popularize rock and roll as a mass success, as well as merging many other genres such as country, rhythm and blues or rockabilly. Both his music and his charismatic aesthetics have made him one of the most influential people of the contemporary era.

2. Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger is another of the most famous rock singers in the world and, in turn, is the lead singer of The Rolling Stones. He is one of the most highly regarded artists in the world of rock and roll. Jagger began his musical career in the late 1960s after dropping out of college and has since become known for his distinctive voice and unstoppable stage presence.

Also, Mick Jagger has reinforced the myth of the "Rock star" because throughout his career he has starred in drug scandals and his controversial personal relationships have made headlines around the world, to the point of becoming a countercultural figure.

3. Freddy Mercury

The lead singer of the band Queen, pianist, composer and guitarist has fans all over the world. His groundbreaking aesthetic and innovative musical style elevated him to stardom.

From the beginning he dared to fuse with the rest of the band musical genres such as rock and roll, ballads and opera, making the latter one of his hallmarks in the world of rock.

In the eighties, Mercury also developed his solo career. His life was also surrounded by controversy and speculation, finally confirming his homosexuality and becoming an LGTB+ reference. He died of HIV shortly before treatment was found.

4. David Bowie

David Bowie, also known as the Chameleon or the White Duke, is another of the world's most famous rock singers. He rose to fame in the early 1970s in the midst of the glam rock era. He is known as the chameleon for his almost constant changes of look.

The interpreter of Starman or Heroes gave a breath of fresh air to the world of rock and brought a very personal musical twist to this compendium of styles known. Bowie, as well as surprising with his androgynous style, which was modern even for this era, was committed throughout his career to innovations, performances and visual presentations of all kinds.

And with his figure and his naturalness, David Bowie also claimed the visibility of bisexuality.

5. Janis Joplin

Janis Joplin is one of the best known female rock singers. She had a short, but very effective career in the 1960s. This American singer was one of the first women to become a rock star.

Thanks to her fusion of rock and roll and blues, and to her characteristic raspy voice, Janis Joplin became a true icon of the hippie movement that gathered so many followers.

Joplin died at the age of 27 from an overdose, thus joining the club of 27, known this way because many artists, such as Jimi Hendrix or Amy Winehouse, also died at that age.

6. Marilyn Manson

One of the most personal visions of rock is the one set aside by Marilyn Manson. He rose to fame in the early 1990s exploring the musical genre known as heavy metal . Manson in addition to dedicating himself to music, has also expressed his art in other disciplines such as painting or film.

This figure has also occupied many magazine covers for his repeated and controversial provocations. Even his own artistic name is provocative, since he has recognized that he formed it from the names of the actress Marilyn Monroe and the late sectarian criminal Charles Manson.

7. Kurt Cobain

We finish this review of the most famous rock singers in the world with Kurt Cobain. The composer of some of his songs and singer of the band Nirvana is considered an icon of generation X and even the most outstanding musician of the 80s and 90s.

Together with his band, Cobain was a great promoter of grunge , which was so successful at the end of the last century and reaped thousands of hits. He also awakened one of the biggest fan phenomena of his time.

This artist was also known for the relationship he had with Courtney Love, criticized and idolized in equal parts.

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