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    Are you a rock lover? Today, in Topfestivals, we will travel through different times and places in history to review some of the female rock singers.

    Female figures who, thanks to their great passion for this genre, left us great songs that have reached our days. Do you want to discover who they are? We'll tell you about them below.

    Women rockers with history that you should know

    If your answer is yes, you are a rock lover, this article will make you expand even more your musical knowledge about this daring musical genre.

    Today, in Topfestivals, you are going to discover some of the female rock singers who have made a long way in the rock industry. These figures managed to prove that being a "bad ass" is not just for men. Are you ready, because it starts now!

    Joan Jett

    Joan Jett is one of the best female rock singers. An American rock, hard rock and punk rock singer, songwriter and producer. She is popularly known for being the creator of one of the anthems of the genre, the song I Love Rock 'N Roll, which was number one on the Billboard charts until May 8, 1982. She has also been a vocalist in the groups: The Runaways and The Blackhearts.

    During her career she has often been called the Queen of Rock 'n' roll or the Grandmother of Punk, and is also one of the most important female figures in the history of rock. And she has even shared the stage on numerous occasions with established artists such as The Ramones and Van Halen.

    Some of her most popular hits are I Love Rock 'N Roll, Bad Reputation, I Hate Myself for Loving You, Cherry Bomb, Do You Wanna Touch Me or I Love Playing with Fire, among many others.

    Tina Turner

    Tina Turner is an American singer and songwriter, although of Swiss nationality, who developed her career as an artist for over fifty years, becoming one of the biggest rock components in history.

    This female rock singer, who is popularly known as"The Queen of Rock", retired from the stage in 2013, after 54 years of musical career.

    Her long musical career began in the 1950s as a singer with Kings of Rhythm (her husband's band) and later in 1958 she started recording songs under the name Little Ann.

    But it was not until 1960 when she made her debut as Tina Turner, with the single "A Fool in Love". Since then she has done nothing but release albums and singles that have taken her to stardom, achieving great international success.

    What's Love Got to Do with It, The Best, Proud Mary, Stay Awhile, A Fool in Love or Falling like Rain, are some of the most internationally known hits of this great woman rock singer.

    Lita Ford

    Lita Ford is a British rock singer and guitarist, specifically in the styles of heavy metal, glam metal and hard rock . This artist achieved great popularity during the 80s, the era of which we have spoken in previous posts, and where great artists emerged, and part of this came for having been part of the rock band The Runaways.

    In 1979 is when this artist began her great solo career, and in 1983 she released her debut album Out for Blood, which did not get a good position in the market. But in 1984 she released another album, Dancin' on the Edge, which achieved a greater impact, specifically one of the songs that included, Fire in My Heart, managed to reach other countries as one of the top 10.

    Close My Eyes Forever, Kiss Me Deadly, Playin' with Fire, Shot of Poison or Falling in and out of Love, are some of the most famous songs of this great artist and female rock singer. Did you know this iconic figure?

    Amy Lee

    Amy Lee is another one of the most interesting female rock singers. An American singer and songwriter, as well as a pianist, she is the lead singer of the American alternative metal band known as Evanescense.

    In 2006 she was ranked 69th among the top 100 metal vocalists of all time by Hit Parade magazine, and her band was also voted the best metal band by Rolling Stone.

    The songs he composes revolve around the alternative rock genre, specifically the styles of post-grunge, gothic metal and alternative metal, of which he has sold over a million records.

    Some of his best known songs are Love Goes On and On, Sally's Song, Lockdown, Sakura Rising, Speak to Me or Love Exists, among others. Do you know any of them?

    Dolores O'Riordan

    Dolores O'Riordan was an Irish singer and songwriter who was the lead singer of the alternative rock band The Cranberries. She started as the lead singer of this group in 1990, and they were active until 2003 when the band decided to take a break. From that moment Dolores began her solo career.

    Her solo career began with the release of the album Are You Listening? which was released in May 2007 and was a great success. It is also worth noting the characteristic mezzo-soprano voice for which the artist is known and for her strong Limerick accent.

    So unique is her voice that Billboard named her as one of the most recognisable female voices in alternative music, as did Rolling Stones who describe her as vibrant and unique.

    Songs like Ordinary Day, When We Were Young, Turandot, Human Spirit or Linger, are some of the most known and listened songs of this great artist on platforms like spotify.

    Alanis Morissette

    Alanis Morisseteis another one of the most prominent female rock singers. A Canadian singer, songwriter and guitarist who has had a very successful career since the 1990s. This singer focuses her work towards the alternative rock genre, specifically towards the styles ofpop rock, post-grunge or folk pop, and has positioned herself in the market as one of the best-selling artists in history.

    Specifically, her album Jagged Little Pill has been one of the best-selling, as it has come to exceed 33 million copies sold worldwide, becoming in turn one of the best-selling albums by a female artist. In addition, she has been awarded seven Grammy Awards and in 2002, the UN gave her the Global Tolerance Award for her great work promoting tolerance.

    Some of her most listened songs are Ironic, You Oughta Know, Hand in My Pocket, Thank U or Head over Feet, among others. Listen to them and see if this female rock singer deserves to be in your playlist.

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